Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hill & Chel's Excellent Bosnian Adventure

Look, the whole ducking evidence of what seemed politically expedient back in the day on NAFTA isn't a big deal, really, although it would make sense for Senator Clinton to simply say she changed her mind rather than live in fear of the flip-flop label it might earn her.

And the taxes? Well, she's busy. I get it. She's the campaigner.

Never mind that there are pictures of Bill with Jeremiah Wright, or both of them with Rezko, I get it, politicians are often sought out by guys like Rezko, and for years everybody thought Wright was a patriotic, Christian ex-Marine, after all. Hell, most still do once they hear his comments in context. (Quick links to the "America's chickens are coming home to roost" story and the use of "Nigger" in comparing Clinton and Obama's background - which pretty much silence all but the most pig-headed of critics.)

But this depraved line she held to about the risks in Bosnia? Is that what we want on Day One in the Oval Office? Is the pre-requisite for a Commander In Chief handling calls at 3 a.m. the willingness to lie for personal aggrandizement and political points? Seriously - do we take our daughters into life-threatening situations? Watch the harrowing arrival in Bosnia, then you make the call.

How did all those reporters miss the sniper fire? Somebody here has just made a serious career-limiting mistake.

Bill Clinton Attacks MTVU Editorial Board On Gay Marriage

Appearing before the MTVU Editorial Board, Former President Bill Clinton went off again, this time on Lilly Lamboy of Smith College and the MTVU Editorial Board. In the video it becaomes clear that Clinton is not only horse in his voice, but prone to becoming testy very quickly.

Will there be more or fewer Gay couples in harrassment if couples can go to Massechusetts and not Utah? That was Clinton's question, but before Lilly could say anything, Bill shot back "Answer the question!" Well, you can see the exchange here, but the result pissed off Andrew Sullivan who stated that Clinton was running away from his record of having more Gays ousted from the Military than at anytime before.

Clinton, incredibly, states that the Defense of Marriage Act, which protects one state from having to recognize a "pro-gay" marriage act, paints the policy of the DOA, which he backed as not being anti-Gay. He then accuses Lilly of trying to re-write history.

Clinton is not helping his legacy. He comes off as an angry old coot who thinks the World and America should just fall down at his feet.