Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Employers and Unemployed: Please Don’t Waste My Time

These days I want to scream to both Employers and the Unemployed: “Please Don’t Waste My Time!”

There is a great deal of energy being wasted in America today by millions of citizens desperately looking for work. The potential employers waste our time, the temp agencies waste our time and the politicians also waste our time, as they do nothing to correct but further deepen the chasm between the Haves and the Have Nots! We have all come to expect these energy vampires in our lives and it seems to be the exception rather than the rule just to get a confirmation from an employer or a politician, informing you they received your application/correspondence.

The type of time and energy wasting I have grown to resent the most recently has got to be the endless parade of useless petitions generated by those who feel this type of civil protest will actually do something. I am sick to death of the multitudes of petitions from 99ers and other jobless that do little more than waste what precious time and energy I for one have left for this fight.

The politicians love for us to occupy ourselves with such useless and inane endeavors as they are easy to ignore and gives the multitudes a false sense that they are doing something. Well, I for one am fed up with methods that give the masses false comfort and allow them to justify the smallest of effort as “doing their part” when in fact - they are NOT!

Effective action is what is required not useless self delusion. Ask yourselves: “What if the Wisconsin 14 and all the protestors had instead drafted a petition to fight the disgusting Union Busting by Gov. Walker?” Yes, you guessed it - NOTHING - No media coverage, no sit-ins at the Capitol and the bill would already be law by now.

Mark Twain had a very interesting and apropos saying about worry that I believe is also applicable in the case of public petitions in this day and age: “Worrying is like a Rocking chair...It will keep you busy, make you think you are doing something but it won't get you anywhere” .... neither will signing the hundreds of petitions out there specifically intended to address/resolve the 99er and related unemployment issues in America today. There is simply NO SUBSTITUTE for taking real action by getting OUT THERE and being seen constantly!

If you want to do something productive then you MUST get off of your butts and do something. Find a protest (any protest) and bring YOUR SIGN! Join in and when the media is there - do not be too shy or ashamed of your situation to talk to the press. Get on your local news and in your local papers. Let’s face it, 2011 is the Global year of the protest! People are fed up with oppression everywhere but it seems that the USA is the only country where we sit home and gripe online, sign useless petitions and expect others to take to the streets for us. We make excuses like:

I cannot get to Washington DC

I am afraid someone will recognize me if I march/appear on TV

I am too busy looking for work to get involved

I don’t want to be the only one that shows up for a rally

I get too nervous when talking to the media

NEWS FLASH: These are all just lame excuses for being either too lazy or too afraid to take responsibility for your own salvation.

Cannot get to Washington DC? THEN MARCH CLOSE TO HOME: Washington DC has millions of protestors every year - they are numb to such things there. How many marches have there been in your home town this year? That is NEWS!

Too busy looking for work to get involved? BULL! I doubt one afternoon or devoting a few hours to make a difference close to home will interfere with looking for jobs that are simply NOT THERE ANYWAY!

Don’t want to be the only one that shows up for a rally? THEN GET INVOLVED NETWORKING in U-CUBED! It costs NOTHING but a little time and effort to join the action group U-Cubed and connect with fellow unemployed in your own state to take action - but not even one state so far has even reached the 1,000 member threshold. PATHETIC!

It is unacceptable how with a minimum of 6 million UI exhaustees suffering so in this country that a FREE Union designed for the specific purpose of Strength and Unity to speak in ONE LOUD VOICE that Washington cannot ignore - has a membership of less that 5,000 - and that is not the worst of it.

Yesterday, Rick Sloan (U-Cubed Executive Director) revealed a troubling reality that equates to the typical lack of involvement of the jobless American today. From his email titled One Truly Is The Loneliest Number:

Dear UCubed Leaders and Activists:

One truly is the loneliest number. Only one UCubed member stepped up to run for UCubed State Director in exactly one state. Consequently, the scheduled 2011 elections must be cancelled.

Perhaps, by this time next year, UCubed will have sufficient mass -- and sufficient intensity and drive -- to elect its own leadership. Until then, we will build our organizational infrastructure by appointing activists who will aggressively represent the Union of Unemployed and its members at the state and regional levels.

Here at the Union of Unemployed, just like in your personal lives, each obstacle is simply another challenge to be met… as we continue our fight for the jobless.

What an exiguous, disappointing commentary on the American jobless response to an epidemic of distain from politicians and suppression of our undeclared birth rights as citizens of this great country by the rich who continue to assure they have all the power and privilege. I wonder exactly when we are going to realize that what the wealthy really FEAR is an uprising of the millions of minions - who out number them substantially.

