Saturday, November 18, 2006

Matt Leinart - Arizona Cardinals QB Loosing Confidence In Denny Green - Profootball

Pro Football has this report on Matt Leinart:


As the Arizona Cardinals pack it in under coach Dennis Green, a source close to quarterback Matt Leinart says that the 2004 Heisman winner and the No. 10 overall pick in the draft is trying to prop up his teammates by telling them that things will get better, but he can get no positive response.

The source also believes that Leinart's swagger from losing only three games in four years at USC is evaporating.

"He is really rattled by the losing," said the source. "He is searching for a way to get [the team] to buy in to his attitude, but it's getting harder because his confidence is almost gone."

The growing concern among those close to Leinart is that he'll end up as another David Carr, the No. 1 overall pick in 2002 who has been tossed around like a Chihuahua at a Doberman convention in five seasons with the Texans.

"Lots of talent but too many sacks to realize the full potential," the source said.

In our view, it's all the more reason that the Bidwills should make a good decision about the future of the franchise, hiring a coach who can help give Leinart the confidence to be the on-field leader that this team hasn't had since the days of Jim Hart.

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UCLA Police Use Taser Weapon On Minority Student - Why? - Video

This is reallly hard to even listen to, but it happened. For some reason American society is allowing the creation of a law enforcement officials who go about their jobs with an over-zealous approach that indicates a contempt for the people in the community. It's as if the officers are giving punishment before the accused is actually convicted of a crime -- an act that in itself is a constitutional violation.

This happens in this terrible video: