Saturday, June 07, 2008

Hillaryis44 and Taylor Marsh Want To Destroy Democratic Party

We've got to work to discredit this website and Taylor Marsh as well. They're going to continue their anti-Obama campaign, even as Senator Clinton has endorsed Senator Obama, and many pro-Obama bloggers like myself have rallied to support Senator Clinton as Vice President.

Hillary is 44 and Taylor Marsh need to knock off their rhetoric.

Many -- in fact all -- of the posts on those sites are studies in angry, unsubstantiated, anger. Just rambling on and on and accusing Barack Obama of matters of which were not his doing and also not even justified with a link -- just ramble-bamble words. Words of hate.

The one way we can take this site down is for each blogger to write a post that reads " Must Be Destroyed" Or
" Is Outdated" -- and then "tag" those blogs, and link the posts to at least one other "like-minded" post.

Anyone who has a blog, please do this ASAP. They're out of control over there.

Hillary is 44 must be taken down or change its message to follow what Senator Clinton has asked her supporters to do, support Barack Obama for President. Hillary is 44's owner and writers seem bent on causing the Democratic Party to lose the election, and Taylor Marsh has written that she's "an American first, before party" but I would assert that she's one with a huge problem that given what she's wrote would seem to point to racism on her part.

Indeed, many bloggers think Taylor Marsh is racist, from "Mark Warner Is God" over at DailyKos, to the "Room Eight" New York blog, as well as Oliver Willis, who points to Taylor's commenters and their racist Obama rants. Then we have "Cali Tajano" who says that Taylor Marsh has gone off the deep end. And JohnBrownks has a full analysis of her bio, which is a must read.

But the bottom line is that she and Hillary 44 have gone too far off the desert and must come back home. The only move left is to effectively marginalize them as being on the lunatic fringe. But there are many who say they're already there.

Hillary Clinton Endorses Barack Obama For President In Rousing Speech

Clinton 2008, originally uploaded by BHowdy.

I just watched Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton give a great speech that must have been hard for her, but she overcame whatever feelings she had in the recent past to endorse Senator Barack Obama for President and encouraged her supporters to do so.

In my view, it was the best speech I've heard her deliver. In this campaign and in this loss, she found herself, going from someone that didn't connect with people as well as she needed to, to someone that does connect with people.

Regardless of the complications, I still think she would be an asset to Senator Obama as Vice President, but that's Barack's decision ultimately and I'm sure he will make a good one.

Yosef Abrahamson African-American Hasidic Jew Proof Of America's Complexity

Yosef Abrahamson is a 16-year-old (as of this writing) African-American Hasidic Jew who's proof of the American Cultural complexity I have long talked about. He's proof of the stupidity of racism. For example, I know a woman who I run into at various places in San Francisco, and who once told me that "I've never dated a Black guy because I'm looking for Jewish guys", to which I told her that my last name's Abraham and there are Blacks who are Jewish.

The guy she was with reminded her of how right I was. Of course, they're not hanging out any more. But as stupid as the comment was, there are not a small number of people who think that way, including those in the media, which present "Blacks and Jews" as separate people, when that could not be further from the truth.

More people need to know about folks like Yosef, if only to get smarter.

I almost forgot that Yosef won the right to be New York Precinct Captain for a day after he won a contest where he wrote an essay about healing racism between, well, stupid people, in New York City.

This is the essay he wrote:

If I Were Police Commissioner For A Day
By Yosef Abrahamson age 16

To reduce crime and protect all New Yorkers if I were Police Commissioner for one day, I would take the approach of the Big Picture scheme, what policy I institute today will in the long run consistently applied is going to create a society free of crime.

Effective immediately I would put forth a statewide order to begin a policy of Pro-Active Policing, rather than Community Policing, Pro-Active Policing pays attention to the lesser crimes and makes them just as important as the more violent crimes, treating them as though they were the larger more serious, visible crimes, so that those who commit petty crime don't get away with the small stuff - breaking and entering, car theft, petty robbery, loud car radios, rowdy disorderly teenagers, panhandling, loud mufflers, running yellow lights, etc. Ticket them, tow them, arrest them - - because if you ignore them in the name of spending all the resources fighting crime like murder, etc, the group of criminals gets bigger and better and moves from small, ignored crime to all the bigger and more serious crime. It is not mean spirited or harsh - - we need to pay more attention to the people who are law abiding and want to be safe and respectful, instead of coddling the law breakers, being community policers, saying to these petty law breakers that we want them to listen to us, behave and be nice and don't do that again, and now run along, - - - and they keep breaking the law, because they feel that they can get away with it. Community Policing is the reason we have such an increase in violent crime, because we let the base of the number of petty criminals grow unchecked. Jail works. Law and Order must be firm, clear and the penalty for doing crime, swift and certain. Most crime is thought crime - - it is planned, so society must assert a planned penalty.

I would hold meetings with my Deputy Commissioners, Bureau Chiefs, Patrol Borough Commanders, and Precinct Commanders reviewing our selection, training and supervision of our officers, discussing ways of making sure they have a clear sense of their authority and that along with questioning, apprehending and arresting perpetrators it includes regulating behavior, protecting communities and individuals, pointing out a few bad incidents have happened , however reassuring them they ultimately are the keys to law and order, and in most cases their presence really gives a feeling of safety. On the agenda would be a review of the placements of high tech surveillance equipment in areas, making sure we have no gaps.

I would round up the day with a meeting with the press to release the events of the day, and to send a strong message assuring the citizens and visitors of New York we will live in a just, safe, and civilized community and to send an even stronger message to inform all those that break laws we will immediately began a motivated agenda and unless they correct their behavior they will definitely be going to jail.

Sarah Jessica Parker Looks Like A Horse- No Way!

Now I have seen everything -- for now. This website is on the Alexa Traffic Rank "Movers and Shakers" list and is called "Sarah Jessica Parker Looks Like A Horse", to which I say, no way!

I have always thought she was sexy, and no, I don't like horses one bit. But I've got to admit the website has one funny aspect about it: every time I click from page to page I get this horse sound -- Meeerrrhhh! -- no kidding. I think that may be the single reason for its popularity. According to "Wilbur, the stable master"...

Whoa, girl! We've become an over-night media sensation! Within just 48 hours of launching, this site has been seen by billions of unique visitors worldwide...and growing! Even during our slowest hours, we've been hit with almost 680,000 page views a day! (That's more than the amount of suckers who shelled out $12 bucks to see Sarah's film on it's opening weekend.) Snap!

SJPLLAH has been featured on various morning drive time shock jock shows including XM radio's Opie and Anthony Show, KROQ's Kevin and Bean Show and as far away as 98FM’s Dermot, Dave & Siobhan morning crew show in Dublin, Ireland! (No kidding.)

And, SJPLLAH has been heavily reported in a variety of national and local newspapers including New York's Newsday among others.

Clearly, this is all a big fat joke. A spoof. A gag. A lampoon. Heck, even Ms. Sarah Jessica Parker knows this is a goofy parody. (She graciously wrote to thank us for helping raise awareness of her hit movie.)

A sincere thanks to all the millions of bloggers who took the time to mention us. We stopped counting after about the 400th blog report there's just so darn many. We're especially thankful to the folks at DListed and of course, Perez Hilton for mentioning us. Holla! Or, in the words of poor Ms. Parker, Whinnnnney!

Now, if you're at all a fan of American Pop Culture, you will remember Wilbur from the old TV show "Mr. Ed" about -- you guessed it -- a talking horse!