Saturday, February 06, 2010

Super Bowl time: Warren Sapp arrested; hot high car spotted

Miami, South Beach, Florida - Super Bowl time: Warren Sapp arrested; hot high car spotted (video above).

It's Super Bowl time! This Super Bowl update is a mix of good and bad news. Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Oakland Raiders defensive star and NFL Network Analyst Warren Sapp was arrested after allegedly committing some form of domestic violence against his girl friend Saturday morning in Miami.

 According to, Warren Sapp's explanation doesn't read any better than what his girlfriend told Miami Beach Police:

According to the Miami Beach Police Department, Sapp is accused of attacking his girlfriend of two years at around 5:00 AM Saturday at the Shore Club Hotel.

According to the arrest report, the alleged victim had "a swollen right knee and bruises on the back of her neck."

She claims Sapp allowed her to sleep in his hotel room -- then came into the room early in the morning and pulled her out of bed. The alleged victim says they began arguing about guys she was hanging out with earlier Friday night.

Sapp's girlfriend told cops that during the argument Sapp "grabbed her and began to choke her." He eventually threw her out of the room, she claims.

When cops spoke to Sapp, he told them he had allowed the woman to stay in his room -- but later on decided he wanted her to leave because "he was expecting company." He told police he was trying to help her and she fell.

Sapp "..decided he wanted her to leave because "he was expecting company." is a doozy. This blogger's a big fan of Warren Sapp as an NFL Legend, an NFL Network Analyst, and a TV star (he's a spokesperson for National Rent-A-Car), but Sapp should realize he's got a higher profile now and should not even be in a situation like that, regardless of the truth. Moreover, Sapp must measure his words. What Sapp said, if its true, implies that he had another woman coming over and wanted to get rid of her.


On a much happier note, the Super Bowl in Miami draws all kinds of interesting sights and sounds, including interesting cars, like the one in the video above. It's a converted Chevy Impala with oversized wheels and a whole new drive train and suspension system. It was cruising down Collins Avenue in South Beach at about 10 PM and stopped traffic on the opposite side of the street. The driver was by himself and enjoying the Mardi Gras-like street party. When asked who he was rooting for, Saints or Colts, he said "I'll go with Who-Dat".

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Snow totals cause State of Emergency in Pennsylvania, Delaware

High snow totals due to a bizzard-producing Noreaster caused a State of Emergency in Pennsylvania and Delaware today. The bad weather conditions from a major winter storm that came into the Mid-Atlantic region and hit Pennsylvania caused thousands to lose electricity.

A disaster emergency was declared at 6:30 am, as 60,000 people in Allegheny County are without power, and fallen trees and downed electric lines have make road travel unsafe, and in some cases impossible.

In addition to Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, and Delaware are under a disaster emergency watch. On Friday, most Federal Government offices closed.

Washington DC is described as a "paralyzed. The storm is called the biggest in the U.S. Capital's history.

Super Bowl gossip: Raiders affilate gives up on Jamarcus Russell

Miami, South Beach, FLA - The latest Super Bowl gossip has Oakland Raiders Quarterback Jamarcus Russell again painted as a person who doesn't care about being an improved player because he has his $30 million signing bonus.

This comes from a friend who's in a position to know. Late last night, I ran into him and his girlfriend at the 11th Street Diner in South Beach and we caught up. This person's a sports executive with close ties to a number of Raiders players, so he does know.

This blogger mentioned that he was excited that the Oakland Raiders brought in Hue Jackson as offensive coordinator. The response was "Let's hope he can do something with Jamarcus Russell. I doubt it." And he then went on to describe how a number of his offensive teammates like and hope the best for him, but consider Jamarcus Russell as someone who is more concerned about "his bling".

(That's earrings, and other jewelry some men like to wear.)

Frankly, what stops many young African American football skill position players from succeeding is a concern for bling and mink coats. This isn't being racist, but race conscious. It's also sending a message that black men like myself are sick and tired of such behavior and that Jamarcus Russell has to shape up, or he's going to be shipped out.

That's just a plain fact.

Jamarcus Russell is a man with a ton of talent, but he must change his look to an apparent desire to do more to improve his game. I contend, and did last night again, that a large part of Jamarcus Russell's problem is very poor coaching by the Oakland Raiders. I still make that assertion, but last night, my friend had the tone of a person who just gave up on Jamarcus Russell.

I haven't, but Jamarcus Russell has to put in the extra passing drill and film study work. Moreover, he has to do this: take off the earrings, forget the mink coat, and just go out and work. What he should do is make the calls himself to have meeting and drills with his coaches so that he can get better. Jamarcus Russell has to be proactive to counter this idea that he's got his $30 million and does not care about winning.

Bill Cosby dead? No. Bill Cosby is alive and performing

Bill Cosby dead? Like Johnny Depp, Kayne West, and a host of other celebrities, Bill Cosby is the newest victim of an Internet hoax. Bill Cosby dead? No.

Bill Cosby's last tweet on Twitter was February 2nd. He tweeted:

Did you know I have an iTunes play list? Well I do! -
2:08 PM Feb 2nd from Power Twitter
Retweeted by you and 42 others

From all accounts, Bill Cosby is alive and scheduled to perform at the Bushnell Center for the Performing Arts in Stamford, CT March 13th. The announcement reads:

Few entertainers have achieved the legendary status of BILL COSBY and on March 13, he’s coming to Hartford. From his groundbreaking NBC sitcom, The Cosby Show, to his sidesplitting stand-up routines, Mr. Cosby has more than proven to be one of the most influential stars of our time. Bill Cosby is sponsored by Aetna and produced by Ed Atamian Presents.

Tickets for BILL COSBY are on sale now and can be purchased by visiting The Bushnell Box Office at 166 Capitol Avenue in Hartford or by calling (860) 987-5900. Tickets may also be purchased online at Tickets prices start at $49.50. Ticket prices do not include all applicable fees.

Bill Cosby's then visiting Casper, Wyoming for more performances on April 18th.

Anne Hathaway sexy photos channel Heidi Baron in Penthouse

Anne Hathaway, who last week was the toast of Harvard, is now hot again because of her sexy photos that heat up the Internet. It's a goof thing because her nerdy side was starting to hamper her pop-culture image. Anne Hathaway is a nerd. Who else would have this take on kissing:

"You have to leave your mouth open a little bit. Open up. More, more, ever so lightly…Otherwise you're going to be getting smoothy. Now, slow it down...just a little bit."

Whatever happened to just doing it?

Just as Bill Cosby is not dead, Anne Hathaway can steam up the internet. Hathaway's frankly had a bit of a nerdy, goody-two-shoes image that was in need of a makeover to give it some bite. GQ to the rescue in this March 2010 sexy photo shoot that isn't quite Heidi Baron level in exposure but does the trick.

In this way Anne Hathaway's channeling her inner Heidi Baron.

Stay tuned.