Thursday, August 13, 2009

Michael Vick signs with the Philadelphia Eagles; three teams wanted him

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Ending months of speculation, statements, rumor, and one rather unfortunate video, former Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick, who was released from jail and then federal custody in May and July respectively, has signed a deal with the NFL's Philadelphia Eagles today, according to ABC News.

The possibility that Vick would sign with a team was revealed by former Indianapolis Colts coach Tony Dungy, who was assigned to mentor Vick by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, on NBC's Sunday Night Preseason Football telecast of the Buffalo Bills v. Tennessee Titans game. He said several teams expressed interest in Vick.

Even Eagles flacks didn't know

What's so interesting about this is the Eagles PR people were caught with their pants down as the news circulated through the press box of tonight's preseason game against the New England Patriots. Also the "Birds" were one of the teams that said they didn't need Vick. But since backup Kevin Kolb went down to injury, they looked at Vick as a serious possible addition to the team, then pulled the trigger before anyone else could.

Vick deal at $1.6 million with option for second year

According to Fox Sports Jay Glazer, the Vick deal was reached Tuesday, but signed on Thursday, and is for one year with an option for a second year. The option is valued at $5.2 million. reports:

Under the terms of his conditional reinstatement, Vick can begin practicing immediately and play in the preseason. (Vick also can practice in the regular season, if the Eagles include him within the 53-man roster. They can choose to allow him only to attend meetings and other non-practice activities, which would give them a roster exemption for Vick.)

According to, three teams wanted Vick, one of them the Baltimore Ravens, but player personnel wiz Ozzie Newsome could not get the owner Steve Biscotti and the head coach John Harbaugh on the bandwagon. And if it were left to Eagles fans, you'd have a fight bigger than the one around the future of health care. Over at the forum, some of the comments were such that I cringe over the idea of printing them. At the much larger the opinion was more favorable to Vick, without the profanity.

My prediction is that as the season gets going once Vick's brought into the heat of battle, he will be met with applause. Something tells me Eagles Coach Andy Reid's going to install the Wildcat formation and put Vick in it.

For Vick, I'm REALLY HAPPY. He's got his second chance. I just ask him not to blow it, don't screw it up, and please watch those camcorders!

Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid - "I'm a believer that as long as people go through the process they deserve a second chance". Coach Reid says Vick's got a great team around him and he trusts Tony Dungy who's a good friend. Quarterback Donovan McNabb will play a large role in working with Vick as they know each other well. Reid also says Vick knows his offense - the Bill Walsh Offense - and still remembers the terminology. There's not going to be a quarterback controversy; he's got to get prepared. Reid said Vick will play in "the last few preseason games." Vick will be introduced at a press conference Friday.