As long as you continue to self-delude into believing you are making a difference simply by making a few calls to Washington, sending the occasional fax and signing the latest petition that comes along, YOU ARE PLAYING RIGHT INTO the System of SILENCE that is killing AMERICA.

Perhaps you are content to sit on the sidelines and say “What can one person do to make a difference anyway?” BUT unless you yourself are willing to be one of those who can make a difference in your own little corner of America - PLEASE DO NOT WASTE MY TIME sending me anymore worthless petitions on Facebook, Twitter, Change.org, Care2, Popvox or any other complete waste of my time as I am uninterested to the point of nausea!

I prefer instead to focus my energies on personal visits to lawmakers in my area, protesting with any group gathering for whatever cause that gets media attention (bringing my own 99ers sign) and working together with like minded active individuals who wish to do more that click a few computer keys a few times per month and claim to be ACTIVE in the cause. We must BOMBARD our elected officials in mass with one single message: WE ARE ANGRY AND WANT ACTION NOW to help NOT further HARM the American jobless and working poor.

Get out there and meet with real activists. Find them locally in groups like U-Cubed, on College Campus bulletin boards (computer), contact MOVE-ON.org and USUncut. Get out there and get ‘er DONE!

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Daniel Craig (James Bond) In Drag, Dame Judy Dench On International Women's Day

Daniel Craig, who plays James Bond 007, and "M" well-represented by Dame Judy Dench, team up once again to make this effective video for International Women's Day, and WeAreEquals.org.

According to We Are Equals: "The two-minute short, specially commissioned for International Women's Day, sees 007 star Daniel Craig undergo a dramatic makeover as he puts himself, quite literally, in a woman's shoes."

This video, directed by Nowhere Boy Director and Conceptual Artist Sam Taylor-Wood, written by Jane Goldman from Kick Ass is the first James Bond movie or video to be directed by a woman.

In the video, Bond walks into an interrogation room under one light, as M starts peppering him with a series of questions on everything from pay inequality for women to domestic violence. Then M asks "For someone with such a fondness for women, I wonder if you’ve ever considered what it means to be one?"

Bond then walks off camera, then comes back into the interrogation room dressed as a blonde woman in drag. As M continues her questions, Bond wipes away a tear, and takes off his wig.

"Bond is challenged by M to think about gender inequality, says Sam Taylor-Wood, "and I hope that the film encourages viewers to do the same. Despite great advances in women's rights, statistics show that when it comes to the balance of power between the sexes, equality is far from being a global reality. As M reminds Bond, facing up to gender issues and the sometimes covert nature of sexism in the 21st century is something that we all have to recognise, confront and challenge."


Frankly, I wish society would tackle Racism with the same gusto.

Meantime, hats off to Daniel Craig, Dame Judy Dench, Sam Wood-Taylor, Jane Goldman, and Barbara Broccoli, the producer of James Bond, and "Equals," the campaign for awareness.

Oakland's Larry Reid Wrongly Called Cannabis University Graduate

Like his Oakland City Council colleague Councilmember Desley Brooks (District 6 - Central East Oakland), Oakland City Council President Larry Reid (District 7 - East Oakland) also supposedly received a "Diploma of Certified Seedling," last year, and from the Oakland-based institution called UniCann.

Or did he?

The video's title - "Councilmember Larry Reid University of Cannabis graduate" - is just plain wrong. There's no video evidence of Councilmember Reid receiving the kind of diploma Brooks got last year. The video just has Larry expressing his gratitude for the location of the University of Cannabis facility in his District 7. Reid just says "Congratulations. Welcome to Oakland."

Here's the video:

It's no wonder the video's not being pushed via Twitter the way the video with Councilmember Brooks has been (and by members of the local and regional pot growing industry with Twitter accounts at @GroMaster, @M24Cabbage, and @calpotnews) - it's not accurate at all with respect to its title.

I'll bet Larry's going to bust a gut when he sees this.  And he should; they misrepresented him.

Larry Reid almost hates to be on video, or at least he consistently ducks doing a video interview with this blogger, so to see this video - like the Brooks videos, not touched by the general media until this space found them - is a surprise. But it's also a window into why Reid is careful to do videos of any kind - this video was title to by misleading and it is.    The Thinking Pot - the YouTube channel that uploaded the video, should change its title.

Indeed, that wasn't very thoughtful of them.

Charlie Sheen Fired; Will Smith Most Bankable Actor In Hollywood

While Charlie Sheen falls, Will Smith rises.

According to James Ulmer of The Ulmer Scale, a 100-factor list that tracks who's hot and who's not (also called a "bankability score") in the entertainment industry, as of this writing, Will Smith, best known as one part of the rap duo D.J. Jassy Jeff and The Fresh Prince, and for the TV show The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, and movies like Ali, and Independence Day, and Legend, is the most bankable star at the top of The Ulmer Scale.

Meanwhile, Two And A Half Men star Charlie Sheen, who was officially fired by Warner Bros today, is "tanking," according to a phone conversation this blogger had with James Ulmer, the list's creator.

Right now, Ulmer says Sheen, is "not bankable," and explains that Hollywood insurance bonding agencies may not be willing to take a chance on him because of the enormous costs associated with losing a day of shooting on a movie set because of, say, an actor's break to enter drug rehab.

What's The Ulmer Scale?

The scale look at "how risky it is to hire actors to make movies," says Ulmer. According to its website, The Ulmer Scale...
"...scores each actor's bankability by three different budget levels. The first is for "art house" movies costing up to $8 million; the second is for mid-range films in the $8 million-$30 million range; and the third level is for studio movies made for more than $30 million...The results of these surveys are then compiled and ranked by a 100-point index. Each actor is assigned four scores next to his or her name. There is one for each of the three different budget levels of a film (up to 100 points per budget level), as well as a total score adding up the previous three (the highest possible being 300 points). These scores are then assembled into The Ulmer Scale's proprietary A+, A, B+, B, C and D lists -- and the closely-watched "Uppers" and "Downers" lists of the biggest gainers and losers in star power.

Does Twitter Help Sheen?

Will Sheen's social media success help? Sheen's set the record time of reaching 1 million followers on Twitter, and has worked to monetize the medium for himself. "Right now," says Ulmer, "Sheen's toxic." Ulmer can't see that money will come pouring out for the son of Martin Sheen. Plus, Ulmer, who's based in Hollywood, says Charlie's not listening to the people who he's formed relationships with.

Hollywood's Not Happy With Sheen

One of those people is Two And A Half Men creator Chuck Lorre, who cancelled production of the last four episodes of the series after Sheen called him by his real name Chime Levine. Since Lorre's real name is Jewish, the comment was seen by some in the Jewish community as Anti-Semetic. But Sheen claims that since some in his family, including his mother, are Jewish, he wasn't being Anti-Semetic. Still, the damage is done. "Hollywood's very sensitive to Anti-Semetism," Ulmer said, "what Charlie said was something you don't do."

Will Smith and Johnny Depp Rise

Meanwhile, Will Smith, who currently commands about $20 million per film, chugs along. He scores 100 the top of a list that includes Johnny Depp with 95 score, Brad Pitt (88), Tom Hanks (87), George Clooney (86), Will Ferrell (85), Reese Witherspoon (85), Nicholas Cage (84)m Leonardo DiCaprio (81), and Russell Crowe (81).

What About The Women?

If you note, there's only one woman in Ulmer's Top 10 List, Reese Witherspoon, and the reasons given for this by Ulmer himself are eyeopening and unfortunate: "Hollywood is sexist," he says. "It's tough for women. And they're viewed as more bankable in ensemble roles." So that's why you don't see a lot of women action heros in movies, and it may be one reason why it's taken so long to get a movie version of "Wonder Woman" off the ground. Ulmer reports that the recession's made it harder for women to land well-monetized roles.

On his website, Ulmer says:

Women sustained the most wide-ranging losses. Former no. 1 female star Julia Roberts slipped 11 points to 12th place overall with 80 points, moving off the A+ list for the first time in 15 years due largely to her reduced workload in the past two years. However, Roberts still managed to come in second among women after top-seated Reese Witherspoon, who scored 85 points to earn 7thth place among all stars in The Ulmer Scale’s global bankability survey of film industry professionals. Witherspoon is the only woman to make the Hot List’s Top 10 List.

Hollywood's Losing Ground To The Web

While Charlie Sheen may not be bankable in Hollywood, one fact provides a ray of hope for the entertainment legend: Ulmer says that the overall larger number of platforms other than movies have damaged the overall value of Hollywood's actors. "Stars’ scores have shrunk because they must increasingly compete for eyeballs with all kinds of screens beyond the silver one," Ulmer reports on his website.

That may provide some comfort to Charlie Sheen. Now that he's fired from his gig on Two And A Half Men, Sheen will have more desire than ever to succeed online. His success could spell the beginning of the end of Hollywood's dominance in providing paid work for actors.

Stay tuned.