Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Erin Andrews video peep show on CBS? Why?

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For some reason, ESPN reporter Erin Andrews has been the target of some pretty mean actions of late. First there was someone at ESPN filming her butt live. Then there were fans heckling her while she was trying to go on air. Now, there's the video peep hole matter, and news that it was on CBS!

Before we look at CBS, some background.

Erin Andrews has been on ESPN as a reporter since 2004. Before landing at what Dan Patrick calls "The Mothership" she was a reporter for Turner South covering the Atlanta Braves and before then was with Fox Sports Florida South. Since YouTube was launched in 2005, Andrews image as a "sports hotty" has grown with no additional promotion from her. In fact, the real Erin is a tech-using consumer of information and constant writer and Apple MacBook-fan:

Erin Andrews and her MacBook

It was, most famously, Playboy that fanned the flames of desire for her image online when it crowned her "sexiest sportscaster in the land" in 2008. After that, it seemed we constantly saw some weird photo of her, and now its come to this: on July 16th according to Wikipedia and, someone made a video of her nude in while showering in, reportedly, an athletic club. The video was removed but not before images from it sprang up around the Internet.

But why on CBS?

I know that there's a hunger for her image, but there's also a certain degree of respect for her - high - that should be maintained. CBS did not have to use the images from the video because it validates the video. See? A photo of her, fine. But, hungry for ratings and Internet traffic and money, they did use it.

I think Erin should make an example of the new CBS. The one without Walter Cronkite, who never would have thought to do such a thing.