Tuesday, March 08, 2005

...But I have been working!

Running an Internet business means I stay online a lot. Even with my folks' illnesses, I have found time to add new pages to Sports Business Simulations' website.

SBS also has a new Sim Development Advisory Board, with Dan Rascher my business partner and prof at the University of San Francisco, and top sports economists Rod Fort of Washington State, and Andrew Zimbalist of Smith College.

You can also buy and sell tickets to the Washington Nationals baseball games..that's a new page

Finally, I've updated the SBS business plan and gotten inquiries from three venture capitalists so far. We're working to raise up to $3 million in this second round. We raised $42,500 for the first round.

Dad, Stepdad, and Mom with Cancer - Walmart Not Good to My Dad

After a long day of a lot of research, help and great advice, I found and talked to my father. He's at a rest home in Niles, Illinois and was working at the Walmart last year before this happened. He fell right on his head which may have triggered the problem. Anyway, I could not have done this without a little help and a lot of encouragement from a lot of people who sent e-mail and called. Thanks.

What happened was that his number was not working, after I called and then that number was suddenly unpublished. Well, I did contact the state of Illinois, they gave me a list of possible places he might be. So, I called them one by one and finally found Manor Care. He had been discharged from there and to a new home in Niles. He has Dimensia and so when I talked to him, thank God he remembered me (this is all new to me) and was concerned about my Mom who is recovering from Breast Cancer, so I told him about what was going on with her.

I also talked to him about my Stepdad, who has advancec prostate cancer and has been given months to live. He's in a lot of pain and that is something I wish -- there's got to be some way to help him.

Anyway, Dad thinks he's working in a plant on a Motor of some kind, and that's fine. I have to read about this and learn about what it means to have a family member with this kind of problem. I appreciate any insight. So, I'm planning to fly to Atlanta for her on Wednesday of this week and then Chicago to see him in April.

This has been a rough period for me. What helps is the friends that have bothered to check in and see how I'm doing. I've learned -- sadly -- that some people are not friends and that while I know a lot of people, few of them are there when it counts.

As for my Dad, finding him has put me in touch with the oldest of my half-sisters I've not yet met in person. Amanda's 19 years old and has been going through Dad's illness literally alone. Plus, even though the Walmart Rolling Meadows HR director, Paula (don't have her last name) told me that my Dad's head injury was gotten while working at Walmart, they've not given him one dime.

Something's wrong with that, right?

What gets me in this entire episode, is just how terrible people can be to each other. Walmart could do better.