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98th ING Bay to Breakers Has Interesting Race Battle


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The 98th running of what is now called the ING Bay to Breakers (I have to admit I was used to "The San Francisco Examiner Bay To Breakers" because the name "San Francisco" was in it) kicks off tomorrow (Sunday, May 17th) and for the first time, I'm not running it; I'm covering it. It's a weird feeling but a totally new experience. As media you get to attend a very cool press conference, as I did on Friday at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco.  You also get to talk to the main celebrity runners and the race organizers and sponsors. You also get a lot of great food and drink. But back to the race itself.

I've ran 19th of these events - yes, 19 straight times with my best time 1:04.30 - so I feel qualified to talk about how crazy the day is.  In fact, the day's gotten so out of hand in the recent past, that earlier this year ING's race organizers tried to put a break on some activities by floating the policy of a ban on beer, floats, and nudity.  That decision set in motion a large online protest movement, which after a period of heated exchanges with the race organizers, agreed to a new set of policies.

(But before I show them, I've got to say I think there should be a ban on people who have no business shedding their closthes, going nude!  Hey, if we're serious about physical fitness, let's start with the Bay to Breakers: if you're a hardbody you can go naked, otherwise don't even think about it!)

The Major New Policies:

1 - If you've got a can of beer or a bottle of wine on the race course, or your really toasted, or both, you may get tossed into the whoskow.  Fascinating! Let's see the SFPD enforce that one this year!  There's not enough police to corral the thousands of drinkers blowing off team from losing their jobs and some of them may be former cops too.  Still, it's policy.

2 - Floats must be registered and at the start line at a designated place. 

3 - Start line has a "corral" system so if you're a slow runner, you go in one area; fast runners another.

So folks, you can take your clothes off, and considering how hot it is, there's gonna be a lot of that. But please if you're not in great shape, keep your clothes on and bring a fan with a block of ice!

The Serious B2B Race

A serious race battle starts just before the craziness that is the Bay to Breakers, and in attendance at the press conference Friday were returning men’s winner John Korir (Kenya). Bay Area and Northern California runners are James Nielsen (Palo Alto), Peter Gilmore (San Mateo), Brad Poore (Davis) and Midori Sperandeo (Folsom).

But this year the race features 2004 Olympic Gold Metalist, Deena Kastor in the position, as the race PR specialists wrote "to bring the race title back into the hands of an American since 1993." Kastor takes on the defending women's champion Lineth Chepkurui of Kenya.I talked with both runners at the press event.

While Deena's an Olympic Champion, she lacks the course experience Chepkurui has and frankly, the Bay to Breakers course (called Bay to Breakers because it goes from Downtown San Francisco near the San Francisco "Bay", to the west side of the City and The Great Highway next to the Pacific Ocean, or the "breakers") is not only challenging, featuring the Hayes Street Hill, which is a one-mile incline, to the occasional human walking into the race course and the bands playing along the way.  How Deena deals with all of that will be the key to her performance.  She told me she mapped out the course and went along it earlier in the week, but there's something about race day and all that human energy that one can't simulate.

Kenya v. America (Again)

I also talked to 21-year old Lineth Chepkurui, who's hails from Kenya and is just plain ready.  She's quiet, really kind of shy, but possesses a great smile and energy.  I asked her why Kenya specifically and Africa in general has such a great record of winning Bay to Breakers races, "We have a lot of athletes who train", she explains, and went on to explain that running is for all practical purposes a way of life there.

For the men, the competition is "intra-Africa" with the Kenyans versus the Ethopians where 2008 Bay to Breakers champion John Korir and 2005 and 2006 winner Gilbert Okari - both from Kenya - are the favorites to win but will be challenged by Sammy Kitwara.

I'm looking forward to my video trip and watching the race from the press truck. I've ran the Bay to Breakers fast, slow, walked it, and seen bands and rolling bars, but I've never seen it from the media perspective. I'm excited.

Bay to Breakers on Twitter

If you want to follow the Bay to Breakers on Twitter, you can do so at: It's also on television: ABC TV, Channel 7 at 7:45 AM.

The Elite Runners (list courtesy of Edelman PR):


Bib # Name
1 Lineth Chepkurui (Lih-neth Chep-kuh-ruh-ee)
 21 years old
 ING Bay to Breakers 12K History: 1st 2008
 2009:  1st Cherry Blossom 10 Mile; 1st Crescent City Classic 10K; 1st Kenyan Army
Championships; 4th World Cross Country Championships; 1st Bloomsday 12K
 2008:  1st Cherry Blossom 10 Mile, 1st Bloomsday, 6th World’s Best 10K; 4th National
Championships Cross Country
 Road Personal Bests:  10K 32:07; 10 mile, 53:21; Half Marathon 70:09 
Highlights:  Defending ING Bay to Breakers 12K Champion; fastest 10 mile run in the world for

3 Deena Kastor 
 United States (Mammoth Lakes, Calif.)
 36 years old
 ING Bay to Breakers 12K History:  None
 2009:  1st Bupa Great Edinburgh; 1st Shamrock Shuffle 8K
 2008:  Olympic Trials Champion, Marathon; 1st National Championship 15K; 3rd NYC 10K
 Road Personal Bests:  5K 14:54 (former World Record); 10K 31:44; 15K 47:15 (American
Record); Half Marathon 1:07:34 (American Record); Marathon 2:19:36 (American
 Track Personal Bests:  5,000m 14:51.62; 10,000m 30:50.32 (former American Record)
Highlights:  2004 Olympic Bronze Medal (Marathon); 2002 World Cross Country Silver Medal;
2003 World Cross Country Silver Medal; winner of Chicago and London Marathons; holds eight
American Records, one World Record, winner of 20 National Titles

4 Edna Kiplagat (Kip-lah-gaht)
 29 years old
 ING Bay to Breakers 12K History:  1st 2007
 2008:  Maternity leave
 2007: 1st Bloomsday 12K; 1st BAA Half Marathon; 1st Virginia Beach Half Marathon; 1st
Bolder Boulder 10K; 1st Bellin Run 10K
 Road Personal Bests:  5K 15:37; 10K 32:02; Half Marathon 1:09:32
 Track Personal Bests:  5,000m 15:57.3; 10,000m 33:27.0
Highlights:  First woman to win the ING Battle to the Breakers bonus; 1998 World Junior Bronze
Medal (3,000m); 1996 World Junior Silver Medal (3,000m); married to Gilbert Koech

5 Jane Kibii (Kih-BEE)
 24 years old
 ING Bay to Breakers 12K History:  3rd 2008 
 2009:  1st Carlsbad Half Marathon; 5th Crescent City Classic 10K; 5th Carlsbad 5,000m; 9th
 2008:  1st Woody Wilson 5K, 1st Davis Twilight 5K, 2nd Carlsbad Half Marathon, 3rd
Newport Beach Half Marathon 
 Road Personal Bests: 10K 32:23; Half Marathon 1:12:26 
 Track Personal Bests: 5,000m 16:15.67   
Highlights:  Strong finish at 2008 ING Bay to Breakers 12K to grab 3rd; lives and trains in Davis,

6 Mariya Konovalova (Mah-ree-yah Koh-noh-vah-loh-vah)
 34 years old
 ING Bay to Breakers 12K History:  None
 2009:  1st Moscow Indoor 3,000m; 4th Indoor National Championships (3,000m); 2nd
Galan Indoor 5,000m
 2008:  5th Beijing Olympics 10,000m; 4th BUPA Half Marathon; 2nd & 3rd National
Championships (10,000m & 5,000m)
 Road Personal Bests:  1:10:58 Half Marathon      
 Track Personal Bests:  5,000m 14:38.09; 10,000m 30:35.84
Highlights:  5th Beijing Olympics 10,000m; fastest 10,000m personal best in the field; 2006
European Cross Country Silver Medal

8 Liliya Shobukhova (Lil-leeh-yah Show-boo-koh-vah)
 31 years old
 ING Bay to Breakers 12K History:  None
 2009:  3rd London Marathon; 6th Bloomsday
 2008: 6th Beijing Olympics 5,000m; 1st National Championship 5,000m; 1st New Balance
Games Mile; 1st ING Philadelphia Distance Run
 Road Personal Best:  1:10:21 Half Marathon
 Track Personal Bests: 8:27.86 indoor 3,000m (former World Record); 14:23.75 5,000m
(European Record) 
Highlights:  6th Beijing Olympics 5,000m; 2006 World Indoor Silver Medalist (3,000m) and World
Outdoor Silver Medal (5,000m); fastest 5,000m time in the field; one World Record, two
European Records

