Saturday, June 28, 2008

Darnell Patrick Lauture Alledgedly Killed Amanda Dunbar's Sister Stacey Lauture, His Wife

Darnell Patrick Lauture Alledgedly Killed Amanda Dunbar's Sister Stacey Lauture, His Wife

Zennie Abraham got an email from a friend of his, IFBB pro female bodybuilder Amanda Dunbar. He says he's gotten a lot of emails from Amanda over the many years, but this one is the first to totally shock him and it hits me, too. This is what she wrote:

I'm not sure if anyone has heard about this yet, but my sister, 21 year old, Stacey Lauture, was murdered by her husband, Darnell Lauture on Tuesday early evening.

She was beaten, then shot in the head, while her 2 year old beautiful angel, Amiyah, watched. Darnell then took off with Amiyah, and drove from their home in GA to his parents house in Cape Coral, Florida. It has been 4 days since Amiyah has spoken to or seen anyone in her family and she needs to be returned. She is in protective foster care and I am fearful of her mental well-being at this point.

The poor child is only 2. Please, if you see Darnell or have seen him, contact the police immediately. He is an ex-truck driver and "I suspect" he is hitch-hiking on the interstate. Taking showers, eating, sleeping at truck stops. He was in South Florida the last thing we knew, but could be ANYWHERE by now. He has under $1000 on him with no credit available. He was driving my sisters blue, 2004, 4-door Hyundai sonata. We have to catch this killer. He is armed and dangerous. Please.... if you know anything or have seen him, contact the police immediately.

According to this Times Herald article, ..

Police have begun a several state manhunt for 24-year-old Darnell Patrick Lauture who is wanted in connection with the shooting death of his wife, 21-year-old Stacey Lauture, according to local authorities.

The incident happened overnight Tuesday at Stacey Lauture’s townhouse in Lakeside Apartments, located at 3405 Lakeside Way in Newnan, according to Major James Yarbrough of the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office.

Stacey and Darnell Lauture were in the process of a divorce, and police had been called to the residence in the past to investigate domestic issues.

From what members of the sheriff’s office have gathered, Stacey was last seen alive around noon on Tuesday. Sometime after that, Darnell Lauture allegedly shot her once, fatally wounding her, according to Yarbrough.

This is shocking. I'm sending this email to every news media person I know, please pass this blog post on and write about it, too if you're a blogger.

I will give periodic updates.


Red, White, Blue and ... Green

The Democrats are committed to making their National Convention, to be held in Denver this August, the "the most sustainable political convention in modern American history." They have almost a dozen initiatives, from carbon counting to composting to bike sharing programs, to ensure that they are doing everything they can to minimize the ecological impact of this Convention. They are even trying to minimize the negative health benefits with their "lean-n-green" guidelines, going so far as to ban fried foods from the official menu. With all of these intiatives, the Dems are sure to meet their goal. We'll be on hand and will let you know how user friendly all of these initatives turn out to be.