Saturday, September 25, 2010

Stanford Destroys Notre Dame, Goes 4 and 0, First TIme Since 1986

The Stanford Cardinal Football Team is as dominant as their commercials would imply. It's not just that they're 4 and 0, and for the first time since 1986, but how they got there, by destroying their opponents. The latest victim: The Fighting Irish of Notre Dame.

Stanford spanked Notre Dame 37 to 16, causing the Irish to lose their third straight game under new coach Brian Kelly and causing Irish fans to worry.

Over at Irish Envy forum, ND die-hards picked Stanford as a team the Irish could beat. It didn't happen. Later, the same Irish Envy Forum followers said Stanford was "for real" while licking their wounds over the butt kicking their team took.

Indeed, it's the same one Wake Forest, UCLA, and Sacrament State got.

Stanford has an average of 51.7 points per game scored, versus 13.7 points given up. Moreover, they've done it through the air and on the ground, and not in spectacular fashion ranking 47th and 15th in passing and rushing respectively. It's the Stanford Defense that's the difference.

Before the Notre Dame game, Stanford ranked third in the Pac-10 in total defense and second in pass defense. The difference is new Defensive Coordinator Vic Fangio. His version of the 3-4 is less "pure" in its format than the standard 34 defensive alignment, and gets more pressure on the offensive line both against runs and passes.

Can Stanford Go Undefeated?

The question on the minds of college football fans now is can Stanford go undefeated? As long as there's Cal and the Big Game, the answer is no. : TechCrunch Disrupt NY HackDay Creation Launches

Related: TechCrunch Disrupt SF, and Women and Tech. is the home of a very cool platform that allows you to form a mobile text group. While that may not seem like much at first, when you consider the vast number of service and retail organization that can make use of it, then its vast potential becomes apparent. (Yep, this blogger uses it.)

GroupMe was born at the 2010 TechCrunch Disrupt NY HackDay, and immediately caught fire. The New York based company that grew around the platform scored an $850,000 angel round of funding in August. It's really a super simple application.

You just got to the website and punch in your mobile number. The system sets up a group phone number and asks for your name for the group. It will then send a confirmation text. All you have to do is add the people you want to be in your group.

Once done, you can set up an instant conference call, such that the GroupMe system calls everyone in your group.

Or, if you're, say, an airline like United Airlines, you can send a group text to everyone in the UAL group that gives important travel information.

It's a very interesting and exciting platform. Just wonder if Michael Arrington gets a cut of the angel money?

ESPN's Picabo Street Right, Alabama Beat Arkansas

ESPN's "guest picker" Picabo Street got it right after all. Number one ranked Alabama rallied to beat 10th ranked Arkansas 24 to 20. And this blogger, along with over 76,000 people at Razorbacks Stadium, thought the game was over, even when Alabama scored to make it 20 to 14 in the 3rd quarter.

Just shows you that it's never a good idea to walk away from the television set with a game like that.

According to, Alabama rallied to win on the power and speed of Running Back Mark Ingram and an interception thrown by Arkansas QB Ryan Mallett. Still Fails On Picabo Street

While Picabo Street was right after all for ESPN television, the website still failed to do anything to capture the Internet buzz started by ESPN itself!

As much as ESPN may want to dominate the Internet for sports, this proves it has no idea what it's doing.

TechCrunch Disrupt SF: AngelGate Is Talk Regardless Of Arrington's Claims

UPDATE: WSJ takes the bait!

TechCrunch Disrupt SF is this week, and while this blogger will be out of the San Francisco Bay Area for personal reasons, what happens there will not escape So far the talk of Pre-TechCrunch Disrupt SF news isn't that Barry Diller's coming, or that MC Hammer's the entertainment, but that news item called AngelGate.

AngelGate is a meeting between Angel Investors that took place in an alternative universe, at a popular San Francisco Marina District restaurant called Bin 38, and that this blogger was on the PlanCast list to attend as per invitation. No, I'm not an angel investor at all, for now. My objective was food, wine, and friends.

OK, really it was, at first, a joke on TechCrunch Founder and Editor Michael Arrington (pictured above giving one of his favorite gestures) - a fake plan. But ever the brilliant showman, Arrington turned AngelGate into something real. Now, the story's of AngelGate's making it's way around the Internet, and some publications are treating it as if it's real.

Moreover, Michael doesn't want anyone to talk about AngelGate, thereby assuring that it will be the talk of TechCrunch Disrupt SF.

The idea is that Angel Investors were meeting to collude and work against entrepreneurs, who have been asking for more money and more control over the companies that are formed around their creations. While AngelGate itself is an alternative universe creation, the tug-and-pull between entrepreneurs and investors is very real.

The idea was an Angel Investor wanted the majority of your company. But the problem is and has been that many investors don't get what the entrepreneurs is trying to do or what the intent of the creation was. Logical, because they didn't create the product.

Still, hungry for investment, many entrepreneurs knuckled under to the terms presented to them, and then eventually got stuck in a bad situation with little control. Enter Facebook.

Facebook Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg now has control of three seats on his five-member board of directors after Sean Parker left the board due to a drug-related arrest. That means he can't be fired by his board and they can't successfully conspire against him.

Now, you may say "that's Facebook," but it's an objective many entrepreneurs now seek, more than ever. Full corporate control.

Can Angel Investors actually conspire against entrepreneurs and regain control? Effectively, no, because if you look at it, almost anyone can be an investor. AngelGate is a Silicon Valley story; as we saw at TechCrunch Disrupt New York, the idea of Silicon Valley, along with the culture tech entrepreneurs and investors, has effectively spread out of the Bay Area.

As for AngelGate, it's all in fun, even it's it's resulted in some rather vile comments directed toward Michael Arrington over at TechCrunch.   Tisk.  Tisk.

Stay tuned for more.

FBI Martin Luther King Informant Was Ernest C Withers - Davey D

In recent days damning information has surfaced about the role a pioneering Civil Rights photographer named Ernest C.Withers played in the murder of Dr Martin Luther King. Withers who died in 2007 had long been rumored to be an informant for J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI even though he was very popular figure in Civil Rights circles.

It’s been reported that under his guise as a photographer he was reporting on King’s movement up to the moment of his assassination and in the days that followed.
Like so many organizations that were fighting for Freedom including the Black Panthers, SNCC,The Nation of Islam then known as Black Muslims, SCLC to name a few were all under constant surveillance with orders from Hoover to disrupt and discredit their operations. Hoover considered many of them to be hate groups, terrorists and communist sympathizers.
Sometimes the surveillance came from FBI agents planting listening devices, recording phone conversations and following Civil Rights leaders in cars. Other times it came from sending Black agents into key organizations where they would earn positions of high rank and trust and later report back critical information. This was all done in addition to the FBI sending letters to various leaders where they would attempt to black mail, play one-off the other, make threats or play mind games like encouraging distressed individuals to commit suicide.

Martin Luther King
The murder of Dr King is especially troubling, because it demonstrated the lengths the FBI would go to stop a movement…. I think people should pause for a second before reading on and really think about this. Again the FBI operates from the money we pay to them via our taxes. They are here to serve and protect the people.
The second point is when you’re talking about an individual like Martin Luther King, you’re talking about a man who was calling for racially harmony and non-violence. He was challenging systems of Jim Crow and overt racial discrimination that I would imagine very few would support in 2010.
On the day of his death he was working feverishly on a Poor People’s Campaign for economic justice. How much more benign could one get? Sadly our government which to this day has buildings named after Hoover, the architect of these surveillance policies called Cointel-Pro stopped at nothing to get him. from the looks of things they got Withers to go along with the plan and several others.

Dick Gregory spoke about sinister forces at work that eventually killed Martin Luther King
Long time activist Dick Gregory spoke on the murder of Dr King and how there were all sorts of folks involved including the Black preachers in his entourage. I want folks to peep this video and pay close attention to the video he plays during his presentation. You can later on watch the rest of the lecture which is 3 or 4 parts. After you watch pt1, I want folks to read this excellent article from Margret Kimberly of Freedom Rider/ Black Agenda Report to get better insight into Withers and the damaging role he played.
Also as an added piece I am including the conversation Malcolm X had with the FBI when they tried to get him to turn on the Nation of Islam. I want folks to have richer context in which to understand the depth the FBI went in trying to compromise and intimidate our leaders.
by BAR editor and senior Margaret Kimberley

Margaret Kimberley of BAR
The long and infamous history of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and its attacks upon black Americans in their struggles for human and civil rights are by now well-known. FBI director J. Edgar Hoover actively worked to destroy any and all black activists beginning in 1919 when he pursued the political and personal destruction of Marcus Garvey. That subversion of legal rights and the democratic process continued for decades but operated at its fullest extent in the 1950s and 1960s.
The purpose of the FBI Counter Intelligence Program, COINTELPRO was, in Hoover‘s words, to “expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit, or otherwise neutralize” what Hoover called “hate groups” but which were in fact organizations fighting for full citizenship rights. The most infamous COINTELPRO action was the murder of the Black Panther Party Chicago chief Fred Hampton. An informant, William O’Neal, joined the Black Panther Party under FBI direction, served as Hampton’s bodyguard, and was then instrumental in planning his killing.
Commercial Appeal, Withers was an FBI informant who gave extensive information on King and other activists in Memphis, their movements, and their conversations. Withers reported to the FBI on the day of King’s assassination and in the days following.
Unfortunately, Withers died in 2007 without ever being confronted with the longstanding rumors of his activities. His colleagues are left to their own devices in trying to understand why he acted as he did. They are also left trying to decide how and, in some cases, whether to judge Withers for his betrayals.
“He actively sabotaged the work of others and endangered their lives, livelihoods and a movement which was bigger than any one person.”
The human response of wanting to defend someone thought to be a friend may be understandable on a personal level, but should never be acceptable politically. The charges against Withers are well documented and in all likelihood he was an informer and was paid by the FBI. This means he actively sabotaged the work of others and endangered their lives, livelihoods and a movement which was bigger than any one person, even those who may still feel a personal connection to Withers.
Whatever the justification for their activities, informants like Withers should never be forgiven and their acts should not be justified. Sadly, many of the people personally victimized by Withers are defending and rationalizing his actions. He had a large family to support, he may have been threatened, the information he gave probably did little harm, etc. Andrew Young’s comments about Withers are the worst of all. “I don’t think Dr. King would have minded him making a little money on the side.”
Andrew Young has been the king of the cringe-worthy comment for some time now, but this remark is appalling even for him. As one of King’s closest confidantes, Young should know better than anyone the damage caused by FBI’s actions against King. They tapped his phones, recorded his conversations and encouraged him to commit suicide. Because there was no timely investigation into the King assassination, we will never know if the FBI was directly involved. The fact that Withers was located in Memphis and reported on King’s activities and movements up until the very moment of his death is in and of itself suspicious. The revelation of Withers’ activity should be a reminder of the extent to which the state dedicated itself to destroying any organized effort at black empowerment.
The muted response to the Withers revelation is sad proof of the lack of study of the movement, its fall and its aftermath. If this world-changing phenomenon were considered in the light that it ought to be, there would be unified revulsion expressed about Withers and a meaningful discussion of how the movement ended. The killing of Martin Luther King meant the effective end of one of the most successful mass movements in the history of the world. It is difficult to imagine that the information Withers provided to the FBI was not in some way connected with King’s death. For that reason alone, the outrage surrounding this revelation should have been loud and clear.
“It is difficult to imagine that the information Withers provided to the FBI was not in some way connected with King’s death.”

The Withers case should not be seen through the window of the past. It is a warning to us in the present and a reminder that the police state apparatus is ever present.

J Edgar Hoover may be dead but his legacy and damning Cointel-Pro policies live on today
The Withers case should not be seen through the window of the past. It is a warning to us in the present and a reminder that the police state apparatus is ever present. Should the civil rights movement be reactivated and organizing for change become the norm once again, there will be another COINTELPRO, under a different name no doubt, but the activities will be revived and some “friends” will turn out to be wolves in sheep’s clothing.
We now have a government which gives itself the right to order the assassination of American citizens and which claims the right to order anyone arrested and incarcerated without charge or trial. Black Americans have been entrapped in dubious, false flag terror cases created out of whole cloth by the government and its informants. The past is prologue and Ernest C. Withers will not be the last person used to sabotage his own people.
An energized, well organized movement for political change is what this nation needs most. That movement should learn the history of past movements, including the errors, and the betrayals that brought so many people and organizations to premature death. Individuals brave enough to speak truth to the powerful should be able to do so without repeating past mistakes or falling prey to the snares which brought down so many in the past. Ernest Withers should be remembered as a traitor. Yes his photos are iconic but they are now tainted and cannot be rehabilitated for the sake of sentimentality. The revelations about Withers are indeed frightening and rightly cause paranoia and anger. Those feelings cannot be submerged. They should be discussed openly. If they are not, then there are more Ernest Withers’ in our future and more destroyed movements.
Commercial appeal
Margaret Kimberley’s Freedom Rider column appears weekly in BAR, and is widely reprinted elsewhere. She maintains an edifying and frequently updated blog at Ms. Kimberley lives in New York City, and can be reached via e-Mail at Margaret.Kimberley(at)

ESPN's Picabo Street Wrong, Arkansas Beating Alabama - ESPN's Error

Picabo Street has been the top search on Google Trends for most of Saturday as she was the "guest picker" on ESPN's College Gameday Show from Boise. Street, the well-decorated former Olympic skier, picked Alabama to beat Arkansas in today's game.

So far, Picabo's wrong. 10th ranked Arkansas is beating Alabama 10 to 7 in the 2nd quarter and as of this writing is in scoring position again. ESPN's wrong too.

ESPN failed to capitalize on the Internet interest caused by the appearance of the sexy female athlete that is Picabo Street by having a webpage blog post at The result? ESPN essentially gives other websites and blogs, including, the chance to gain from what they put on television.

Thanks, ESPN!

An update: Alabama intercepted Arkansas in the end zone. Somewhere, Picabo Street is cheering.

99ers take heat for the NOVO - but looks like it worked

Many 99ers took a great deal heat for their position on NOVO - but looks like it may have worked. When brave 99er souls began to speak out publicly about voting only for those in Congress come November, who actually were willing to help with our Tier 5 bill, they took a great deal angry grief from many Americans. Even the 99er Nation was somewhat divided on this NOVO issue. A small group of 99ers were quite vocal in their opposition to the idea of not voting.

99er Advocate Mignon Veasley-Fields, when she appeared on the Ed Schultz show, took the lion’s share of the public outcry against the NOVOs. There were others like Connie Kaplan and Cindy Paoletti (even though neither spoke of the NOVO movement on their Ed Show appearances) who also took some public criticism, especially Cindy for her outspoken blogging on the various 99er support sites.

Fact is, to vote or not and who you vote for are your own personal business. Many patriots died over the years to preserve the right of every American to freely choose whether to vote or not and who they wish to vote for or against.

It is not easy to hold to your convictions, especially when those positions face vocal opposition from many of your peers. It speaks well of the character of those who were willing to go out on a limb to stand up for what they believe in so strongly. Applause to all those who did so and exposed themselves to the ire of opposition to their stance.

The NOVO idea was conceived by 99er leader Rob C. and came to fruition in the PalTalk chat room, Tier 5 to Survive - unemployed unite. The idea was actually voted down by the members of that group about 1 month ago. Nobody liked the idea that this very well could hurt the Democrats in November.

Once it was confirmed by Senate Finance Committee staffers, that S3706 would likely not come out of committee before the election, drastic measures were warranted. So in a bold move designed to inspire the Democrats to move on this bill before they go home yet again, the 99er NOVO movement was born. It took off like wildfire and seemed everyone had an opinion about this one way or another.

When the news broke yesterday, the Jobless Talk radio show was all ready to announce the news, with special guests Mike Thornton (from and Rob C. himself. Unfortunately the Blog Talk Radio servers were down and it was not possible for Jobless Talk to air yesterday. My apologies to all faithful listeners.
One thing I do not hear being discussed much in the national dialog is the benefits that a Tier 5 for all states would bring to the American economy.

The population of US unemployment exhaustees has grown immensely since June. In June there were 3.8 million, but the ranks have grown by about 1 million since the retroactive extension in July, via HR 4213.

So at about 5 million exhaustees using the average weekly benefit of $300.00 would put 1.5 billion dollars into the economy every week once our Tier 5 is passed. Factor in the stimulative effect of every UI dollar spent and you have 2.6 billion, which would provide the demand required to keep the recovery going in the right direction, prevent further layoffs and stimulate the creation of jobs within the individual communities throughout America right where they are hurting most.

Passing a Tier 5 for all states is good for employed Americans as well. Injecting demand into the local economy at a community level, keeps struggling businesses within those communities open for business. It justifies an employer keeping that employee, who now isn’t as so busy because the demand is not there. Employers would have to hire in many communities to handle the increased demand created by that 1.5 billion per week.

Many think not voting is un-American. Isn’t it far more un-American letting 5 million of your constituents starve to death? I cannot condone that with my vote and if S3706 is brought to the floor for a fighting chance at least, the 99ers can see the Democrats might be worth saving after all. The alternative is an excruciating step backward.

In the end, you are alone in the voting booth and must vote your heart. If Stabenow’s commitment to Ed Schultz is indeed fulfilled this week, the threat of the 99er NOVO movement will have done the job it was designed to do: motivate the Democrats to bring the Americans Want to Work Act to the floor, where - if it is voted down by Republicans - that will expose the GOP for the heartless, uncaring party that it truly has become, making the choice crystal clear come November 2, 2010.

Many 99ers are dismayed about giving up the NOVO movement on just the promise of our bill coming to the Senate floor. It is true that there is no guarantee S3706 will pass before the election. But it is a certainty that without the bill even coming to the floor, we had no chance whatsoever for our Tier 5 bill becoming law. At least now there is a slim chance the bill could pass this week.

A 99er NOVO brain-storm at 2AM leads to a Congressional commitment

A 99er NOVO brain-storm at 2AM leads to a Congressional commitment:
For months on end the 99er Nation has fought hard for the Tier 5 unemployment “exhaustees” desperately need. Many 99ers have taken a leading role in this fight, but one of the most successful leaders heads 99er Media, Rob C.

Staring at his clock and anguishing over what could be done to motivate the Senate to bring S3706 up for a vote before the election, Rob was unable to sleep Thursday night. By 2:30 AM pacific time Friday morning, Rob decided to draft an email to his friend, Ed Schultz.

This Thursday, Rob was on air with Ed Schultz on his radio show, explaining the 99er NOVO position. It was made clear that all the 99ers want in order to get their hard work and energy behind the Democrats in November, is to have the Americans Want to Work Act brought to the Senate floor for a vote. Simple, right? Not really. S3706 has been languishing in Finance Committee “limbo” since it was first introduced back in August.

This is the text of that 2:30 AM email from Friday morning:

Dear Ed,
I appreciate speaking with you yesterday (on the radio show). One thing I will always respect you for is your fairness in  handling this issue, even when you personally do not agree with our “Non-voting” option. I think the despair within the 99er Nation has really peaked. The upcoming elections signify that we are about to hit the final wall and no help is coming! One 99er guest on your show the other day, really distorted the time line perspective on this issue. She commented that she could wait two more months - No problem! Well all the 99ers I know cannot wait two more months. Doom is already upon their doorstep, only the greater issue is that it really doesn't work out to two months. If we go past the elections then it could well be January before we get this to the floor and possibly passed. That translates into five more months, or by that time just about a year since any of us have had a basic lifeline. What will their excuse be then - it's been a whole year now, so why should we doing anything? With the U.S. Congress it's anybody's guess..

I know Healthcare is a victory and important. Though unemployed people are falling by the wayside at an out of control pace like no other. I know healthcare costs will destroy many lives. In comparison suicide rates will soar to disgusting heights because of unemployment. I can assure you the last thing my Dad was thinking about in those seconds and minutes before he took his life was health care. He was thinking about running out of food, being evicted from his home, and about the shame of being unemployed and 61 years old.

When I examine the wreckage around me and a great many other 99ers survey their own personal wreckage, we are left to the somber conclusion that we can not give our vote away to people who have ignored us in our hour of need. Someone does not deserve our vote simply because they chose to belong to one of two parties. All we are asking these guys to do is bring the bill to the floor before they take yet another break. If they cannot manage to move some paper onto the floor, do they really deserve to be running the country? I don't want people handling tough issues like Iran if they can't handle something as straight forward as bringing an unemployment bill to the floor during a record economic crash. If they can't push some paper, can we trust them with the tough stuff?  Besides they are not voting on the tax breaks in this session, that frees up their time now to do something productive like bring the Stabenow bill to the floor.

