Friday, October 08, 2010

Sesame Street: Smell Like A Monster (Old Spice Commercial Parody)

The Old Spice Commercial has spawned a ton of copies (including one by this blogger) but none are funnier than Grover of Sesame Street in "Smell Like A Monster."

Grover strips down to his towel and also rides what he thinks is a horse - it's not. (Actually, it looks like Miss Piggy.)

Then he has a set of tickets in a clam as a gift for you, but the clam bites him on the nose! Poor Grover.

The video contains a number of totally funny missteps and is not to be missed. Here it is":

Oh, and don't forget to watch this blogger's video thanking the Old Spice Man for, well, check it out:

Stay tuned.

Brett Favre Gets Randy Moss To Get Over Jenn Sterger And New York Jets

Oh, and before we forget, Minnesota Vikings Quarterback Brett Favre will get former New England Patriots Wide Receiver Randy Moss to help him get over Jenn Sterger and his Monday Night Football foe the New York Jets.

After Tom Brady's contract was renewed and upgraded, Randy Moss complained that the New England Patriots didn't appreciate him and that 2010 would be his last season with the team. Moss continued to play for the Pats, but wasn't interested in being there.

Finally, this week, the New England bye week, Moss got his wish, and was sent to the team he started his NFL career with, the Vikings. And just in time for Monday Night.

Moss Versus Darrelle Revis

New York Jets Cornerback Darrelle Revis will face Moss, but not at 100 percent. Revis, arguably the best cornerback in the NFL not named Nnamdi Asomugha, said he strained his left hamstring against the Pats, during their victory September 19th.

Now, after not playing, he comes back to face Moss - if Revis plays at all. As of this writing, it's not clear he's got permission to hit the field as of this writing. Revis is missing valuable practice time, so the only idea is that he would go strictly man-for-man against Moss if Revis is cleared to play.

Can Revis Island shut down Moss?

Stay tuned.

Brett Favre Sends Jenn Sterger Photo Of Penis Says Deadspin

Did Minnesota Vikings QB Brett Favre send former Playboy model and current New York Jets Sideline reporter Jenn Sterger photos of his penis when he played for the Jets? The blog site thinks so, and has lowered itself to a new place in media in the effort to demonstrate it. Literally.

On Wednesday, Deadspin Editor Al Daulerio posted a video on Deadspin that contains two photos of what's reported to be Brett Favre's dick.   The move was totally unnecessary from this blogger's view.

Moreover, Deadspin did nothing to warm the video viewer of what they were about to see midway through the video, unless you happen to read the text below it first. Nothing. The penis photos just popped up, no pun intended. But what's this all about?

Jenn Sterger
It extends back two years to when Brett played for the Jets and Jenn Sterger, a now-26-year old model and broadcaster along the lines of Inez Sainz, was with the Jets in the capacity of sideline reporter.

As Deadspin explains it, Favre allegedly retained the help of Jets PR man Jared Winley in an effort to meet the hot Sterger in person.  Once Brett got her phone number, he allegedly left several messages asking to see her, and sent the infamous text photos.

But Jared Winley says he never met or knew Jenn Sterger and that "he was not the main PR contact for Favre" according to Deadspin.

Al Daulerio's having a hard time, no pun intended, getting anyone to go on the record about this story. Jenn Sterger won't talk. Brett Favre will not deal with it. And no one from the Jets wants to hear about it. Moreover, the photos were obtained from a "third party" as Daulerio says, who also will not go on the record.

Then the voice, the one reported to sound like Brett Favre, is being question as well. Indeed, it looks like the story has little in the way of legs. But then, today, it got worse for Brett.

Now, two women have surfaced at Deadspin, claiming that Brett sent leud texts to them as well. Yikes.

More on this soon.

San Francisco Antique Oriental Rugs and Textiles, Tribal Art Shows Next Week

San Francisco is fortunate to be hosting not one, but two separate international art shows, one featuring antique, textile and oriental carpets and the other focusing on tribal arts from Africa, Oceania, the Americas, and Asia during this next week October 12th to 17th.

It's the 2nd annual Antique Rug and Textile Show at The Motel Capri, at 2015 Greenwich St., in San Francisco’s Marina District. The event features more than 40 internationally renowned rug and textile dealers who will set up their wares in a bazaar-like setting in the Motel Capri.

Show Starts Next Week

Opening night of the rug and textile show begins at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 12th, and the show continues Wednesday – Sunday, Oct. 13 - Oct, 17, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily. The show and sale is free. For more information on this event, visit: A number of daily special exhibitions on Tibetan, Chinese and oriental carpets will be held as well as daily lectures for beginners, all offered free.

The 6th annual Tribal Art Show is hosted by San Francisco Tribal, an association of the top Bay Area-based tribal art dealers, will be held Oct. 15 to 17 in Building "D" at San Francisco’s Fort Mason Center.

The Tribal San Francisco show will feature an extraordinary selection of African masks and figures, Oceanic ceremonial and ritual objects, Pre-Columbian sculptures and ceramic vessels, Tribal Asian textiles and carvings, Native American art and artifacts, as well as shields, hats, jewelry, masks, and figurative sculpture from diverse cultures all over the world. Exhibition dealers are available to answer questions from beginners to sophisticated collectors and knowledgeable scholars.

A preview reception will be held Friday Oct. 15 from 6-9 p.m. and feature champagne and sushi and an advance opportunity to view the exhibits and sale of tribal art on sale. Preview tickets are available at the door for $30 per person. Included in the price are champagne and sushi and re-entry on Saturday and Sunday.

Tickets Are Just $10 Per Person

Tickets for the exhibition and sale during the rest of the weekend are $10. Hours on Saturday are 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., and 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday. Visit the SF Tribal website for more information.

In past years, both the Antique Rug and Textile Show and the Tribal San Francisco shows gave collectors, dealers, novices and fans of ethnographic and tribal arts the opportunity to spend time discussing, viewing, learning and purchasing rare artworks from around the world from leading expert dealers.

This blogger thinks it's a wonderful treat to be able to learn and buy textiles and sculptural artworks from some of the world’s leading dealers at the two San Francisco shows. Dealers bring some of their best works to exhibit in San Francisco because of The City’s (and the Bay Area's) large appetite for textile and tribal arts and its worldwide reputation as a center for ethnographic art aficionados.

These two shows display some of the finest textiles and sculptural works of tribal art that the Bay Area has the opportunity to see. The events are growing in popularity, continuing to draw the best pieces at reasonable prices for serious collectors, decorators, enthusiasts and people with a beginning interest in oriental rugs and tribal arts.

And the event organizers say it's not too early to start your Christmas, Hanukkah and holiday shopping at these events.

The Antique Rug and Textile Show’s 40 plus dealers have flown to San Francisco from as far away as Turkey, China, German, Austria, Italy and from all over the U.S.

Noted textile art dealers who will be displaying and selling in the Antique Rug and Textile Show at the Capri Motel include: Alberto Levi - Milan, Italy; Ali Aydin - Germantown, MD; Amin Motamedi – Hamburg, Germany – Andy Lloyd – Bath, England; Ben Banayan – San Francisco; Bertram Frauenknecht – Istanbul, Turkey; Chuck Paterson – Sante Fe, NM; Craig & Nina Hatch – Nomadic, USA; Davut Mizrahi – Vienna, Austria; De Witt Mallary – New York; Ed Koch: Herat Gallery – Miami, FL; George Fine – Sante Fe, NM; Hamid Rafatpanah – Bryn Mawr, Penn.; Hagop Manoyan – NY; Hans Homm – Oberusel, Germany; James Cohen – Milan, Italy; Jeff Dworsky – Stonington, Maine; John Ruddy – Sante Fe, NM; Mark Berkovich – Galilee, Israel; Mete Mutlu – Chicago; Michael Craycraft – Stuttgart, Germany; Michael Phillips – Arvada, Colo.; Mohammad Tehrani – Hamburg, Germany; Nick & Dianne Bendas – St. Louis, MO.; Nick Wright – Williamstown, Mass.; Nunzio Crisa: Urobura – Milan, Italy; Owen Parry – London, England; Patrick Pouler – Santa Barbara, Calif.; Reyn Staffel – Springfield, Oregon; Rob van Wieringen – Nijmegen, Netherlands; Rodney McDonald – Rochester, N.Y.; Rudolf Geissman – Cardiff by the Sea, Calif.; RugBooks: W. Marquand – Culver City, Calif.; Rupert Smith – Hong Kong; Sarah Haberkern – Stuttgart, Germany; Seref Ozen: Cocoon – Istanbul, Turkey; Singkiang: Linda Pastorino – Chester, NJ; Stolp D. Fraser – East Hampton, NY.; Thom Mond – New Hampshire; Udo Langauer – Vienna, Austria; Ulrike Montigel – Stuttgart, Germany; Wayne Barron – Cambridge, Mass.

Renowned Bay Area tribal art dealers exhibiting and selling at the Tribal Show at Fort Mason Building "D", include:

Robert Brundage--Himalayan Art; Erik Farrow--Tribal Art, Weapons & Shields; Wenhua Liu--Asian Art; Thomas Murray--Asiatica--Ethnographica; David F. Rosenthal--Oceanic Art; Vicki Shiba--Asian & Tribal Art; Frank Wiggers--Indonesian Art; James Willis-- African, Oceanic & Tribal Art; Michael Auliso--Ethnographic Art; Joshua Dimondstein-- Tribal Arts; Robert Dowling--Pre-Columbian & Tribal Art; Zena Kruzick--Oceania, Indonesia, Asia & Africa; Joe Loux--Asian & Tribal Art; Dave DeRoche - Art of Africa, Oceania & The Americas; Andres Moraga--Textiles & Ethnographic Art.

Check it out!

Rollercoaster accident in Knott's Berry Farm By Nikky Raney

NBC Los Angeles reports that 10 people were injured in a rollercoaster accident Thursday, October 7, 2010 in Orange County at Knott's Berry Farm:

Knott's spokeswoman Jennifer Blazey told the Orange County Register that a train leaving the station didn't make it over the first hill and rolled back into another train. One person who was getting into a waiting train and nine people on the train that rolled back were injured.

The ride, known as the "Pony Express" covers a route of 1,300 feet and goes from 0-38 mph in less thn three seconds.

The cause of the accidents is still being investigated, and the six victims were taken to the hospital.

Interview: Dr Cornel West on Bishop Eddie Long, Immigration And Midterm Elections

It’s always enlightening to catch up with Princeton Professor and author Dr Cornel West . Many of us know him for his books ‘Race Matters‘, ‘Democracy Matters’ andKeeping Faith: Philosophy and Race in America’ to name a few.

Cornel West always has some keen insight to loan and he’s good at breaking down complex issue for us to understand. He also comes from a place of love and compassion. He truly wants to see us do better.
We caught up with him the other day and spoke to him about his recent projects. Currently him and long time friend and fellow author/ activist Tavis Smiley are doing a radio show they just launched called Smiley and West.He also finished up his autobiography. He’s also doing some work on an academic book about Jay-Z
During our interview Dr. West spoke to him about his recent trip to Arizona. There he met with leaders in the Chicano & Mexicano community who have been on the front lines fighting the Draconian Law racial profiling, anti-immigrant law SB 1070.
During our convo we spoke about the oppression facing Black & Brown communities and how some have tried to hijack the legacy of the Civil Rights Movement. Dr. West noted that some have erroneously asserted the Civil Rights movement was only for Black people when in fact it was a movement for justice that included all oppressed people.

A Conversation w/ Cornel West pt2

We continue our interview w/ Professor Cornel West who goes in on President Obama and his lack of policies toward poor people… Cornel talks about the public spat they had where Obama stepped to him and let him know he didn’t like what he said about him in a Playboy magazine interview..
According to Cornel, Obama was upset that he was being criticized for not being progressive. West felt Obama was out-of-order and wish the two could sit down and discuss the matter behind closed doors.
Cornel talks about the state of poverty in this country and why he’s been critical of Obama who he feels has been too cozy with corporate interests. He says he will not silence himself for Obama and that too many leaders bow down after getting a phone call from the White House.
Cornel also talks about the legacy of Dr Martin Luther King and challenges president Obama to be more King-like with his policies
We ask Cornel if folks should vote in the mid-term elections and whether or not Democrats have been too passive. He gives some keen insight as to how we should see the election and deal with groups like the Tea Party

We continue our interview w/ Professor Cornel West.. Here Cornel goes in on the Black church and how its been severely compromised. He also talks about the controversy surrounding Bishop Eddie Long.. Here he explains the difference between Prophetic and liberation theologies and the current wave of Prosperity Gospel teachings. He talks to us about what we as Christians and members of a Black Church should ideally be doing during these times.

Professor West also talks about the new album he’s been working on with funk legend Bootsy Collins.. He says he’s taking it to the next level..

Below is a link to the full podcast where you can also hear the dope songs Cornel has on his last two albums “Sketches of My Culture”, “Never Forget: A Journey of Revelations”. The songs feature everyone from KRS-One to Andre 3000 to M-1 ofDead Prez to name a few.
Here’s the link to the Full Interview…

Full Interview w/ Dr Cornel West

Tim Lincecum, SF Giants' 14-Strike Outs, Beats Braves 1 - 0 NLDS Game 1

San Francisco Giants Pitcher Tim Lincecum is amazing and amazingly cool. This blogger just returned home from the most incredible baseball defensive display ever personally witnessed.

The scene was tonight at AT&T Park for game one of the NLDS.  The Giants won a shutout, 1 to 0, and Lincecum played nine innings.

It all started with a text from this blogger's friend Emily, who hails from Atlanta, and is a big Braves fan. What we witnessed, great for me, not so for her because it was a loss for the Braves, was a 14-strike-out performance by perhaps the greatest pitcher of our generation.

Tim Lincecum played the entire game and with an ice-water cool such that it seems he was in a studio instead of a record crowd of over 43,000 people. Even Emily, the die-hard Braves fan, said Tim Lincecum's game was on another level. His 14-Ks (strike outs) was a SF Giants franchise record.

Buster Posey Catches A Break

One of the turning point plays involved Buster Posey, who singled in the fourth, then stole second. Or so we thought. According to The Sporting News, Braves second baseman Brooks Conrad tagged him, but second-base umpire Paul Emmel missed the tag and called Posey safe.

Posey eventually scored to make it 1 - 0.

Interesting, because in witnessing the play, it looked like he was tagged out, only to be called safe. So the assumption was that the tag was missed. It wasn't.

That news doesn't make Braves fans happy.

Just ask Emily.

Game two is Friday night in San Francisco.