Tuesday, July 29, 2008


On CNN there are extensive reports of a 5.8 Richter Scale Earthquake, centered in Chino Hills, about 29 miles south of LA. The quake wasn't large enough, fortunately, to cause major damage at least as reported thus far. A water main broke, but traffic's still moving through LA.

And now the earthquake was reduced to a 5.4 Richter Scale quake in size by the U.S. Geological Survey.

Do you have hope? New Barack Obama Video Moveon.org

The "funniest ad" award winner in MoveOn.org's "Obama in 30 Seconds" contest is the quintessential counterpoint to the cynicism-mongering ads that McCain and the folks who want to maintain the status quo in Washington have been running. Plus, it was made by actor (and MoveOn member) Rider Strong.

MoveOn is ready to run this ad on MTV and Comedy Central (as their first political ad ever.) Go, watch, it's audacious. Rove may know how to divide the electorate, Republicans may know how to use fear for their political gains, but this is the antidote.

"I laughed, I cried; it became a part of me.
Much better than the videos for McCain.
I want to see it again and again."

*for the sake of comparison, see another post here at Zennie's with a McCain video.

China Discovers Poll Dancing - Video

I'd never considered that poll dancing started to pick up in China! Wow. China! Well, check this out:

It's not an easy thing to do there as it goes against the "code" for women there. "To show off in this way," someone said in the movie," is to make people jealous."


M.C Hammer and Speiser at TechCrunch Party

Speiser and Hammer, originally uploaded by drs650.

Ok. This is the first time I was in the same "house" as M.C. Hammer and missed seeing him. Yes, the TechCrunch party was that crowded. I also have not met this "Speiser" gentleman on the right. But the party was awesome and if you didn't see the video I created, you can do so with a click here.

Maria Ayerdi Is The Face Behind The New SF Transbay Terminal

Remember the San Francisco Transbay Terminal Design Competition video I created? Well, the executive director of the effort is none other than Maria Averdi. You can read more about her here.