Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Vloggercon: Introducing

On Vloggercon's first day, I was given a cool introduction to by Lawrence Taymor who, gave me an invitation to their party later that Saturday evening. is a website which contains a device that allows you to meld video with comments on it. It really meshes the blog's comment area with the video, in effect creating a new way of interacting with video.

It's neat in that it's an interesting content "toy" to play with and seems to imply some interesting possibilities. The only thing I find vexing is that I signed up for an account and have yet to get my confirmation email and it's now about 20 minutes later. Ouch. I'd like to embed it into my blog -- if I can get that #$$ email!

(As a side note, the party, held at what was once the home of CEO Mike Lanza and his wife Perla. I learned that Mike's a Stanford guy, which is too bad for this Old Blue. I wonder if MIke's going to fess up to the fact that Cal did win the '82 Big Game.)
Formats available: Quicktime (.mov)