Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Book on Barry Bonds

Click here to read SBS Baseball Business Blog's take on the new book and allegations about Barry Bonds and steriods.


From NFL Media.com. In the photo, Henderson is between NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue on the left and NFL Players Association Executive Director Gene Upshaw on the right.

"The union rejected a proposal that would have increased player
compensation to unprecedented levels. Our offer would have added a minimum
of $1.5 billion in new dollars for players over the six years of the extension. It is
an unfortunate situation for the players, the fans, and the league."

In addition, Henderson noted that the NFL's offer would have increased
player compensation in 2006 by $577 million over 2005 and that there was no
discussion of revenue sharing with the union during today's negotiations, which
were broken off by the union.

Dana Reeve 1960-2006

This is too sad for words. She was just 44 years old -- I'm 43 years old -- and she didn't even smoke at all. I feel for her teenage son, who's lost two parents before he's even an adult. She's reunited with Chris in Heaven, and maybe ---perhaps this was all because he needed her there. I don't know.

NFL Network's Mike Mayock's "Vince Young Two Step" - Make Up Your Mind Dude

NFL Network's Mike Mayock says on the one hand that he doesn't care about Vince Young's Wonderlic score, which means he's not going to use it to question the Texas QB's learing ablity. But then he says "How many GMs are going to bet millions on a guy that may not become a sophistocated NFL quarterback."

Well, others are using his Wonderlic score to make the same statement.

When it comes to black QBs, Mayock seems to have a terrible bias which reads "He should be a wide receiver."

I will say this: the ability to teach is the measure of the football knoweldge of any coach. If they can't teach a talent -- a proven talent -- like Vince Young, then they're not good coaches. Period.

Remember, the Wonderlic does not deal with job-related questions in this case. There's not one football related question on it.