Friday, October 24, 2008

Watch NFL : Watch Tennessee Titans vs. Indianapolis live

The Tennessee Titans (6-0-0, 1st AFC South) are the last undefeated team left standing in the NFL, having ridden the wave of a strong running game and suffocating defense to the top of the league hierarchy. Titans have been awesome this year after taking down the six teams including Jacksonville (week1), Cincinnati (week 2), Houston (week 3)

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NFL's Love Affair with Europe Continues

The NFL keeps sending games to Europe, but for what purpose?

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Rodgers vs Favre: Right move, right time

A comparison of Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre through the first part of the NFL season shows the Packers may have made the right choice to trade Favre while he still had value and let Rodgers take the reigns.

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Saints' Deuce McAllister Positive for Steroids

Fox 31 reported Friday the NFL has had a "rash" of positive tests under the league's policy regarding anabolic steroids and related substances. Citing a "highly-placed NFL source," the station reported that there have been as many as 10 positive tests, resulting from players taking water pills in an effort to lose weight.

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NFL: Rash of Positive Tests under Steroid Policy

There has been a “rash of positive tests under the steroid policy as a result of players taking water pills to lose weight," a highly-placed NFL source said. “There are about six to ten overall positive tests. Three to four of them are from the Saints organization alone including McAllister and Smith."

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SF Prop H Will Bring A Plan To Use "Clean Energy" By 2040. - PG&E tells people that voting "Yes on H" will cause San Francisco to buy the PG&E grid. THAT'S BULL! All voting "Yes" on Proposition H will do is set San Francisco on a long term plan for the use of clean energy sources by the year 2040; it's not even 2010. What's PG&E scared of?

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Microsoft earnings beat estimates, outlook lower

Microsoft on Thursday reported first-quarter earnings that narrowly topped estimates, while saying that it expects the holiday season results to be slightly lower than analysts were projecting.

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FBI Coordinates Global Effort to Nab Cyber Criminals

The FBI, in conjunction with many partners in international law enforcement, today announced the conclusion of a two-year undercover operation targeting members of the online “carding” forum known as Dark Market.

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Paris Hilton owns a brothel

OK, it's not CURRENTLY a brothel. But it once was. "The heiress has got her hands on an interesting slice of history after making a £850,000 investment for a building that, back in the day, was a haven for drug users and brothels. Paris has no qualms about the illicit history of the building..."

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Sarah Palin Refuses To Answer about Abortion Clinic Bombers

Sarah Palin Refuses To Answer Whether Or Not Abortion Clinic Bombers Are Terrorists. Highlights of Brian William's interview with Sarah Palin and John McCain. WATCH

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McClellan Endorses Obama

Scott McClellan, President Bush's former press secretary, says he is backing Barack Obama for president. McClellan made the endorsement during a taping of Comedian D.L. Hughley's new show that is premiering on CNN this weekend.

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THC fights tumors. Pass it over.

THC has shown to actually inhibit the growth of tumors, that's why heavy pot smokers like you, aren't at any greater risk of getting lung cancer. Feel better now?

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Potent Greenhouse Gas More Prevalent than Thought

A potent greenhouse gas is at least four times more prevalent in the atmosphere than was previously estimated, a new study reports. Research team in California made the first atmospheric measurements of nitrogen trifluoride, which is thousands of times more effective at warming the atmosphere than an equal amount of carbon dioxide.

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New York Times endorses Obama for president

NEW YORK (Reuters) - The New York Times endorsed Democrat Barack Obama for U.S. president on Thursday, saying he had ''met challenge after challenge, growing as a leader and putting real flesh on his early promises of hope and change.'' The Times...

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McCain Supporter Ashley Todd Made Up Story About Being Attacked

The blogsphere was abuzz with a story that a McCain supporter was attacked by a black man because she, well, supported Senator John McCain for President.  A photo got out and went international that had Ms. Todd with a black eye and a kind of red "B" branded into her right cheek.  

Even as it went out, some expressed skepticism, of all and unexpectedly, the clumsily right-wing blogger Michelle Malkin called it early:

I’ve reported on the great lengths that warped attention-seekers have gone to in perpetrating fake hate crimes, including beating themselves up, carving swastikas on their dorm room doors and walls, locking themselves in bathroom stalls, and burning down their own houses.
Which is why I’m not jumping up and down with outrage over Drudge-promoted story of a McCain volunteer claiming to have been attacked by a black man whom she accused of carving a “B” in her face after spotting her McCain bumper sticker.
She refused medical treatment after reporting the incident to police. Why on earth would she do that?

And yep, she made it up.  She said she was attached at an ATM; cameras didn't pick up her image at the ATM.  The "B" on her face -- as you can tell -- is backward, as if someone (her?) stamped it on her face in the mirror.  

Here's a general rule, folks.  Anytime a woman, and more specifically a European American woman claims that she's been attacked by a Black man and that incident is tied to a major event such that it would give her a lot of attention, your best counter-action is to disbelieve the story until a lot of credible evidence comes in.  

Why?  Simple.  She elected to drag negative images of Black men into her claim.  That's done so much -- seriously -- that it in itself should be a crime.  I think Todd believed she would get more attention by saying that and of course the police reacted to her cries for justice.  

Now they're pissed and she's being charged with making a false police report -- and maybe more.   Not a good situation for this 20-year old woman. Which begs the question: she's just 20; what kind of parents and friends does Todd have in Texas that would cause her to want to point a false finger at Black men?

That's the unanswered question.  

Yes on 8 v. No on 8 - Oakland, CA Political Culture War


  • This is a video capturing two warring factions - Oaklanders in support of "Proposition 8" which would make Gay Marriage illegal, and those in opposition to the measure.
  • On CNN iReport