Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tom Hayes: Does TV try too hard to present balance?

Dara O'Briain sets the record straight about the public understanding of facts. He talks about crime statistics, science, herbal medicine, and the tendency of TV to try to present a "fair and balanced" coverage - which results in him using some strong language, so you might want to consider where you are as you watch this.

I think Dara is Ireland's slightly more refined, restrained version of Lewis Black. Slightly.

Carrie Prejean Breast Job: K2 Productions wants money back - but which K2 Productions?

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Seems Carrie Prejean can't catch a break. Remember her? The former Miss California who's not-so-smart foray into anti-Gay Marriage activism and overall alleged unprofessionalism cost her the title is now apparently owes $5,200 to K2 Productions for a boob job they paid for.

Carrie Prejean

But who's K2 Productions?

They're a North Carolina film and video production company according to their website, which leads me to wonder if they did this for publicity. If so, I certainly got suckered into this one, huh?

Not really.

I mean there's the Atlanta-based K2 Production company as well. They too are involved in the film business, but they provide "equipment."

Uh, just not boobs.

Turns out the North Carolina company and the Atlanta firm are enjoying some free pub because Miss California USA organizers also use the same company name but with a California adress! I'm laughing as I write this, it's so funny.

It's a classic case of a firm not doing its Internet homework in establishing a unique company name and making sure that its not like any other firm name when a search for K2 Productions is done online.

So North Carolina and Atlanta's K2 Production company can have part of the boob job money, huh?

I think the LA version of the K2 Production firms needs to get its messaging straight. If I were representing Carrie Prejean I'd have a field day with this. I'm sorry but this is too funny not to make fun of.

Keith Lewis, the person who's over K2 Productions in LA and who reportedly paid for the boob job for Carrie Prejean should be smart and recover the money by contracting for Carrie to work for the other K2 Production companies and get whatever percentage of revenue he can secure.

Otherwise the whole deal's just really silly in my view.

Kane West not dead; Kanye West not in an accident

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Kanye West is not dead, contrary to some news rumors. This prank has happened before involving other celebrities and here we go again. Twitter's the origin for the latest round of this trick, this time focusing on Kanye West.

According to, this happened to Miley Cyrus and Lil Wayne this year, and now Kanye West.

Some tweets report that he was in a car accident, but the truth is that happened in 2002. He's fine.

Why is West the target? I think the whole Taylor Swift controversy has something to do with it; an incident that even caused President Obama to refer to him as a "jackass":