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Fremont Cop Shot In Oakland, CA: Mayor Ron Dellums Statement

20-year-old 5 feet 7 inch, 240 pound, brown eyed and black haired Andrew Barrientos is armed, dangerous, and on the run after shooting a Fremont police officer who was trying to serve a search warrant at an East Oakland house at 2009 Auseon Ave, according to Oakland Police Spokesperson Jeff Thomason.

Fortunately, the unnamed Fremont Officers's injuries are not life threatening. He's being treated for a leg wound at Highland Hospital.

Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums issued this statement:

Our hearts and prayers are with the Fremont police officer shot this afternoon, his loved ones, his fellow law enforcement officers and the City of Fremont family as they cope with this latest incident of senseless violence. On behalf of the Oakland community, I thank him for his law enforcement service and express my deep regret that this dedication has resulted in injury on our streets. I support Chief Batts and the men and women of the Oakland Police Department in pursuing every lead to bring the gunman to justice. The violence in Oakland must stop. Our collective well - being depends on it.

After the shooting of the Fremont Officer, Andrew Barrientos wasn't done. The young punk criminal tried to carjack one vehicle, failed, shot at the driver, then successfully carjacked a 1999 green Mazda outside a liquor store. The car has a California license plate No. 4MJE548.

Oakland Police closed off several blocks in search of Andrew Barrientos.

Stay tuned.

Democrats cannot seem to cash in on Republican bumbling

Even though the GOP has no vision for the good of America, the Democrats cannot seem to cash in on Republican bumbling. The high road taken by the Obama administration, to reach across the isle and work with GOP members, was met with a hearty slap in the face time and again over the past 18 months.

It seems the only thing Republicans can think about these days is extending the Bush era tax cuts. Will keeping these tax cuts in place really create jobs? Well they have had 10 years to test this theory and the answer is a resounding NO!

Lets look at ‘Plan B’ from the Republicans: repeal just about every piece of legislation passed to date during the Obama administration. What a waste of time. If there ever was a time in our history we needed true leadership, it is now.

The unemployment crisis is only deepening, growth of the economy is nearly flat, foreclosures are at an all time high and our leaders refuse to do anything to correct the situation.

With the Senate’s inability to get the business of America done, due to unprecedented filibustering, Obama’s hands are tied. People are angry and anger often works against the party in power at the ballot box.

The Democrats simply must educate the American voters about the truth of the matter of who is really to blame for the mess in America today. The four letter, one word answer: Bush.

The Obama administration has had an unending stream of emergency situations to deal since January 2009. Most of these are a direct result of the failed Bush policies, deregulation and 2 unfunded wars raging overseas. Meanwhile, the country has been falling apart, anger is mounting and most states are in severe financial trouble.

The flow of tax revenue, what states rely on to do business, has been choked off due to the foreclosure situation. We cannot ever hope to resolve the deficit problem unless the unemployment crisis is resolved. People have no money to spend, so our consumer based economy is crumbling. Those with the money and thus the power to help stop this downward spiral are holding on to trillions, in an attempt to make it look like the Democrats and President Obama are to blame.

I pray that Americans are smarter than the Republicans give us credit for in deciphering what is what, so those responsible for America’s economic woes don’t fool the voters into making an epic mistake this November. While Democrats cannot seem to cash in on Republican bumbling, perhaps the American voter will see through the GOP smoke screen and save our great country from disaster.

Mike Bloomberg Economic Racism Claim Is Questionable

Mayor Bloomberg 
What's neat about is that unlike other blogs, this is more of a forum for different points of view. The political bent is liberal, but that doesn't mean the libs here always agree. New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg is one such example.

As one who's met Mayor Bloomberg, and read Suzannah's passionate blog post, there's no real evidence in the blog post that Mayor Mike is practicing a kind of economic racism against American Indians.

It also must be added that not every American Indian lives on a reservation. Yes, the media paints just such a picture, but the reality is American Indians are just as likely to be your neighbor, or doctor, or lawyer as anyone else in America.

Yes, there are huge economic problems that American Indians face. Yes, Indian casino economic development has been overplayed as a strategy. But economic racism is racism. It's is the act of shutting out a person from economic opportunity because of the color of their skin.

