Saturday, August 02, 2008

NFL Hall Of Fame Day: Art Monk, Fred Dean, Emmitt Thomas, Gary Zimmerman, Darrel Green

NFL Hall Of Fame Days is always a moving event, and 2008 is no exception. Today, Art Monk, Fred Dean, Emmitt Thomas, Gary Zimmerman, Darrel Green are being inducted into Canton. I'm watching it now on NFL Network.

Gallup Fixing Polls Again? McCain Backers Older; College Students Ignored

The Gallup Poll for Friday reports a tie between John McCain and Barack Obama at 44 percent fo the first time, but I'm really skeptical of this because Gallup's Frank Newport came under fire for having a USA Today-Gallup lead for McCain, but not one for it's own daily polling.

Frank Newport has this nasty habit of ignoring college-age voters, which have been so important in this election. College-age voter turnout increased by as much as 20 to 25 percent during the 2008 primaries, and there's no reason to think this will not continue into the November election.

But Newport and his Gallup people misses this group. For example, this Gallup article on Obama and the highly educated focuses on adults out of college -- that's people who are older than 26 years old and more likely in their 40s and 50s and 60s. That's where McCain sees gains.

But it's wrong.

Obama Election Victory Predicted By Economic Models

AOL -- the conservative place on the Internet -- ran this article reporting three separate economic models predicting November election victory for Senator Barack Obama. The reason is that the Economy is in terrible shape and it's a subject Obama scores better than McCain on in polling.

But of course, AOL being well, Southern (based in Virginia) and stupid (because they appeal to racist-tendencies) they had to run a poll asking who viewers wanted to win.

Most of the AOLers picked McCain by ten percent or so. But then AOL's known for being racist and having racist viewers, so go figure.

Commission Junction: Never Made Money Off CJ.Com; Now I Know Why

Commission Junction: Never Made Money Off CJ.Com; Now I Know Why

Class action lawsuit reveals abuses of the affiliate marketing industry.

Yep. Commission Junction, the pioneering affiliate marketing company, is involved in a nasty lawsuit. Here are the details:

If you joined or were a member of the affiliate marketing networks operated by ValueClick, Inc., Commission Junction, Inc. and/or Be Free (collectively, “Defendants”), between April 20, 2003 and the present, you may be a class member in Settlement Recovery Center et al. v. ValueClick, Inc. et al., No. 2:07-cv-02638-FMC-CTx, a lawsuit which is pending in the Central District of California. The Settlement Notice informs you of the Court's certification of a class for settlement purposes; the nature of the claims alleged; your right to participate in, or exclude yourself from, the class; a proposed settlement; and how you can claim an award of advertising credits under the settlement or object to the settlement.

The proposed settlement will resolve claims that Defendants failed to adequately monitor Commission Junction’s Network for the use by third parties of software that does not comply with Commission Junction’s (“CJ”) Publisher Code of Conduct and that is intended to steal or divert commissions from publishers on CJ’s network (“Non-compliant Software”), failed to adequately monitor or prevent third parties from engaging in the theft or “hijacking” of commissions from Advertisers and Publishers on CJ’s Network, and failed to make sufficient disclosures regarding the existence of Non-compliant Software and commission theft, resulting in losses to both advertisers and publishers on the CJ Network.

The proposed settlement will provide a monetary recovery to eligible class members. For class members that currently maintain an account on the CJ Network will receive payment through payments or credits deposited or applied to their CJ accounts; eligible class members that no longer have accounts on the Commission Junction Network will receive a check for an equal amount.