Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Terrell Owens - Dallas Cowboys Deal; Where's Bill Parcells

There are some sources -- check Pro Football Talk at -- who believe that the deal to bring Terrell Owens to the Dallas Cowboys was not approved of by Head Coach Bill Parcells.

But of all of these comments I found at the Dallas Cowboys website, the one by Quarterback Drew Bledsoe seems to indicate that Parcells did back the deal. Read on:

IRVING, Texas - The Cowboys' signing of Terrell Owens is undoubtedly one of the biggest NFL stories in recent history.

So here is what they're saying about Owens suddenly becoming a Dallas Cowboy:

Former San Francisco quarterback Jeff Garcia, who once played with Owens, took the high road this week after signing with Philadelphia when asked about the outspoken wide receiver who trashed him before getting traded: "I don't have a problem with the guy. The guy is a tremendous player on the field."

Former Cowboys tight end James Whalen, who spent training camp with the Eagles in 2005: "In my opinion, he's the best player in the NFL. To me, his biggest problem in Philadelphia was that he felt he was owed more money. And Philly wasn't willing to compromise. But I think it can work (in Dallas). If he's happy with his contract, I don't think he's going to be a problem."

Former Cowboys safety George Teague, who decked the celebrating Owens at the 50-yard line during a 2000 regular-season game: "I'm still in a little disbelief. But I know Jerry Jones and I know we want to win football. But for me personally, it's a little disappointing after how his actions a couple of years ago . . . I don't see how anyone can forget."

Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones on the contract given to Owens: "We can both disappoint each other in this agreement. But this is no free lunch to the Dallas Cowboys. We made a commitment to him. That means something."

Terrell Owens when asked about the 2000 incident when he twice celebrated on the 50-yard line star at Texas Stadium: "No disrespect. I am a competitor. I wanted to win. Just as Emmitt [Smith] did when he stood in the star, I am going to embrace it from here on out."

Cowboys quarterback Drew Bledsoe when asked if he was surprised that Bill Parcells would want to sign Owens: "It doesn't surprise me at all. Bill wants to win, just like I do, just like Jerry does, just like all of us. And if there's a chance to make us better, then it doesn't surprise me one bit that he would sign off on this."

Former Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin, a good friend of Owens: "In order for the Cowboys to get where they need to get, they need a pure No. 1 receiver, and that's what this guy is. When Drew drops back three, five and seven (yards), he will get open. And the times he's not open, throw it anyway because he can still get it."

"V For Vendetta" - I've Got To See This Movie

Once in a while comes a flick that you've just got to see and believe it's going to be good even befire you've seen it. For me, that movie's "V for Vendetta," the new movie by the creators of the Matrix that features a revenge story by a refugee from a state concentration camp in a "future" view of Britain I hope we never see, and who's objective is to blow up Parlament to establish a new World Order.


"People should not fear their governments," V says, "Governments should fear people." I think Oakland Mayor Jerry Brown now understands that with respect to me and my blog. My experience with him should serve as a warning to any elected official who thinks they can treat staffers and employees with extreme disrespect: don't do it, as it will come back to haunt you.

I only hope the movie's as good as real life. We'll see.

A Great St. Patty's Day, Except For Cal Basketball

I'm writing to report I had a terrific St. Patty's Day. I got some work out of the way, not much. I went to San Francisco to meet my long time friend Mike Silver, who brought members of Cal's Women's Swimming Team with him. This isn't the first time I've met them; the first was actually my first Cal Women's Swim Meet where I watched them battle Staford last year. The second time was "The 2005 Little Game" but it also wasn't the greatest episode for me personally as it was very close to the time of the passing of my father, Zenophon Abraham Sr, and so I didn' realize how sensitive I was.

But I can say I was much better Friday night. But as much fun as I had, the one damper was that we watched Cal Basketball's loss to North Carolina State in the NCAA First Round Tournament Game. There are some of my friends who want Cal Head Coach Ben Braun to be replaced by someone who has a better offensive plan for us. While I agree with this on emotional grounds, I don't have an alternative coach to suggest and I don't know enough basketball strategy to say what the best course of action is. (That's a weakness I have to eliminate, as it's not a hard game to understand.)

Aside from the game, I did have a great time with everyone, and even my friends Monte Poole and Renaldo Wanso were there. I have to admit that it's fun to watch the dynamics of the relationships of all of these friends. The women were really nice and fun to be with. I just couldn't stick around because I promised my friend Damon Connolly -- who's running for Assembly -- that I'd attend his fund-raiser in Mill Valley. I hate to tell a friend I'm not going to be somewhere and not arrive.

So, I left everyone right after the game and drove up to Mill Valley, to Wilderness Trial Bikes. There, in a special tent, was the group of Damon's friends. I showed up late, and in obvious "You're a Cal Grad" garb. Plus, yes, I was the only black guy, but unlike other examples in my past, that wasn't even an issue. In other words, I felt zero weird vibes. Zero. That was nice, and make me think that the problem may have been one centered more in the culture of San Francisco. Marin County actually seems to have a society where people mix better and on a more casual level, less tied to business and work.

At any rate, after his event, Damon, his friend Woody, and I had dinner with one of Damon's supporters, a wonderful couple. He white; she black. He about 15 years older than she; they married for 20 years. The place we ate at is one that my dear friend and business partner Kristin Herrera and I have had many lunches at; it's called Rafters in San Rafael. I really recommend this lively joint if you're up there.

While we were eating, this lovely woman walked past my table and had such a great beauty and presence I almost gagged on my food. Wow. She saw me look at her and my reaction and just laughed. It turned out she knew Woody and was the base player in the band at the St. Patty's day party that was going on as we were eating. Nice person -- married, though. Damon and everyone else totally cracked up over my response to her. I couldn't help it. It's me.

I really do hope Damon wins. He's worked really hard and made all the right contacts. Plus, he's a person of integrity and a true believer -- almost like "Mr. Smith Goes to Washinton." He'll do a great job in the California Legislature.