When this blogger was in New York City for the first TechCrunch Disrupt New York, Mayor Bloomberg took the courageous step of standing with American immigrants and to send a message to Arizona Governor Jan Brewer that New York welcomes immigrants, period.

That was a bold, in-your-face move, that won a fan in this blogger.

Suzannah lives in New York, I don't. Thus, she sees a different Mayor Bloomberg that what I see. But I've seen enough to comfortably says he's not racist. Mayor Bloomberg directly received me and was more than respectful and helpful and the same goes for his press staff as well.

Mayor Bloomberg may not be perfect, but he's not as bad as he's painted by any means.

Taylor Swift, Kevin Rose, Ashton Kutcher, P Diddy, Sarah Silverman Share One Thing

What is it that Danah Boyd, Brian Clark, Jack Dorsey, Levar Burton, P Diddy, David Gregory, Ashton Kutcher, Chris Pirillo, Sherri Shepard, Sarah Silverman, and Taylor Swift, have in common?

According to Twitter, "These are people who tweet about the same things that Zenophon Abraham does."

That's a pretty cool crowd to be listed with. Now why @Zennie62 doesn't have as many followers as they do is a great question. One thing is, this micro-blogger doesn't micro-blog as much as one should to gain more followers. Also, I had the practice of promising that I would "follow back;" that's something I don't do anymore.

Why follow someone that's not going to produce a lot of tweets? That means, in turn, they may not want you to tweet a lot, and so unfollow you.

I use Twitter as a broadcast system for my blogs and videos, as well as quotes and conversations. But apparently so does Danah Boyd, Brian Clark, Jack Dorsey, Levar Burton, P Diddy, David Gregory, Ashton Kutcher, Chris Pirillo, Sherri Shepard, Sarah Silverman, and Taylor Swift, now that I think about it.

To be clear, I don't follow any of the personalities I mentioned as of this writing and only because, from experience with many of them, they don't follow me back.

Maybe I'll change my mind on that, but it would be cool, if we have so much in common, if they would follow me, Zennie62, ya know?

Mayor Mike Bloomberg's economic racism against American Indians by Suzannah B. Troy

I am wearing 2 necklaces, 3 rings and a bracelet with deep spiritual meaning, great beauty and depth all made by American Indians.

Watch my YouTube and hear my outrage.  Also I ask you why are no leaders including President Obama speaking out on behalf of The American Indians and this racist behavior and economic oppression.

Here is some basic economics:  The economic opportunities are so limited because the American Indians live on a reservation.  Unlike king Mike who makes a fortune on going global in every way possible from information services, tech and I am guessing real estate most American Indians do not have the opportunities that Americans have because they mostly live on reservations.

Please do not talk to me about casinos as end all be alls for American Indians because that is another new form of prejudice and stupidity folks which lets people ignorant people right American Indians economic injustices and far worse off.

The American Indians have suffered enough and king Mike and an embattled accidental governor that in my opinion is guilty of ever so gentle intimidation of an alleged victim of spousal abuse are getting away with economic racism.  Paterson objected to Bloomberg's racism comment but joins him in economic racism against the Seneca Tribe and American Indians!

Listen to my YouTube to hear more.

Just a reminder if you do not have time to watch my YouTube -- my jacket with patches in the Sept. 11 Museum has a patch from the Seneca American Indians and why?  Because they ran down immediately after Sept. 11 to help us.  The American Indians helped build the WTC and NYC.  They were there front line for us right after Sept. 11.

The fact this racism is being tolerated right now in New York City is intolerable and I am shocked President Obama is silent as well.

FYI:  King Mike Bloomberg's city planner socialite mega-millionaire Amanda the People's Burden is responsible along with Mike Bloomberg for the mass displacement of New Yorkers; one example, aiding and abetting eminent domain abuse to make the entire community of Manhattanville move for Columbia University's expansion.   I have seen Bloomberg-Burden aid NYU in the tear down of St. Ann's and the push through of the illegal  air sale over St. Ann Church from 1847 by the USPS to NYU.

If the Seneca tribe could have only gotten Mike to do massive real estate dealings and financial dealing for his pals on their reservation than he would be their champion.