9 Kiyoko Shimahara (Key-yoh-koh Shim-ah-har-ah)
 32 years old
 ING Bay to Breakers 12K History:  None
 2009:  1st Osaka Half Marathon; 6th Tokyo Marathon
 2008:  1st Honolulu Marathon; 3rd Chicago Marathon 
 Track Personal Bests:  5,000m 15:54; 10,000m 32:54
 Road Personal Bests:  Half Marathon 70:16; Marathon 2:26:14
Highlights:  6th place at the 2007 World Championships (Marathon); won the 2008 Honolulu

10 Meskerem Legesse (Mehs-kehr-em Leh-geh-see)
 22 years old
 ING Bay to Breakers 12K History:  None
 2009:  3rd Carlsbad Half Marathon; 7th Cooper River Bridge 10K
 2008:  5th NYC Fifth Ave Mile; 3rd Healthy Kidney 10K; 13th San Jose 5K 
 Road Personal Bests: 5K 15:45; 10K 33:59; Half Marathon 1:15:51
Highlights:  2004 Olympian; World Junior Record holder indoor 800m (2:01.03); three-time
National Champion

11 Tania Fischer
 United States (Santa Monica, Calif.)
 43 years old
 ING Bay to Breakers 12K History:  2008, 2007 1st Masters
 2008:  4th United States National Cross Country Masters Championships; 4th Jim Bush
 2007:  5th Santa Monica 5K; 10th Pacific Association Championships
 Track Personal Bests:  5,000m 15:44; 3,000m 9:03
Highlights:  Coaches track and teaches art at Santa Monica High School in Santa Monica, Calif.;
two-time Swiss National 5,000m Champion

12 Michelle Simonaitis (Sih-moh-nih-tis)
 United States (Draper, Utah)
 43 years old
 ING Bay to Breakers 12K History:  21st 2005
 2009:  3rd Master National 15K Championships  
 Road Personal Bests:  10K 35:06; 15K 55:20; Marathon 2:40   
Highlights:  World Championship Marathon Team member 2001

13 Midori Sperandeo (Mih-doh-ree Sper-ahn-deh-oh)
 United States (Folsom, Calif.)
 43 years old
 ING Bay to Breakers 12K History:  None
 2009:  2nd Valentine’s Day 4 Mile
 2008: 1st Run to Feed the Hungry 5K;  1st Cowtown Half Marathon; 8th California
International Marathon
 Road Personal Bests:  10K 34:52; Half Marathon 1:18; Marathon 2:41 
Highlights:  Olympic Trials Marathon qualifier 2000, 2004, 2008; 1st in 2008 Southern California
5K Road Race Championships

14 Teyba Naser (Teh-bah Nah-ser)
 19 years old
 ING Bay to Breakers 12K History:  None
 2009:  2nd Cooper River Bridge 10K; 3rd Cherry Blossom 10 Mile; 4th Azalea Trail Run; 8th
Crescent City Classic 10K
 Road Personal Bests:  5K 15:35; 10K 32:38 Half Marathon 1:13:38
Highlights:  Improved 14 places in Cherry Blossom race from 2008; very consistent in 2009

15 Teyba Erkesso (Teh-bah Ehr-keh-soh)
 26 years old
 ING Bay to Breakers 12K History:  None
 2009:  1st Houston Marathon; 2nd Bloomsday; 9th Ras Al Khaimah Half Marathon
 Road Personal Bests:  10K 31:33; 10 mile 51:44; Half Marathon 1:09:37; Marathon
Highlights:  World Cross Country Bronze Medal 2004 (4K); Houston Marathon course record

16 Katie McGregor
 United States (St. Louis Park, Minn.)
 31 years old
 ING Bay to Breakers 12K History:  None
 2009:  2nd National Championship 15K; 2nd Brutus Hamilton (Berkeley) 10,000m; 4th
Carlsbad 5,000m
 2008: 2nd National Championship 8K, 10 mile, and 15K
 Road Personal Bests:  10K 32:17; Half Marathon 1:12:01; Marathon 2:31:14
 Track Personal Bests: 5,000m 15:22.60; 10,000 31:21.20
Highlights: 2007 National Champion 25K; 2005 National Champion 10,000m; 2005 and 2006
National Champion 10K (road); member of nine U.S. National Teams.

