Saturday, June 14, 2008

Clinton Supporter Roger Altman Behind Larry Sinclair Anti-Obama Smears

Hillary Clinton with Roger Altman in New York

Clinton Supporter Roger Altman Behind Larry Sinclair Anti-Obama Smears

Larry Sinclair has made up a story about he and Senator Obama that is without truth or belief and yet he continues to get attention, the latest from the National Press Club. And the reason for this appears to focus on Clinton supporter Roger Altman. Altman is, according to, and other sources like Businessweek:

Supporters of the Illinois senator are convinced that the articles are politically motivated, but don't know who's behind them. But an examination of the tabloids' ownership yields one very interesting finding.

It turns out that American Media Inc., the parent company of the Enquirer, Globe and the Examiner, is, in turn, controlled by Evercore Partners, whose founder, chairman, co-CEO and principal owner is Roger Altman, a prominent New York investment banker.

Altman is also a former deputy treasury secretary in the administration of President Bill Clinton -- and a key economic advisor of Hillary Clinton's campaign for the White House.

So it appears that the Clinton supporters have not stopped the campaign, even as Senator Clinton asked them too. Also, Larry Sinclair has admitted to me personally that he lives in Texas and not Minnesota. Yet, many media outlets continue to refer to Sinclair as a "Minnesota Man"; he's a Texas Man whom I caught in a lie, and a person who is a total fraud, in fact he told the Globe:

"Sinclair admits to the Globe that he's spent years in prison in Florida, Colorado, and Arizona on various fraud charges, and further admits trafficking in cocaine and marijuana, as well as illegal aliens from Mexico."

With all of this, plus the fact that Sinclair took a lie detector test regarding his fantasy associations with Obama, and failed, the National Press Club is giving this idiot a platform next week.

There, Sinclair will put out more crap allegations trying now to say that Obama had a relationship with Donald Young, the Gay pastor of Trinity Church. Sinclair will point to an file he sent to the Chicago police, where Sinclair states that he had a conversation with Young.

Big Deal. In this time of call records and recordings Sinclair should be able to show a phone record beyond the file, but even then it would only show Sinclair dialed the number. There's nothing about Sinclair's case that's sound, even his selection of lawyer is less than credible: Montgomery Sibley, who will appear at the National Press Club for "moral support" and is the same lawyer who's last client was a prostitute claimed to have the names of 10,000 clients, many Washington DC's finest elected officials.

She's not with us anymore.

But Montgomery Sibley's a lawyer who's being pushed to disbarment by the State of Florida, and owes over $11,000 in back office rent and was due to stand trial on this in Montgomery County, VA. Sibley's a person described as "abusing the legal process". The Washinton Post made Sibley look less than human, let alone credible.

Just like Larry Sinclair. Where's Sinclair getting the money to afford all of this: Sibley, the National Press Club, and travel? Follow the money. My bet is it's Roger Altman.

Tim Russert at NH Primary House Party January 2008

I found this photo on Flickr, with this explaination:

Tim Russert died on June 13, at the age of 58. He was photographed while covering a house party for presidential primary candidate, John Edwards, in Bedford NH on the eve of the NH primary in January 2008. Elizabeth Edwards speaks to Tim Russert. Also pictured are Matt Lauer, Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon.

He really enjoyed getting out there it seems. Russert will be missed.

Barack Obama and Tim Russert in 2006

Barack Obama and Tim Russert, originally uploaded by mikebaudio.

Mike Baudio went to an event at the Warner Theater in DC sponsored by the Partnership for Public Service in 2006.

There, Tim Russert interviewed Senator Barack Obama on the theme of need for young participants in public service. It was not the last time Russert would interview Senator Obama.

Tim Russert, for 20 years the host of "Meet The Press" left us yesterday, striken with cardiac arrest. He was 58 years old.