Right now Bloomberg needs to apologize and back off.

President Obama where are you in the face of this ugly economic racism?

p.s.  In Mike Bloomberg's private empire heroin is cheaper to buy and sell than cigarettes!  
Welcome to Mike's hideous "new" New York!

The 62nd Emmy Awards: My Predictions By Reginald L Cochran

The 62nd Annual Emmy Awards with host Jimmy Fallon will be broadcasting live this Sunday. I, for one am really excited because this year has some great nominations ( Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler of Friday Night Lights I'm looking at you ) which should make for an exciting show.

In anticipation of the show i have posted my predictions on the winners. I'm usually pretty good at doing this so hopefully that tradition will continue.

“Breaking Bad”
“The Good Wife”
“Mad Men”
“True Blood”

This is a really strong category with some amazing shows. I would have never guess that True Blood, Dexter, Lost, and Breaking Bad would ever be nominated together in the same field, and The Good Wife is a show that Emmy voters just love to death.

I think Breaking Bad which had an outstanding third season will keep Mad Man from winning a third time, but Lost may win for nostalgia alone.

“Curb Your Enthusiasm”
“Modern Family”
“Nurse Jackie”
“The Office”
“30 Rock”

I'm  willing to bet that Modern Family and Glee will be on the Emmy ballot for man more years to come, and either one will knock 30 Rock down from the top.

Jim Parsons – “Big Bang Theory”
Larry David – “Curb Your Enthusiasm”
Matthew Morrison – “Glee”
Tony Shalhoub – “Monk”
Steve Carell – “The Office”
Alec Baldwin – “30 Rock”

Of course the Emmy voters were gonna choose to include Tony Shalhoub in this category and expect for him to win it making it his fourth

Bryan Cranston – “Breaking Bad”
Michael C. Hall – “Dexter”
Kyle Chandler = “Friday Night Lights”
Hugh Laurie – “House”
Matthew Fox – “Lost”
Jon Hamm – “Mad Men”

My face lit up like a Christmas tree when I heard that Kyle Chandler got a long overdue nomination.
This category is gonna be a hard one because each and everyone of these men in it do some astounding work.  Coming off a win last year Bryan Cranston is gonna be the man to beat and will take it this year too.

Lea Michele – “Glee”
Julia Louis-Dreyfus – “The New Adventures Of Old Christine”
Edie Falco – “Nurse Jackie”
Amy Poehler – “Parks And Recreation”
Tina Fey – “30 Rock”
Toni Collette – “United States Of Tara”

I was a little skeptical of Lea Michele's nomination but after looking back on her year at Glee she definitely deserves to be there. I think the win will go to Edie Falco.

Kyra Sedgwick – “The Closer”
Glenn Close – “Damages”
Connie Britton – “Friday Night Lights”
Julianna Margulies – “The Good Wife”
Mariska Hargitay – “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”
January Jones – “Mad Men”

Like Kyle Chandler my face lit up when I heard Connie Britton was nominated. Friday Night Lights is a show I love dearly so I'm gonna go on a limb and say that Britton will take the award.

Chris Colfer – “Glee”
Neil Patrick Harris – “How I Met Your Mother”
Jesse Tyler Ferguson – “Modern Family”
Eric Stonestreet – “Modern Family”
Ty Burrell – “Modern Family”
Jon Cryer – “Two and a Half Men”

First off, Ed O Neil not being nominated was a major oversight ,but I think his fellow costars will do him proud and take the Emmy in his place. My pick is Eric Stoneestreet.

Aaron Paul – “Breaking Bad”
Martin Short – “Damages”
Terry O’Quinn – “Lost”
Michael Emerson – “Lost”
John Slattery – “Mad Men”
Andre Braugher – “Men of a Certain Age”

I'd love for Josh Holloway to take this and Andre Baugher always delivers on good performances, but this win belongs solely to Aaron Paul who turned in fantastic performance after performance on Breaking Bad this season. It would be criminal if he loses.