Ed, I truly think there is pathway to victory here for everyone. Please work with me to get this bill to the floor. You are influential and you have lots of friends - Rev. Sharpton, Rev. Jackson, Mr. Carville and so on. Someone has the be able to talk some sense into the Democrats and get this bill to the floor. Mr. Carville was soliciting ideas for the Democrats on CNN just days ago. Your voice is more powerful than any of ours. Please do what you can to wake up those capable of fixing this to do so. They are searching for an election solution when it's sitting right here in front of them. Just think of the energy the 99ers have concentrated into our movement. Not only would the Democrats win the votes of us and our families, they would inherit this robust spirit of support and activism. No one will hold it against you if this doesn't work and they don't bring the bill to the floor. We know you have had our back the entire way. No one will ever question that. But if you can strike a chord with someone and get them into motion, you single handedly could change the entire 2010 elections. You are the voice of the everyday American. They can have our vote, but they can't have it for free. We can change things Ed. Please help me to fix this before November.  
With Great Respect,
Rob Curtis and the 99er-NOVOs

Rob eventually drifted off to sleep only to discover 2 reply emails when he awoke.

The first came at 5:43 AM Friday from Wendy Schultz, explaining that she forwarded Rob’s email to Ed, that he (Ed) was not giving up on the 99ers.

The second came 2 hours later, explaining that Ed would be calling Senator Stabenow personally and plead the case for the 99ers.

Who could ask for more from Mr. Schultz, who has been the hero of the 99er Nation since May of this year.

At 11:30 AM that morning, while on another call, Rob received a call he thought was from Ed’s producers. When he clicked over to take the call, the voice on the other end of the line announced: “Hi Rob, this is Ed Schultz.” His next words were: “I just got done talking personally with Debbie Stabenow,” stating that he had a commitment from (D-MI) to bring S3706 to the Senate floor for debate and a possible voice vote, next week.

In consideration for this bill actually getting to the floor for a vote, Rob and Ed made a monumental agreement. Rob C. has assured Ed Schultz that once the bill is brought to the Senate floor for debate and a possible voice vote next week - the 99er NOVOs will dissolve their ‘No Vote’ campaign. The voices and collective power of the 99er NOVO movement will then redirect all of their energy into a Democratic VICTORY and ensuring successful passage of legislation that will help all the American 99ers.

Rob is enormously grateful to Ed for moving mountains in making this happen and out of respect for that extraordinary effort, is committed to transforming the energy of the 99er NOVOs into the “Ed Saved the VOTE” caucus, working tirelessly for a Democratic win in November.

Next week, once the bill has been brought to the floor, Rob and Ed have agreed to revisit this matter. At that time, Rob would like to publicly announce how this all came about, how Ed saved the day and how the NOVO movement will evolve into a driving force behind a Democratic win in 2010.

Of course it is widely believed that this bill will face stiff opposition from the Senate Republicans. That is where the 99er Nation can help.

Everyone is encouraged to contact their state Senators, Democrat or Republican and demand they support S3706.

The retiring Senator Voinovich may be just what the 99er Nation has been praying for and all unemployed Americans are urged to contact his offices in mass this week. 
Washington D.C. Phone: 202-224-3353

Cincinnati, OH
phone: (513) 684-3265 fax: (513) 684-3269
Cleveland, OH
phone: (216) 522-7095 fax: 522-7097
Columbus, OH
phone: (614) 469-6697 fax: 469-7733
Nelsonville, OH 
phone: (740) 441-6410 fax: (740) 753-3551
Toledo, OH 
phone: (419) 259-3895 fax: (419) 259-3899

Another possible ally in the fight to pass our Tier 5 bill could be Senator George LeMieux of Florida. Washington, DC Phone: (202) 224-3041, Toll free: (866) 630-7106 Fax: (202) 228-5171.

The two Senators from the great state of Maine may also be receptive to helping the unemployed “exhaustees” get this bill passed or at least stop a filibuster threat.

Senator Olympia J. Snowe: Washington, DC Phone: (202) 224-5344 Toll Free: (800) 432-1599 Fax: (202) 224-1946.

Senator Susan Collins Washington, DC Phone: (202) 224-2523 Fax: (202) 224-2693.

Call the White House comments line to demand the same. White House Comments Line 202-456-1111 Comment line is only open 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Monday thru Friday EST. ***REMIND the President that this is an emergency and WE the people (middle class then -impoverished now) voted him in office. Now he needs to speak up for us and do whatever he can to assure our Tier 5 becomes law NOW!

The 99er Nation stands on the verge of obtaining the coveted Tier 5 UI extension, but it may be a hollow victory for those 99ers in states which do not meet the 7.5% unemployment threshold the bill requires for the additional 20 weeks of benefits.

This is a very hopeful turn of events and next week we shall see if the Democrats keep this commitment.

The moral of this story is: Never underestimate the power of a well publicized NOVO threat, especially in a tight midterm race.