Thursday, June 14, 2007

YouTube - YouTube Features My Video Question For Debate

Hey Everyone,

That's not a doctored photo; it's me and CNN's Anderson Cooper on the YouTube page!

If you click on this link:

You will see a video that features me as the first person asking a debate question for the upcoming CNN / YouTube Presidential Debates on July 23rd.

It's also here:

I thank YouTube and "Citizen Steve" for seeking me out and appreciating my diverse set of work.


Zennie Abraham
Chairman and CEO
Sports Business Simulations
"Learn to Run"

CNN's Anti-Barack Obama Stance - Fear Of A Black President

CNN's so afraid of a Black president they've given to actually either hiding the truth or just plain giving their negative impressions.

Let's take CNN's Jacki Schechner's take on the YouTube Barack Obama page, where she issues critical comments which really are not her telling the news but giviing an opinion. It's the first time I've seen her do this, rather than just be a journalist and keep her ideas to herself.

But CNN's people are so afraid of Barack Obama's success, they'll do anything. I mean whatever it takes to misrepresent his position and popularity. I watched the Situation Room yesterday and CNN's Wolf Blizer took time to not tell us that Senator Obama was tied with Senator Clinton, but that an averaging of past polls shows Clinton ahead.


Anything to avoid reporting Barack's success.

This is a total crime. We've got to take steps to make CNN behave fairly. It's obvious they're not going to play fair, so we've got to make them do it!

Let's roll!