Jane Lynch – “Glee”
Julie Bowen – “Modern Family”
Sofia Vergara – “Modern Family”
Kristen Wiig – “Saturday Night Live”
Jane Krakowski – “30 Rock”
Holland Taylor – “Two and a Half Men”

Jane Lynch meet Emmy, Emmy meet Jane Lynch

Sharon Gless – “Burn Notice”
Rose Byrne – “Damages”
Archie Panjabi – “The Good Wife”
Christine Baranski – “The Good Wife”
Christina Hendricks – “Mad Men”
Elisabeth Moss – “Mad Men”

Archie Panjabi deserves this win look for Sharon Gless to take it . She has long history with The Emmys including  nine nominations and three wins.

Bernanke Says Economy Remains Vunerable? By Suzannah B. Troy

ABC News reports, " The economy is not as bad as expec ted but far from complete."

Bernanke says we are not out of the woods.... in my words,  NYC artist blogger, Suzannah B. Troy and guess what?  Bernanke is understating how vulnerable we actually are.  Why would I say that? 

Number one: Our National Debt!  And scarily enough China owns a huge chunk of our National Debt!  For those reading my local NYC blog I was making jokes about why would Russia or China need to have spies when they are such big players in our economy.  A Russian billionaire bought a huge chunk of the Nets real estate that many of us feel was eminent domain abuse all with the blessing of Mike Bloomberg.

I don't have a lot of time to elaborate why Bernanke is understating our economic distress but I do want to point out the lie that NYC is leading the country climbing out of unemployment.  Unemployment is always under reported and of those employed here in NYC -- many are not earning a living wage.

I believe that if Albany does not balance the 9.2 billion dollar deficit soon we will have an economic crisis in NYC equal to a terror attack and I include corrupt politicians held unaccountable bring us to this economic disaster.

I have to run now literally.  More later....

Lindsay Lohan On Twitter Complains Of Being Photoed While Driving

This mugshot is found from http://www.perezhil...Image via Wikipedia

Lindsay Lohan, now out of the purgatory of confinement and out in the world, albeit with a heavy set of restrictions due to her alcohol and drug problems, took to Twitter for the first time since July 19th, and to issue this complaint:

Clearly.. Paparazzi shouldn't be allowed to take pictures or video while someone's driving or at a stop light. 4every1's sake #trafficpolice
about 19 hours ago via ƜberTwitter

That marks the various photos of Lindsay in a car driving, and the latest one at of her just plain pumping gas.

As to her question of the legality of being photographed on the street, the answer is, she's one the street.

 The road is considered public domain, so, on top of being a public figure, Lindsay's fair game. Now, the state of California has tighten the laws governing what Paparazzi can do. But when one's on the street, they're part of public domain.

Lohan is out of the UCLA Facility she was assigned to after 23 days, and 13 days of jail time before that.

A New Reality Show for Lindsay Lohan?

As per judges orders, Lohan has to remain in the State of California until November 1st, and attended psychotherapy, behavioral therapy and 12-step meetings each week that add up to an estimated 32 hours per week. That's the perfect situation for a new reality TV show.

Lindsay Lohan should tslk to Ryan Seacrest (@RyanSeacrest) about setting one up.

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Bully-proofing your daughters: how to support a girl facing relational aggression by Dr. Christina Villarreal

The term "relational aggression" is used to describe a type of bullying primarily used by pre-adolescent and adolescent girls to victimize other girls—a covert use of social relationships as weapons to inflict emotional pain. Researchers have found that, contrary to popular belief, girls are not less aggressive than boys, they are just more subtle and with less physical threats in their use of aggression. The article below is a re-post of a great review of how to manage your daughter's experiences of social bullying.

How to bully-proof young girls (Andrea Sachs of Time Magazine)

Sugar and spice and everything nice. That's what little girls are made of, right? Well, not exactly, it seems. Bullying and nasty cliques start as early as elementary school, says Michelle Anthony, a developmental psychologist and the co-author of Little Girls Can Be Mean: Four Steps to Bully-Proof Girls in the Early Grades (St. Martin's Griffin). Anthony and her co-author, Reyna Lindert, have developed a helpful technique for parents to employ. In brief, they advise observing the social situation, connecting with the child and guiding the child to the point that she is supported in her actions. TIME senior reporter Andrea Sachs spoke with Michelle Anthony about their research and conclusions.

How did you get interested in this topic?

Our interest in this topic began personally as the mothers of young girls. My eldest daughter, when she was 6, was enmeshed in a two-year-long struggle with a friend. For the first year, I didn't even know about it, because she felt so alone and isolated that she didn't talk about it with anyone. She tried to get help from her teacher, who sort of told her to thicken her skin over it. She took that to heart as being her problem and really was silent for a while. Then it became apparent as it began influencing her life more and more. Dr. Lindert's daughter in fifth grade was ousted from her friendship circle in the middle of the year and basically had to start over socially. So our interests really began as mothers, and then knowing our background and our expertise, we began working with families and parents and girls.

Is there a common misperception that this only happens when kids get older?

Exactly, that this is a problem that only comes to light in middle school and high school. The reality is that the roots are all in elementary school. Girls as young as kindergarten are facing significant social challenges without the resources, without the tools and most important, without the support to best manage them.

Is this type of bullying behavior common?

Oh, I think it's extremely common. I don't think there's a single school in this country where a good portion of girls aren't dealing with friendship struggles and various degrees of social cruelty. I think what's more uncommon is to have a language to talk about it. So many girls are facing these struggles alone. Either their parents say, "She'll be nicer tomorrow," or "Just find another friend," or "Don't play with someone who's mean." We're doing it from the best place, we're doing it to be helpful. But the problem is, for the girls themselves, it's isolating them further, because it's basically saying to them, "This is your problem to figure out by yourself." (Read "How Not to Raise a Bully: The Early Roots of Empathy.")

Among young kids, is bullying more common among girls or boys?
I think what we're talking about here — in terms of social cruelty and relational aggression — is more common among girls. Which is not to say that it doesn't happen with boys. But if you had to stereotype, girls more often use social power to have influence over their peers, and boys more often use physical intimidation to have power over their peers. Some people would argue that the physical blow from a boy bully might be more acute, might be more dramatic, might be more dangerous. But what research has shown is that girls' relational aggression tends to involve more people, and it tends to last longer, and in that way is just as devastating for the girls who experience it.

Do most daughters tell their parents that something is going on?
Sometimes. When it gets bad enough, they usually do. And if they don't, parents — especially parents who are taught to recognize shifts in their children — will begin to notice changes. More often than girls coming and saying, "I have this big problem," you'll see shifts in behavior. They'll stop liking things they used to like, or they'll start complaining about headaches or stomachaches more, or that they don't like [a particular] class, because that's where these things are happening. When girls come home, there are sort of codes that they use: "She was mean" — that's a very common phrase for a child to use — or, "My friend and I got in a fight."

Is it ever necessary to enlist the school's help?

Absolutely. In every case? Absolutely not. But I'm a very big advocate of parents not staying alone. Teachers, guidance counselors, principals, social workers — there are a slew of people in these school districts whose purpose is to help kids learn. And when kids are stuck in social strife, they can't learn. To face it alone doesn't make any sense. For parents, to reach out to get more knowledge and more support is so beneficial to their child. This isn't about tattling on some other child and saying, "This kid is mean." It's really about understanding the situation that your child is in. (See what can be done about bullying in school.)

Should you ever move your daughter out of the school?

That can happen if things are bad enough. But I think before that, there are a lot of steps. For instance, put the kids in separate classes.

Has the Internet made this worse?

Yes. That's one of the big things about the difference from when our generation was growing up. Meanness happened then too, but the sphere of influence was much smaller. The public and permanent nature of the acts today — because of social-networking sites, technology and the Internet — make it very real for these kids since everyone is involved. Whatever happens will last literally forever.

Do things get any better when the girls get older?
This behavior peaks around middle school and the very beginning of high school. It tends to decrease over high school, because the girls' friendships become more stabilized and they really learn how to interact and to support one another, and to have the kind of friendships that we think of as adult friendships.

Source: TIME magazine

Dr. Christina Villarreal is a clinical psychologist in private practice in Oakland, CA. She can be reached at for your professional referrals.

ESPN's Jay Mariotti Suspended From AOL Fanhouse; ESPN Next?

In the wake of his arrest for domestic violence last Saturday, ESPN Personality and AOL Fanhouse Columnist Jay Mariotti was suspended indefinitely from AOL Fanhouse on Thursday.