17 Emily Bates
 United States (Salt Lake City, Utah)
 32 years old
 ING Bay to Breakers 12K History:  Has run on elite centipede teams
 2009: 1st Moab Half Marathon
 2008: Pacific Association short road race series champion
 Road Personal Bests: 10K 37:03; Half Marathon 1:22:06
Highlights: Invited to participate in the Greatest Race on Earth marathon series in Nairobi,
Kenya, in 2007.

18 Jodi Suter
 United States (Spokane, Wash.)
 37 years old
 ING Bay to Breakers 12K History:  None
 2009:  1st Spokane area finisher in Bloomsday 12K
Highlights: Won a spot in ING Bay to Breakers 12K field by finishing first among Spokane, Wash.,
residents in 2009 Bloomsday 12K


Bib # Name
21  John Korir (Kohr-reer) – Defending ING Bay to Breakers 12K Champion
 33 years old
 ING Bay to Breakers 12K History:  1st 2008; 1st 2007
 2009: 10th World’s Best 10K
 2008:  3rd Bloomsday, 5th Bolder Boulder 10K; 7th Cherry Blossom 10 Mile, 10th World’s
Best 10K
 2007: 1st ING Bay to Breakers 12K, 1st Bloomsday, 1st Steamboat 4 Mile, 3rd Puerto Rico
 Road Personal Bests:  10K 27:47; Half Marathon 60:47
Highlights:  23 road racing wins since 2000, 2003, 2005; Road Runner of the Year from Running

23  John Yuda (Yooh-duh)
 29 years old
 ING Bay to Breakers 12K History:  3rd 2008; 5th, 2007 
 2009:  1st Bloomsday
 2008:  6th Bloomsday; 4th Bolder Boulder 10K; 5th Cherry Blossom 10 Mile
 Road Personal Bests:  10K 28:37; Half Marathon 1:00:39
 Track Personal Bests:  5,000m 13:03.62; 10,000m 27:06.17
Highlights:  Fastest 5,000m, 10,000m, in the field; two-time World Half Marathon Bronze
Medalist (2001, 2002); 2002 World Cross Country Silver Medal

24  Sammy Kitwara (Kit-wah-rah)
 22 years old
 ING Bay to Breakers 12K History:  None
 2009:  1st World’s Best 10K; 1st Fortis Half Marathon; 2nd Kenyan Police Championships
 2008:  1st L’Hu Half Marathon; 1st Rabat Half Marathon; 1st Dam to Dam 10 Mile; 1st
Utrect 10K; 1st Paris 20K
 Road Personal Bests:  10K 27:26; 10 mile 45:17; Half Marathon 59:45
Highlights:  Beat the great Haile Gebrselassie at Fortis Half Marathon, 2009 Fastest 15K in world
and 2nd fastest 10K in the world; brilliant 2008 season concluding with a number two world
ranking at 10 miles (45:17)

26  Feyisa Lelisa (Feh-yee-sah Leh-lee-sah)
 19 years old
 ING Bay to Breakers 12K History:  None
 2009:  2nd Cherry Blossom 10 Mile; 2nd Crescent City Classic 10K; 12th World Cross
    Country Championships
 2008:  1st Lugano 5,000m; 1st Rovereto 10K; 3rd World Half Marathon Championships; 1st
Agadir Half Marathon
 Road Personal Bests: 10K 27:38; 10 mile 45:58; Half Marathon 1:02:26
 Track Personal Bests: 5,000m 13:34.80; 10,000m 27:46.97
Highlights:  Strong showing in first two races in United States (both 2nd place); great cross
country strength


27  Gilbert Okari (Oh-kar-eh)
 30 years old
 ING Bay to Breakers 12K History:  1st 2006; 1st 2005
 2009: 4th Bloomsday; 7th Fortis Half Marathon; 18th World’s Best 10K
 2008: 1st San Jose Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon; 2nd BAA Half Marathon; 12th Bloomsday
 Road Personal Bests:  5K 13:38; 10K 27:28
Highlights:  Undefeated in 2006; back to serious racing after battling an injury in 2007

28  Tilahun Regassa (Til-ah-hoon Reh-gah-sah)
 19 years old
 ING Bay to Breakers 12K History:  None
 2009:  1st Ukrop 10K; 1st Cooper River Bridge 10K; 8th World’s Best 10K
 2008:  2nd Metropole 5,000m; 2nd Tanger 5,000m; 1st Lille Half Marathon; 4th New Delhi
Half Marathon
 Road Personal Bests: 10K 28:21; Half Marathon 59:36
 Track Personal Bests:  5,000m 13:12.40; 10,000m 27:23.60
Highlights:  Brilliant blend of speed and strength; fastest Half Marathon in field

29  Josh Moen
 United States (Readlyn, Iowa)
 27 years old
 ING Bay to Breakers 12K History:  None
 2009: 1st Edison 5K, 14th National Championship 15K
 2008: 3rd National Championship 10K; 8th National Championship 8K; 14th Peachtree 10K
 Road: 15K 44:34; 1:04:37 Half Marathon 
 Track Personal Bests: 5,000m 13:34, 10,000m 28:31
Highlights: Member of three U.S. National Teams; five-time College National Champion

30  Gilbert Koech (Koh-ech)
 28 years old
 ING Bay to Breakers 12K History:  None
 2008:  4th Dresden Marathon
 Road Personal Best:  10K 27:32; Half Marathon 1:02:05; Marathon 2:19:09
Highlights:  Married to Edna Kiplagat; back to racing after taking most of 2008 off

31  Linus Maiyo (Mih-yoh)
 26 years old
 ING Bay to Breakers 12K History: 6th 2007
 2009:  4th Azalea 10K; 6th Cooper River Bridge 10K; 12th World’s Best 10K
 2008:  5th World’s Best 10K; 6th Azalea 10K; 6th Cooper River Bridge 10K; 9th Healthy
    Kidney 10K 
 Road Personal Bests: 10K 27:36; Half Marathon 1:02:40; Marathon 2:12:53
Highlights:  Veteran of ING Bay to Breakers 12K course; runs in part so he can eat more

32  Justin Young
 United States (Boulder, CO)
 29 years old
 ING Bay to Breakers 12K History: None
 2009:  8th National Championship (Half Marathon); 23rd Tokyo Marathon
 2008: 1st AFC Half Marathon; 6th Himeji Castle 10 Mile (Japan); 13th Rotterdam Marathon  
 Road Personal Bests: 10K 29:01; Half Marathon 1:03:35; Marathon 2:13:54 
Highlights:  Invited by Japanese officials to compete at both Himeji Castle 10 Mile and Toyko
Marathon - rare for an American

33  James Nielsen
 United States (Palo Alto, Calif.)
 29 years old
 ING Bay to Breakers 12K History:  13th 2006; 14th 2004; 11th 2003; competed four times
as a child 
 2009:  3rd Napa Valley Marathon
 2007:  1st Eugene Marathon; 50th Olympic Trials Marathon   
 Road Personal Bests:  Marathon 2:21:01
 Track Personal Bests:  5,000m 14:13; 10,000m 29:52.97    
Highlights:  Eugene Marathon Champion; two-time NCAA Div III Champion at 5,000m; Kona
Ironman Finisher; earned PhD in Electrical Engineering from Stanford

34  Mike Sayenko (Say-ehn-koh)
 United States (Bellevue, Wash.)
 24 years old
 ING Bay to Breakers 12K History: None 
 2009:  12th National Championship (3,000m); 12th National Half Marathon
 Championships; 2nd Stanford Invite 10,000m  
 2008:  5th National Marathon Championships; 8th National Mountain Running
 Road Personal Bests:  Half Marathon 63:52; Marathon 2:18:36
 Track Personal Bests:  5,000m 13:49.78; 10,000m 28:25.85
Highlights:  Has shown great improvement in last two years and is a great hill runner

37  Brad Poore 
 United States (Davis, Calif.)
 30 years old
 ING Bay to Breakers 12K History: None
 2008:  7th Austin Marathon; 2008 Olympic Trials Qualifier
 2007:  Injured (malaria)  
 Road Personal Bests:  5K 14:39; Half Marathon 1:07:06; Marathon 2:21:51;   
Highlights:  3rd Humbolt Half Marathon 2006; dual citizenship with Great Britain – represented
Great Britain at Austin Marathon

The Blog Report TV Show: Josh Wolf; Parkway Theater's Last Day


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YouTube, and Sclipo

Wow, sorry I was away, but I spent all of Thursday traveling from Atlanta to San Francisco, then covering Bay to Breakers events, and finally just taking time off. Pretty fried, frankly. But the World turns on.

Each Saturday, my new television show is on. It's called The Blog Report With Zennie62 and features the use of my video blogs in a weekly 30-minute format broadcast and co-produced by CoLoursTV in Denver. The start time is 3:30 PM Pacific Time, 6:30 PM Eastern Time and the show is replayed at 11:30 PM and 2:30 PM respecfully. Then it is replayed on Sunday at 12 noon pacific and 3 PM eastern.

The third installment of The Blog Report with Zennie62 features the introduction of a new documentary film made by Sierra Choi and about SF Bay Area journalist Josh Wolf. I met Josh and Sierra in 2006 when both was working for The Peralta Community College District's "Peralta TV" network in different capacities and I was trying to establish something called The Monte Poole Show. Sierra's now a segment producer for The Blog Report with Zennie62.

Josh Wolf was the longest jailed journalist in history

Wolf's story is an interesting one to say the least: he was jailed for 226 days for defying a judges order to give up a video tape he created at the scene of a crime. Josh kept the video because he believed the FBI was actually trying to determine who "subversives" were and develop a list of them and to surpress American journalism. A large number of organizations called for his release:

Tom Hayden
Committee to Protect Journalists
American Civil Liberties Union
Society of Professional Journalists
National Press Club
The Newspaper Guild/Communications Workers of America
National Lawyer’s Guild
Northern California Media Workers Guild
California Newspaper Publishers Association
Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press
Center for Media and Democracy
Reporters Without Borders
National Writers Union
First Amendment Project
Washington Independent Writers
National Press Photographers Association
Judicial Equality Foundation, Inc.
League of Young Voters
Grand Jury Resistance Project
San Francisco District Attorney, Kamala Harris
San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee
San Francisco Labor Council
San Francisco Board of Supervisors
Daniel Ellsberg
California State Assemblyman Mark Leno
California State Senator Carole Migden
Steal this Wiki
COA News
San Francisco Chronicle
San Francisco Bay Guardian
Contra Costa Times
Charles Cooper, Executive Editor, CNET News
Keene Free Press
Peter Laufer, Huffington Post

Eventually, he was released from Jail on April 3, 2007 but the case affirmed how the media is able to protect its sources in the State of California, but not from the Federal Government; that is still an issue.

Some, including the San Francisco Chronicle's Debra Saunders in one of her worst moments, argued that Wolf was not a journalist, but the appeals court in the case of Apple lawsuit against bloggers leaking product information actually protects Wolf and other bloggers because the holding was that the California Shield Law, which protects journalists from revealing their sources, also applies to "web publishers" which include bloggers.

In part as a result of Wolf's ordeal, a move to craft a new Federal Shield Law protecting bloggers was established in 2007 and a new bill was presented this year. The portion that bloggers are interested in reads:

“COVERED PERSON- The term `covered person' means a person who regularly gathers, prepares, collects, photographs, records, writes, edits, reports, or publishes news or information that concerns local, national, or international events or other matters of public interest for dissemination to the public for a substantial portion of the person's livelihood or for substantial financial gain and includes a supervisor, employer, parent, subsidiary, or affiliate of such covered person.”

It looks like this bill's going to pass, even with its flaws it has 40 sponsors and does protect journalists in those states that don't have sheild laws. For example many bloggers who work for free would not be covered by this Federal Law, but video-bloggers who are YouTube Partners and are compensated by Google AdSense by generating views from their work would be.

Interestingly, Wolf was just accepted into the U.C. Berkeley journalism school. He starts this fall. If I were a professor there, I'd have an entire class based around Josh's experience.

Choi is seeking partners to help finance the documentary. You can reach her through me via email.

Save The Parkway

The second video on the show is the story of the close of the famous Parkway Theater and why its important beyond Oakland's boarders. This was done before I knew about the "Save The Parkway Effort" which is underway, but it's good to look back and see what happened. Only this time, the last day of the popular facility will be in shown in 17 million homes. Be sure to watch it on DISH Network.

The show also features my take on the story of Terrell Owens' separation from the Dallas Cowboys, and why newspaper managers don't get new media.

No. I didn't bury the lead.