Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Prayers For Senator Kennedy

I've learned as you may have, that Senator Ted Kennedy has a brain tumor. My prayers go out to Senator Kennedy and his family.

The Most Important Endorsement of Obama

All the others pale in comparison to the one that Senator Hillary Clinton has been giving, day in and day out, to Obama, starting more than a year ago. Indirect, unofficial, and obviously unstated, this constructive and active endorsement benefits Obama in ways any other endorsement doesn't. Her staying in promotes Obama's name. At last, Eteraz answers the question: why would savvy politicos like the Clintons keep campaigning when some said they were damaging the party? It's been said several ways, in several times, few matched this eloquent explanation. Once Senator Clinton's most loyal supporters understand this the "Democrats deep rift" that the GOP has been praying for will be seen as a short-lived myth.

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President Bush Wants To Attack Iran - Jerusalem Post

I am counting the days before the end of President Bush's term. According to the Jerusalem Post, he wants to attack Iran and soon, because his days in office are winding down.

Bush has been a miserable failure, period. Our economy is a wrekc, wars don't help it and he breaks off negotiations with a small third World country and has another war in mind.

Please leave office!