Now, the question is what will ESPN - which has featured Jay as a star on its show Around The Horn - do with Mariotti?

As shared before here, ESPN's history suggests Mariotti may be done there. But for now, EPSN's not moved off its stance that its taking a wait-and-see view.

Meanwhile, Ben Maller says Tim Cowlishaw -  another unlucky ESPN Around The Horn Personality  this week, but for something far less terrible, guessing wrong the day New York Jets Cornerback Darrell Revis will sign with the team - could have it worse. Maller says Cowlishaw should be happy he's not Jay Mariotti.

Jersey Shore episode 5 season 2 Recap - by Nikky Raney

Jersey Shore episode 5 of season 2 aired last night, August 26, at 10 p.m. ET. This episode was definitely one of the best of this season with even more craziness than usual.

Personally watching Jersey Shore helps with truly being able to explain how crazy this episode was. Last week's episode was not blogged about, because it was not as interesting - but this post will make up for that greatly.

Courtesy of MTV
This episode revolved mostly around Sammi and Ronnie. JWOWW and Snooki typed up a note anonymously that revealed all the cheating and infidelity Ronnie has been engaging in while dating Sammi. This includes the infamous three-way-kiss from the first episode, as well as getting other girl's numbers.

When Sammi finds the note in her drawer she first asks Vinny about it, and he denies all the allegations on Ronnie's infidelity. She asks Vinny to promise not to tell Ronnie about it - but of course that's the first thing he does. In the commentary Ronnie speaks of hoping he can talk his way out of this one.

Sammi then asks Pauly D, but Pauly D claims he had no idea and is sure that it never happened - especially not the kiss. Then a clip plays of Pauly D pointing out to Vinny at the club while Ronnie partakes in the three-way-kiss.

There's a break between this big fiasco with The Situation's big scandal. He brings home two girls, but then two more girls show up. He decides to put two girls on one side of the house, and then put the other girls on another side - so that the girls will never know about one another. However, one of the girls is a "grenade" and The Situation meets with Pauly D and Vinny to figure out a way to "extract" the grenade.

Courtesy of MTV
The Situation decides that Vinny and Pauly D will go in the one room and pick between the two girls on who to hook up with, and he will go to the other room and try to extract the grenade. Luckily, when he goes into the room the grenade is sleepy, so he tucks her into bed and wishes her sweet dreams. He then goes into another room and the night vision comes on of all three guys enjoying the night with their ladies.

Snooki and JWOWW go to the Gay Pride Weekend and hung out with some of the gay guys.. When Snooki calls up her ex-boyfriend Emilio (who last episode told her he had cheated) he got angry about it, and then spoke about hanging out with lesbians. Snooki and Emilio ended it, which was sad for Snooki.

The Situation plans to cook Sunday dinner, and while he is out he asks Angelina to clean the sink. Angelina spends the entire day on the telephone with all her friends. She does nothing except talk on the phone.

Mike is angry when he gets back and says she is excluded. He says, "Why don't you go on the treadmill...actually use the elliptical it's better for you."

The two soon kiss and make up.

Courtesy of MTV
Sammi confronts Ronnie about the note, and it turns into a big fiasco. The fighting and Ronnie trying to talk his way out of it. Ronnie admits to getting the number, but tries to reason by saying, "I come home and sleep with you every night and wake up with your every morning."

While at work Snooki and JWOWW call the house in hopes Angelina will pick up the phone (since she is always on the phone anyway), and find out if Sammi has received the note. Ironically, Sammi answers the phone and asks JWOWW about the letter. JWOWW denies knowing anything whatsoever about the note and says that she has no idea about any of that.

Snooki makes her break-up official by burning photos of her and Emilio.

Ronnie says that he knows that JWOWW and Snooki had some involvement in that note.

The Situation finds out, but JWOWW and Snooki don't tell him that they wrote it. The Situation finds it hilarious, because it is all true. All the housemates agree that Sammi would be an idiot to go back to Ronnie.

The two fight and Sammi tells Ronnie that she ends it for good, and then Ronnie immediately goes to the phone and calls up a girl who talks about making him dinner. When Sammi comes over and asks who he is on the phone with he says it is his friend T.J.

