Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Cardinals Kurt Warner Starter, Not Matt Lenart - NFL

Kurt Warner to remain starting quarterback
NFL.com wire reports

TEMPE, Ariz. (Sept. 26, 2006) -- Kurt Warner will remain the starting quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals, coach Dennis Green said.

Green's comment came in a statement released by the team following an ESPN report that Green decided that rookie Matt Leinart would replace Warner as starter for Arizona's game at Atlanta.

"Generally talking about the starting lineup is not something we do," Green said. "However, given the speculation that was out there we want to make it clear. We're disappointed after last week, but we still expect to be a playoff football team and we fully expect Kurt Warner to be the quarterback that leads us. That has not changed."

Warner threw three interceptions, two of them with Arizona inside the opponent's 14-yard line, and fumbled a snap at the St. Louis 18 with 1:46 to go in the Cardinals' 16-14 home loss to the Rams.

At his regular Monday news conference, Green declined to confirm Warner would remain as a starter.

Terrell Owens Suffers Adverse Reaction To Pain-Killers - ESPN

Source: T.O. hospitalized after reaction to medicine
ESPN.com news services

DALLAS -- Terrell Owens was taken to the emergency room Tuesday night after suffering an adverse reaction to painkillers taken for treatment of his fractured hand, a source close to Owens told ESPN's Ed Werder.

Doctors treating the Dallas Cowboys receiver were trying to induce vomiting when he arrived at Baylor Medical Center, according to a television report.

Owens was brought by a fire rescue crew to the hospital, Dallas-Fort Worth television station KTVT reported, citing sources the television station did not identify. A reporter for the station later said she saw Owens being wheeled down the hall.

Calls from The Associated Press to Owens' agent, his publicist and the Cowboys were not immediately returned Tuesday night. The hospital told the AP that they do not have a patient registered by Owens' name.

KTVT said a Dallas police spokesperson was en route to the hospital to talk about a "high profile case." A hospital spokesman is expected to make an announcement early Wednesday.

Owens fractured the fourth metacarpal bone in the Cowboys' victory over the Washington Redskins and underwent surgery on Sept. 18. The next day, a plate was screwed in, protecting the bone so it can heal without further damage.

Cowboys coach Bill Parcells mentioned in a press conference shortly thereafter that pain medication had made Owens ill, apparently making this the second time he has had an adverse reaction. The incident that sent him to the hospital Tuesday night apparently occurred sometime after Owens took medication after catching passes at the Cowboys' facility on Tuesday.

At this point, his availability to practice with the team on Wednesday or to play in Sunday's game at Tennessee remains unknown.

On Tuesday, the Cowboys also practiced without tight end Jason Witten, whose wife was having a baby. Wide receiver Terry Glenn practiced, albeit with several stitches in his thumb.

"He was trying to cut some tape off his uniform," Parcells said. "He had his hand down in his pants and he missed. Fortunately he cut his hand."

With the Cowboys having had a bye last weekend, Owens could return without having missed a game. Before Tuesday's developments, Owens said he'll play Oct. 8, when he gets to face his former team, the Eagles, in Philadelphia.

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.

2006 season almost 1/4th over-More Musings over NFL rules

I'd love to hear some feed back from my fellow bloggers here about what is their early season surprise as we approach the 25% mark in the season. One thing i'm quite ticked off about are the refs interpretations of the rules and rule changes.
No more was this evident then at Seattle where CLEARLY the seahawks should have been penalized for excessive crowd noise numerous times in Sundays drubbing of the Giants. Is this sour grapes? No,..Seattle did honestly out coach NY in this game. Shockey was right, even if he was wrong to openly critique his coaches in a press op. So then why is the crowd noise rule in place if officials refuse to enforce it? One last thought on this: in some college games played in some conferences, if the fans of the home team are unruly, the Officials give them two chances via "Bench" penalties to calm their crowd down. The third time the game is stopped. Then the officials decide if the game is continued or forfeited.

Condi Rice: Such A Silly Girl; A Plan Regarding Terrorism Was Made By Clinton

Secretary of State Dr. Condelessa Rice is an effective official, worthy of prase and admiration -- just not on this issue of terrorism. As anyone who follows politics knows and reads the 9/11 Commission Report, President Clinton did have a report created on the threat posed by Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Ladin.

Richard Clark tried to bring the report to the attention of Dr. Rice in 2001, and was reportedly rebuffed by her. For Ms. Rice to come out now and say that there was no report or plan by the Clinton Administration is just plain silly.

Dr. Rice, you're being such a silly girl! Tisk, tisk.

Check out this video!

George Allen - Under Fire For Rumors Of Using "N-Word" In Past

Senator George Allen's under attack regarding race and yet again. This time an old classmate comes along reporting that he used the N-word in the past -- the 70s. The Senator responded that this was not true. My take on this is it probably was and because I went to college in the South and in the early 80s. Even then I heard the N-word used by white males, and once directly toward me.

At that time, far less so now, there seemed to be a kind of "need" that if a young white male wanted to be "one of the guys" he had to express a mild form of racism. I attribute President Reagan's popularity amoung white males on campus at the time to Reagan's apparently hard stance on race issues like affirmative action and busing. And it seems that white women who wanted to be liked by white guys would annouce "I'm Republican" without knowing why. It was a crazy time in my view.

Anway, here's the latest video on George Allen:

Congratulations Doug Thornton on The Superdome

I first met Superdome Manager Doug Thornton when I was tabbed to run the effort to bring the Super Bowl to Oakland. While others at SMG played politics, Doug was the consumate professional.

It's no suprise to me that he stepped up and made the best of a terrible situation with the Superdome and Hurricane Katrina. He's a kind man, and deserves all of the thanks he gets.