Saturday, January 10, 2009

BART Meeting on Oakland Shooting Sunday Jan 11 2 PM to 4 PM

I was just informed today, Saturday evening January 10th, 2009, that BART is holding a "community meeting" on Sunday, January 11th, which is tommorrow, from 2 PM to 4 PM at 101 Eighth Street, the Joseph P. Bort MetroCenter in Oakland, off Lake Merritt BART. More at Oakland Focus Blog.

Christine McCallum of Abington is teacher charged with 7 counts of child rape

Another Teacher / Student Sex Scandal?

From The PatriotLedger:

Christine McCallum is charged with having more than 300 inappropriate sexual encounters with a young teen over a three-year period. Watch Abington and Rockland police share information during a press conference.

Why does this happen, and how often does it occur? It seems it was a massive pattern three years ago, with a major scandal so often they were almost commonplace. But why?

Prince Harry: Racist Video In Full - Institutional Racist Example

Three years ago Prince Harry decided to either make to be in this video where he makes comments that show he's racially divisive where anyone who's not White is called by names that are considered insulting or divisive.

He uses the term "My little Paki friend" and "raghead" in the video. Look, those are not terms one has flying out of their mouth. It shows a certain lack of thought and consideration at the least.

Prince Harry has apologized for his actions.

MSNBC Decision 08 _ Porn Industry Losing its Shirt?

MSNBC Decision 08 _ Porn Industry Losing its Shirt?
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MSNBC Decision 08 series page at
Jan. 7: Village Voice columnist Michael Musto talks about whether Hustler’s Larry Flynt and Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis are serious about their inquiries regarding a bailout for the porn industry.

Predisdent-elect Barack Obama Weekly Radio/Youtube Address

President-Elect Barack Obama gives his weekly YouTube address and focuses on his economic recovery plan, where he projects that 3.4 million new jobs will be created. He correctly notes -- for the first time any President has -- the problem of the underemployed and not just the unemployed.

I hope Congress gives quick passage of his plan. We're wasting time as it is. I also push for a $3,500 check for all American making less than $100,000 -- it will buy time for his programs to work and help people pay bills and avoid going bankrupt.