Courtesy of MTV
Sammi gets sick of all the lies and claims that it is over between her and Ronnie for good. Ronnie tries to flip the situation and make it sound like he is the victim and make him in control of the situation. Sammi cries and realizes that she shouldn't be with him anymore.

This episode was definitely one that will go down in Jersey Shore history. Will Sammi stay away from Ronnie and finally let him go? After all the cheating, lying and deceit she would be a fool to stick around.

The episode ends and the previews for the next episode show a physical altercation between Sammi and JWOWW.

Tune in next Thursday at 10 p.m. to find out what happens.

Erica Blasberg: LPGA's Stars Death And Doctor Thomas Hess Confusing

Erica Blasberg
Erica Blasberg, the LPGA star who's May death was called a suicide this week, is really still the focus of much confusion. How did her friend Doctor Thomas Hess come to enter the house to find her reportedly drugged and dead? What did the suicide note that he claimed to have removed read?

On Tuesday, Hess was charged with obstruction of justice, a misdemeanor with a $1,000 fine and a six-month maximum jail sentence, if he's found guilty. Hess posted bail and was released that day. But what was never explained was just what the note said? Does a note exist?

Golf On The Down Side

It's possible Erica was plainly not happy with her golf life. At the time of her passing, Erica Blasberg was 25 and had logged six years on the LPGA Tour. Blasberg's best season was in 2008 when she gained $113,000 in earnings and had her only top 10 finish in an LPGA event. Blasberg played her last LPGA tournament in April of this year, but her 44th place finish was of some concern.

Why her game was suffering is not entirely known. Also not known is the extent of her relationship with Hess.

Stay tuned.

Levi Johnston, Sarah Palin, Tiger Woods, Apocalypse Now

Sarah Palin
A morning round-up featuring Levi Johnston, Sarah Palin, Tiger Woods, and Apocalypse Now, for which the movie trailer announcing its new re-releasse on Blue Ray is above. You can get it October 19th. Now, on to Levi Johnston.

On CBS' The Early Show, Levi Johnston,  said he wished he'd never apologized to his ex-mother-in-law Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin for saying he lied, because he now claims he didn't lie.

Johnston said,

"I don’t really regret anything. But the only thing I wish I wouldn't have done is put out that apology ’cause it kind of makes me sound like a liar. And I’ve never lied about anything. So that’s probably the only thing. The rest of the stuff I can live with."

One thing, Levi Johnston is very much like Palin in that both enjoy using the spotlight to punish their enemies. In a weird way, Sarah Palin created the media monster that Levi Johnston has become. Here's Levi on The Early Show:

If you consider the way Palin was horribly treated by the GOP during and after the 2008 election, that was transferred to Levi Johnston from Palin over that time. Johnston figured he was the one person who was Palin's perfect foil, the one who could tell the truth about Sarah, and he's milked every second of his spotlight in that role.

Sarah Palin can't escape Levi Johnston; as she grows, he grows.

Speaking of growing, how about the way Tiger Woods' golf game has picked up? Our own Suzannah Troy speculates the reason may be that Tiger's able to be a sexual creature again after his divorce, which I think was really traumatic for him.

Tiger Woods first day of the rest of his life was Thursday.

Apocalypse Now A Classic

Finally, Apocalypse Now is a modern classic that's being re-released on Blue Ray October 19th. Made in 1979 by Francis Ford Coppola (The Godfather) and John Milus, the film about the darkness that was The Vietnam War is famous for its on-set issues like Martin Sheen's heart attack and for its sayings that have become part of American Culture, like "I love the smell of napalm in the morning."

Check it out.

KPIX Channel Five San Francisco Departures Listed By Rich Lieberman

According to an email from Richard Lieberman, KPIX Channel Five in San Francisco has suffered a rash of departures due to the terrible economy.

Richard's become the recorder of change in San Francisco Bay Area Media via his blog Rich Lieberman Report.

In fact, Rich's so good some of the local newspapers and news websites quote his scoops without crediting him. Not here.

