Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Kirsten Gillibrand Called "Hottest Member of Senate" By Harry Reid?

This just in: Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) was called the "Hottest Member of Senate" By Nevada Senator Harry Reid, causing the Internet and this blogger's head to explode. Where did Senator Harry Reid get that from?

Before we take a look at the possible answer, it's important to share that the hottest member of the Senate is really a brunette staffer with terrific legs and wit to match. We met at the 2008 DNC Convention and that's all you need to know.

But Senator Reid's claim about Kirsten Gillibrand, made at a fundraiser New York Mayor Mayor Bloomberg hosted for Reid at his townhouse in New York City, is backed by this site which has her as the most sexiest woman in the Senate. The site is called...

The 10 Sexiest Women on Capitol Hill

...and Gillibrand is ranked number one. Okay.

Should Reid have made the statement? No. But he did.

Michael Vick Named Starting Quarterback Over Kevin Kolb! COOL!

Michael Vick was at a charity event this Tuesday evening when he got the news that he was starting at quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles over Kevin Kolb. According to ESPN's Sal Paolantonio, the reason for the decision was simple: Michael Vick's playing too well.

The switch wasn't made because Kolb's not healthy; Kevin reported ready for practice after missing the last six quarters with a concussion. Does Reid's announcement break my observed pattern regarding black quarterbacks being benched faster than their white counterparts? Yes, and this blogger could not be happier.

It really is massively cool.

To get the starting job Vick had to play lights-out football, and he has. Few quarterbacks can match the impact Vick has had on the Philadelphia Eagles this season.

Over two games, Vick has a 105.3 QB rating and has thrown for 459 yards and three touchdowns. Vick will start this Sunday against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Alex Smith's Amazing Drive Overcomes Doubts In Saints Loss

In Monday Night's Saints vs. 49ers game, San Francisco 49ers QB Alex Smith came of age and in one magical drive erased all of the doubts and errors of his NFL past. The 49ers may have lost the game, but Alex Smith grew as a player.

When Alex Smith was at the 2005 NFL Draft, this blogger was there. The San Francisco 49ers took Smith rather than local favorite Aaron Rogers from Cal. Since that rookie year and to last year, life in the NFL wasn't easy for Smith. He had not enjoyed the same offensive coordinator in more than one year, and his courage and will to win was constantly questioned.

In one drive in the 4th quarter of Monday Night Football last night, Alex Smith found a new level of courage.   With the 49ers trailing 22 to 14, and needing to score a touchdown and then a two-point conversion to possibly force overtime, and 82 yards to go, Smith, together with smart offensive play-calling by Offensive Coordinator Jimmy Raye, put together what may go down as the Niners best drive all year (Drive Chart by ESPN.com):

1st and 10 at SF 18 (Shotgun) A.Smith pass short middle to V.Davis to SF 34 for 16 yards (M.Jenkins; J.Vilma). Caught at SF 28.

1st and 10 at SF 34 (Shotgun) A.Smith scrambles left end pushed ob at SF 46 for 12 yards (J.Vilma).

1st and 10 at SF 46 (Shotgun) A.Smith pass short right to J.Morgan ran ob at NO 39 for 15 yards.

1st and 10 at NO 39 (Shotgun) A.Smith pass incomplete deep middle to V.Davis (M.Mitchell).

2nd and 10 at NO 39 (Shotgun) A.Smith pass short right to F.Gore pushed ob at NO 21 for 18 yards (L.Torrence). Caught at NO 42.

1st and 10 at NO 21 (Shotgun) A.Smith left end ran ob at NO 9 for 12 yards (W.Smith).

1st and 9 at NO 9 (Shotgun) A.Smith pass short left to D.Zeigler pushed ob at NO 7 for 2 yards (T.Porter).

2nd and 7 at NO 7 (Shotgun) F.Gore up the middle for 7 yards, TOUCHDOWN. 22 20
TWO-POINT CONVERSION ATTEMPT. A.Smith pass to V.Davis is complete. ATTEMPT FAILS. The Replay Assistant challenged the runner broke the plane ruling, and the play was REVERSED.

TWO-POINT CONVERSION ATTEMPT. A.Smith pass to V.Davis is complete. ATTEMPT SUCCEEDS. 22 22
J.Nedney kicks 67 yards from SF 30 to NO 3. C.Roby to NO 30 for 27 yards (N.Bowman).
DRIVE TOTALS: NO 22, SF 22, 8 plays, 82 yards, 0:53 elapsed

The 49ers may have lost to the Saints 25 to 22, but they gained a leader in Alex Smith.

Godzilla 2012: Legendary Pictures Film Draws Internet Buzz

The introduction of the Zennie62.com blog post and video interview with Godzilla 2012 Producer Brian Rogers has caused quite a stir on the Internet, with several major blogs picking up the news, paced by Ain't It Cool News.

There is an obvious hunger to see a well-done Godzilla movie, and in 3D, but mostly to overcome the ghastly flick that was Roland Emmerich's version of Godzilla referred to as Godzilla 1998, or what Brian Rogers called an "Iguana Godzilla."

A New Godzilla

To recap, in our initial discussion Rogers said that he got involved in Godzilla several years ago and by meeting "two Japanese gentlemen," one of them being Yoshimitsu Banno.

Yoshimitsu Banno was banned from making Godzilla movies after the release of his Godzilla Versus The Smog Monster, which upset Toho's Tomoyuki Tanaka, because Banno had Godzilla fly and had scenes where people were being killed by Hedorah, The Smog Monster.

But now, Tomoyuki Tanaka has passed on and 3D is all the rage: enter Banno to work with Rogers. Their desire is to reboot the Godzilla franchise as was done with Legendary Pictures Batman.

More Godzilla Updates

Here's more news that didn't make it into the first post. First, Brian Rogers said they have not settled on a script but are in the process of reading one that may work. He did not say that script was "the one." Also, they've not selected a director as of this writing.

And the rumor that WETA, the famous special effects house best known for its work on Peter Jackson's Lord Of The Rings movies, was involved in the Godzilla movie is not true and was dispelled by both Rogers and WETA execs who I talked to at Comic Con 2010.

But that written, both parties found the idea of WETA's involvement in Godzilla exciting.

Godzilla 2012 Internet Buzz High

Many fans want to see Godzilla fight more than one monster, but Internet chatter reveals a good humber who just want Godzilla alone, and actually fighting the U.S. Army.

Stay tuned.

Bristol Palin is a Good Dancer on DWTS Premiere by Tina

Bristol Palin actually shocks viewers and did a good job dancing on the season premiere of Dancing With the Stars. Who was wondering - or even caring - if the daughter of the former vice presidential candidate had the moves to make it on the dance show?

Dancing to Three Dog Night's "Mama Told Me Not to Come," the 19-year-old single mom, who labeled herself a "public advocate for teen pregnancy prevention" on the show, appeared on stage wearing a power suit with her hair pulled back in a bun. Soon after, she let down her hair and ripped the costume off to reveal a short, fringed red dress.

Palin, who vowed during rehearsal that she is "just a regular girl," admitted that she has not always taken her mother's advice.

Well, Bristol proved she is so far more than just another pretty faced single teen mom. She has some nice legs, too.

I wonder what baby daddy Levi Johnston said when he watched her dance, because you know he just can't quit her. He is probably wondering how he can get some tickets and sneak in to the show. That would be fun to see, because I imagine Sarah or even Bristol herself would open up a can of whoop a$$ on him after the latest stunt he pulled.

Maybe Tom Bergeren would even like a piece of that beating. It might jack up the ratings on the show for its 11th season. Did you watch the show? Do you think Bristol can dance her way to the top or does someone else have the moves to beat her?

Open letter to Democratic Party from 99er Nation

This is an open letter to The Democratic Party from the 99er Nation:

The Democrats are in serious trouble and I believe I can help. 15 million votes (plus their friends and family) would assure a victory in November, but Democrats seem hell bent on ignoring this obvious solution.

I represent a vocal voter block of over 5 million Americans called the 99ers. We are determined to effect the election and are willing to put our energetic efforts, along with another 10 million unemployed Americans, plus our friends and families at the disposal of the Democratic Party to assure victory in November.

All it would take to motivate our group is to get our bill S3706 (the Americans Want to Work Act) to the Senate floor for a vote, before Congress adjourns on October 8, 2010, in time to pass this life saving legislation before the election. Unless this happens, we will vote against those who will not help the 99er cause and a great many of us likely will NOT vote at all. We will not help those who refuse to help us, period. We need this bill passed now and the Democrats need our help in November.

A Tier 5 unemployment extension for ALL STATES has the potential to inject a minimum of 1.5 billion dollars into the economy every week (based upon the avg. $300.00 weekly benefit X 5 million UI exhaustees). This is a win/win for our economy and translates into a Democratic win this November.

If each of the 15 million unemployed in our country only influenced 3 other voters, we are talking about nearly 50 million votes! And I assure you, we can influence far more than 3 voters each.

Time is running out for the Democrats and time has already run out for the 99ers. We are dying every day out here. Recession related suicides are up 75% and our ranks are going hungry and homeless every day. We are angry and desperate, but we intend to influence the election if it is the very last thing we do.

The question is, how bad do the Democrats really want to win, or do they intend to continue to ignore the obvious at their own political peril?

If you are as committed to a Democratic victory this November as I believe you are, please do not ignore this golden opportunity to get the job done. Our Country is in serious trouble and the Democrats cannot afford to continue to ignore tens of millions of American unemployed voters any longer.

Thank you for your attention to this crucial matter. And please read this press release from The American 99ers Union earlier this week: Finally 99er Factions Unite to Strengthen Political Clout - Push Senate on S3706

Feel free to copy and send this to any and all Democrats ASAP!

Paris Hilton Being Held in Japan Over Drug Charge by Tina

Paris Hilton is being held in Japan over her drug conviction yesterday. I'm not sure whether to laugh or shake my head at this, because the timing is just too perfect. You know someone over in passports and immigration was saying ooooh, just wait til Paris lands! It was pictured all over after her trial where she was boarding a private jet - AND it said her destination was Japan.

TMZ says:

A source close to Paris tells us she flew to Japan on business and was questioned by immigration authorities as she got off the plane. Immigration authorities are allowing Paris to stay at an airport hotel until the matter is resolved. For her part, Paris hasn't decided whether to stay or leave.

Paris' rep tells TMZ, "Paris Hilton was delayed by immigration authorities at a Japanese airport this evening after arriving for business obligations planned many months earlier. Paris was contractually bound to her business trip and didn't want to let down her brands and many Asian fans."

An employee at the Consulate-General of Japan in NYC tells TMZ ... Japan is strict about letting people into the country with recent drug convictions but these matters are handled "on a case by case basis."

We're told there was a conflict within the ranks of those who questioned Paris -- some of whom felt it was for show.

Oh, I'm thinking this was allllll for show. Who could resist the opportunity to smack Paris when she is down?

99ers Union: 24 hours until big push for S3706

Last week it was announced that over a dozen net groups full of 99ers united in one big voice to put the strength of their huge numbers into a concentrated push to pass S3706 (The Americans Want to Work Act).

On Wednesday, September 22, 2010 - between 9AM and 9PM they will flex their lobbying muscle in a gigantic fax, call and email campaign to urge the US Senate to bring S3706 to the floor for a vote.

In a show of unity, the various 99er Advocacy groups have coalesced into one large united force to lobby Washington for the Tier 5 Americans Want to Work Act. The Umbrella group will be known as The American 99ers' Union http://www.american99ersunion.com

All members of The American 99ers' Union acting as one will fax, email, and/or make phone calls to their own two Senators, urging them to immediately support and PASS The Americans Want To Work Act, S. 3706. [The exact letter to be sent can be downloaded at http://www.american99ersunion.com]

The recommended action is strategically designed to:

1. Show that we are united in a grassroots movement that is growing in strength and numbers to greatly impact the midterm elections.

2. Provide sound reason and fact as to why this is not only the right thing to do for 99ers, but also supports America's economic recovery by stimulating the economy

3. Inform our Senators that we are watching their votes very closely and we will vote against those who oppose this bill in the November election, encourage our friends and family to vote against them and use the internet and media to encourage the general public to vote against those who will not help Americans who are suffering without unemployment insurance during this national emergency

4. Demonstrate our commitment to use our combined influence to ensure millions of 99ers all across the nation perform the one job they still hold on November 2nd - VOTE for those who have represented and continue to represent our desperate need for extended unemployment insurance and jobs

S3706 is currently languishing in "Committee limbo" within the Senate Finance Committee. This bill MUST be brought to the Senate Floor immediately and passed in time to allow the House to do the same, prior to the next scheduled Congressional recess on October 8, 2010. Passage of this bill before the election is crucial in order to save the lives of millions of hurting Americans currently on the brink of complete financial disaster, hunger and homelessness.

So, now it is time for us to show our strength and numbers to the Senate!

With the midterm elections shaping up to be a tight race, for eventual control of both the House and Senate, unemployed Americans can easily be the deciding factor in who keeps their legislative jobs and which members of Congress join the unemployment lines in November.

To contact The American 99ers' Union call 202-579-9377

ALL unemployed Americans, their friends and family members who have watched, first hand the devastating suffering 8 months without benefits can induce, are urged to participate in this big push for the survival of the 99er Nation by contacting as many lawmakers as possible.

Reggie Bush suffers broken leg By Nikky Raney

Credit: Robert Galbraith / Reuters
Reggie Bush, New Orleans Saints' running back, could miss six weeks of play after breaking his right fibular during September 20 Monday night's game where the Saints beat San Francisco 25-22.

The injury occurred during the fourth quarter after Bush's leg was hit as he dove in attempts to recover the ball. Trainers helped him off the field, and he was carted into the locker room.

Brian Allee-Walsh, reporter for NewOrleans.com, writes that after the game Bush left in crutches with an ice pack applied to his leg.

Braylon Edwards is arrested for drunk driving By Nikky Raney

Courtesy of AP
Braylon Edwards, receiver for the New York Jets, has been arrested and charged with drunk driving.

The 27-year-old was pulled over on the West Side of Manhattan September 21 at 5:15 a.m. for having excessively tinted windows; Edwards was given a Breathalyzer test which measured his blood alcohol at 0.16, double New York's legal limit.

Jets' General Manager, Mike Tannenbaum, released a statement which was posted on the New York Jets' web site:

"We are very disappointed in Braylon’s actions this morning. The Player Protect program is in place for our organization to prevent this situation. Braylon is aware of this program and showed poor judgment. We are reviewing the information with the league and will impose the appropriate disciplinary measures."

99er Advocate Mignon Veasley-Fields to appear on Ed Schultz today

Long time advocate for the 99er Nation, Mignon Veasley-Fields will appear on Ed Schultz today. Both his radio show and his MSNBC TV show will feature Mrs. Veasley-Fields as she attempts to share nationally the premise behind the new 99er NOVO movement.

The 99er-NOVOs are a group of 99er Americans that are fed up with Washington. Their loyalty are to neither party until they do their job and help our families. The NOVOs want Senator Stabenow’s -  “Americans Want To Work” bill brought to the floor and passed immediately!

61 year old Mignon Veasley-Fields of Los Angeles laid out the pain most of us who cannot find a job are feeling. The fear of losing everything we have worked so hard for is eloquently expressed in her very well spoken words at the end of the interview below, which aired on ABC in early July this year.

Mignon has been unemployed since June 2008.  She lost all unemployment benefits the first week of June, 2010. She and her husband James are raising their three grandchildren, because their mother could no longer care them.  James  is 77 years of age and works part-time as an MTA bus operator. 

"His meager salary is the only means of income that we have now.  We have owned our home since 1996 and now we are scared to death that we might not be able to continue to pay the mortgage.
For months and months, I have looked for work. In my past, I have made a near six figure salary, but now I can’t even find a job at a fast food restaurant; they’re all filled and if they are available in my city, I am advised that I am over-qualified for the position. It is a no win situation.

The lie being spread across the country that all unemployed are particular as to the type of job or that we are lazy and are drug addicts is only that, a lie. We are desperate for jobs, but there are not enough jobs for all of the unemployed who are seeking employment in this nation.

Many times my husband and I have had to choose whether to pay a utility bill or to pay for medicine for him or for one of my grandchildren. Like Congress, who has turned their backs on us and who seemingly have no concern for the American citizen, the utility companies don’t care if you sit in the dark or freeze in the cold weather.

Let me state without hesitation that I am weary and I am scared for my family’s immediate future if Congress does not help those of us who have surpassed the basic unemployment tiers. The 99ers are 5 million strong. We are the 900 pound gorilla in the room and Congress is trying with all their might to ignore us."  

You can listen to the Ed Show on radio today at Noon eastern time and watch Mignon on the Ed Show which airs at 6 PM EST on MSNBC.

Megan A. Fox on Rush Limbaugh Haiti tampon comment

Godzilla 2012: Brian Rogers On Legendary Pictures Film Plans

The 3D Summit in Universal City, CA was full of treasures that were right before you, even if many in the media didn't notice. Not so here. Godzilla 2012 Producer Brian Rogers took time from his event obligations as a panelist to talk about Legendary Pictures plans for the iconic film monster.

Already, without being embeded on any blog or website until now, the video interview is causing chatter on this blogger's Zennie62 YouTube page.

As a way of introducing the mostly-unknown Mr. Rogers to fans and observers, we talked about how he came to be involved in the picture slated for release in 2012. "That's the targeted release date," Rogers said. It's a fairly large project to set up, and everything so we're aiming for that point, or Legendary's aiming for that point and we hope we can actually make it."

Rogers said he got involved in the project via two Japanese gentlemen he met several years ago. One of the pair said he had the rights to do a Godzilla movie as an IMAX 3D project. "That person was Mr. Banno," Rogers said, speaking of Yoshimitsu Banno, and continued, "who had been a company director at Toho for 35 years and had directed Godzilla Versus Hedorah."

(As a note, Yoshimitsu Banno was ultimately banned from making future Godzilla films in 1971, but is back in action with Rogers for this 3D Godzilla. Godzilla Versus Hedorah is also called Godzilla Versus The Smog Monster and one of my favorite Godzilla movies. Here's a famous scene, the one that reportedly angered Godzilla creator Tomoyuki Tanaka:

"We started down the road trying to develop the project and during those early days," Rogers explained, "and I started to see the handwriting on the wall in terms of 3D feature films and 3D digital projections and seeing IMAX 3D pull back as a possible venue."

Rogers said that in 2007 they "went back and met with Toho to actually make the 3D version of Godzilla. And it did actually take a huge amount of time to get those negotiations and get a licensing agreement to the point that we had the ability to do a 3D feature film project."

Of all of the studio companies Rogers and his partners talked to, Legendary Pictures was the one that stepped forward, ready to join them.

Legendary: Rebooted Batman, Rebooting Godzilla

Legendary Pictures is the Santa Monica-based studio ran by Thomas Tull and best known for its movies Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, which successfully rebooted the iconic DC Comics character, expertly played by Christian Bale. Brian says Legendary is eager to work the same magic with Godzilla.

For those who have bad memories of the 1998 Godzilla film with Matthew Broadrick, relax. Rogers aays Legendary is committed to a reboot of Godzilla that remains faithful to the original radioactive monster. (Which means there will be "a breath thing" as Roland Emerich referred to Godzilla's radioactive fire-breath, when asked if his 1998 Goszilla would do that. Really, it didn't. There was a bad-breath thing, but not a Godzilla-breath effect.)

Legendary doesn't want Godzilla fans to worry that they plan anything resembling the "Iguana Godzilla" of 1998. Not the case.

Dispelling Internet Rumors

Brian Rogers helped put the official word out on some Internet rumors.  The strongest one concerned a photo of a kind of dragon's head that looked like it could be for the Godzilla movie and is presented in this paragraph.  Rogers said it wasn't for the movie and called Legendary Pictures just to make sure they didn't put out anything his production partners weren't aware of.  It's not Godzilla.

The others concern, first, the number of monsters joining Godzilla.  Rogers confirmed that Godzilla will have a monster villain to battle, and possibility multiple monsters.   Second, he also said Godzilla fighting the U.S. Army, as in the 1998 Godzilla, would not be a part of this 21st Century 3D Godzilla.  (Besides, with America in such a bad deficit situation, could the Army afford to fight Godzilla?)

Finally, at Comic Con 2010, The Legendary Pictures booth featured a film of segments from each of their film and entertainment products, including Godzilla.  But in the case of Godzilla, there was an animated scene that had the viewer looking at a destroyed city (Toyko?) through the eyes of a walking Godzilla, hundreds of feet in the air.  I asked the PR rep if Godzilla was to be animated, and referred to the film clip.  She said yes, but she wasn't sure.

Brian Rogers officially confirmed that was a no. It's going to be live action 3D with Godzilla computer generated, but the film will not be an animated Godzilla.

Godzilla 2012: An Exciting Development

I'm confident Brian Rogers and his partners are going to produce a Godzilla that will reestablish the great beast as King Of All Movie Monsters. If the movie is as good as our conversation, Godzilla will be an unforgettable hit.

Stay tuned.