Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Reggie Bush, My Mom's Upset With You!

Memo to Reggie Bush: my Mom's not happy with you at all. I'm down here in Georgia visiting my Mom as I do about every other month since her husband and my stepdad passed last year, and as part of my visit we always keep up with the sports news. Today, you and the New Orleans Saints seemed to be the focus of all of the shows, so we couldn't miss you and your contract woes.

Which gets to my point. We -- Mom and I -- are sitting down watching Jim Rhome's show (she can't stand him but will tolerate him for as long as I'm visiting) when the subject of you comes up and Jim starts his rant. Well, I didn't hear Jim because Mom was giving me and our guest an earful about you. "I used to like Reggie Bush," she said, "But I don't anymore. He's just turned selfish."

You should pay attention to my Mom; at 71, she's old enough to be your grandmother, was one of the first black professionals ever to work at United Airlines, and last fall actually worked for the Small Business Administration in issuing loans to people who's businesses were impacted by Hurricane Katrina.

In other words, she speaks for the common American who cares about the plight and future of New Orleans. Do you? Don't rub your desire for more and more money in the face of those who've lost everything. Stop thinking of yourself, and fire your agent Mike Orenstein in the process.

Reggie, this is important. Treat New Orleans right. Sign with them today. Don't blow it.