Anna Duckworth 
Here's Richard's info:

Jeffrey Schaub sent me a list of the prime talent that have left or were removed from KPIX these past two years--

Manny Ramos
Tony Russomanno
Bill Schechner
John Lobertini
Rick Quan
Barbara Rodgers
Jeffrey Schaub
Hank Plante
Anna Werner
Lisa Chan
Sue Quan
Anna Duckworth
John Kessler
Sydnie Kohara?
Wendy Tokuda as anchor

Wow, I wasn't aware so many people left, especially Anna Duckworth and John Kessler? But that's what I get for being on planes back and forth to Atlanta and New York City so much. Also sad to read of the passing of KPIX' legend Dave McElhatton too.

Just to add some more info, some of the names on the list landed at other Bay Area Media outlets. For example, Anna Duckworth's a reporter at KCBS Radio.

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Tiger Woods, old tiger back sexually too? by Suzannah B. Troy

Golf news outlets and fans are joyfully alerting us "the old Tiger is back?  All of Tiger's supporters must be celebrating I am sure.  

One bit of news I have never heard reported is what of his good friends slash enablers.  Where are they today?  Are they still in place and still considered his best friends but no more dirty work needed because there is no wife in play to deceive.   So will his best buddies be helping him to play hard off the field as much as he does on the field?

Tiger Woods is a brand.  As much as I am sympathetic to Elin Nordegren and even more so the children she was wearing Nike from head to toe as if to say I am considering staying in the marriage and I understand how many mega bucks Nike makes for my husband aka Tiger Woods brand.

Have you noticed Elin has stopped being a walking Nike billboard?  I have.

Elin is no weak victim here.  She has suffered.  I have never been married but I had a series of traumatic events (not a lover) so disturbing I too lost weight, lost hair and could not sleep and believe many other women identify with being victimized and having to find someone way to heal so I will be tuning in for that reason but Elin is unusal.

Elin Nordegren walks away with way more than the top pay-out for a Tiger mistress.  All of Tiger Woods pay-outs came with a provision that the women shut up except for one....his wife.
Tiger Woods gave pay-outs to mistresses not because he cared but only to shut them up.  The mistresses that were not paid to be quiet all made it clear he played with them like barbie dolls and threw them away when done without an apology or a nod.

Elin Nordegren's interview in People will possible break People Magazine records because the global audience wants to hear what she has to say.   As I mentioned in my previous post, it is hard to believe she was clueless but either way Nordegren is a compelling young woman and she comes out landing on her feet and appearing quite strong.

Golf news outlets tout the old Tiger is back.   My question is sexually speaking is the old Tiger back?  If so he many guys will envy him and he should consider becoming a porn mogul in his spare time but if the old Tiger is back it won't be good for Tiger Woods the brand.

Oakland Mayor's Race: Videos Of Candidate Interviews To Date

In an effort to keep you as consistently informed about the Oakland Mayor's Race as possible, this blogger assembled the first playlist of interviews of Oaklanders running for Mayor.

Don MacLeay 
This playlist, however, is not complete and but it will be, and soon. As of this writing, it contains 8 videos of seven of the 10 candidates, totaling approximately 140 minutes, and 6,051 views (and counting).

So far, Terrance Candell, Greg Harland, Councilmember Rebecca Kaplan, Don MacLeay, Councilmember Jean Quan, and Joe Tuman (with an asterisk), have been interviewed. Kaplan represents two videos with one more to be added. Tuman and Harland both have one more video each coming to the set, and in Tuman's case a full 30 minute conversation.

And I have to talk to Marcie Hodge, Arnie Fields, and Larry Lionel Young.

The playlists do not include forum videos or Oaklanders impressions of the candidates, or the race itself. That will be in a separate playlist.

As to how the videos came to be, the vast majority were initiated by me.  One, the Kaplan-in car interview, was totally spontaneous and there will be more like that one.  What can I say?  Video-blogging's a knee-jerk habit.

There are two types of video playlist systems: the smaller 416 pixel wide version is for the Zennie62 / Oakland Focus Blog. The larger 746 wide pixel version is for

Eventually, this will be a one-stop place for a complete set of videos of all of the candidates that you can click back and forth through to make up your own mind on who will be the best person to run Oakland's government.

Stay tuned.