Sunday, September 24, 2006

Colts, Bears, Bengals - Top Three NFL Teams Coached By African Americans

As I noted previously, the current top three NFL teams are coached by African Americans: Tony Dungy with the Indy Colts, Lovie Smith with the Chicago Bears, and Marvin Lewis with the Cincinnati Bengals.

Ok. You can point out that two of the winless set of NFL teams are coached by blacks, too. But the point is, the NFL's never seen a season where all of the very top elite undefeated teams were ran by African Americans.

Some may wish this to pass without note, but that would be a crime. I personally like the fact that the fastest tall wide receiver is white -- Jacksonville's Matt Jones -- and the top coached are black. Hopefully this pattern of breaking stereotypes continues for several decades until society itself is molded into behaving in a fashion that expects and encourages diversity.

Bengals and Colts and Bears Are At The Top - Tampa Bay Bucs in Trouble

The Bengals beat the Pittsbugh Steelers 28 to 21 and The Indianapolis Colts ourlasted the Jacksonville Jags 21 to 14. I'm not surprised at the outcome of either game. Why? Because I figured the Steelers would be battle weary from that brusing Monday Night Football contest with the Jaguars -- and so I believed both teams would lose.

The Chicago Bears / Minnesota Vikings game -- different story. I thought it was a toss up. But I think this marks the first time in NFL history that the three best teams in the league were coached by African Americans -- Tony Dungy at Indy, Lovie Smith in Chicago and Marvin Lewis in Cincinnati.

Now the terrible news is that the Tampa Bay Bucs are Zero and Three losses, and their starting QB Chris Simms is out with a ruptured spleen.

I think Coach Jon Gruden may be placing his quarterback's in jepardy with his play calling and design.

I even wrote a letter to Jon that I've not yet sent. My next post contains the letter.

Free Hug Campaign - Video

I saw this video for the "Free Hugs Campaign" on YouTube and although I was a bit skeptical at first, really liked it once Isaw it.

Here's the video: