Monday, June 30, 2008

Can this be right? McCain UNDER 75,000 donors?

Your support matters.When you visit the link to donate to the McCain campaign, he invites you to join "over 74,000" other donors. Senator Obama's campaign has over 1,700,000 individual donors. That's a ratio of almost 23 to 1 in favor of Obama.

Can that be right?

At this rate, when McCain finally reaches 100,000 donors, and you've got to assume he will, Barack Obama will be pushing 2,300,000 individual contributors. It's no wonder McCain has flip-flopped to pander to large donors, it's just a shame that the media is too busy covering James Dobson, Michelle Malkin, and terrorist fist jabs while making money selling ads to McCain and the RNC to report on this stuff. Of course, reporting on how they make their own money is not a high priority for the media.

Genesis: Oasis Of The Seas - The World's Largest Cruise Ship Launches in 2009

As I write this, Royal Carribean cruise lines is building a vessels that, when complete, will be the size of the Queen Elizabeth and QEII combined.

That ship is called "Oasis Of The Seas" and at $1.24 billion is the largest and most expensive vehicle of its kind, if not of any kind, ever made. According to WallStreetFighter, Genesis will be 1,180 feet long, 220,000 tons and able to carry 6,400 passengers and 2,100 crew members.

All I can say is "wow. The ship is divided into neighborhoods such that "Central Park" is the main middle "place to be" with luxury restaurants and shops.

The first trip of this new "Wonder of the World" will be December 9th, 2009.

On Bill Clinton and Barack Obama

This is my video blog on the need for Bill Clinton to be part of the Obama for America campaign effort. I feel that Obama can't win without President Clinton's support. But then the Clinton's have some image repair work to do and helping Barack's the best way to do it.

Barack Obama's Giving A Great Speech On Patriotism Now

Senator Barack Obama's on CNN now this morning, giving a great and stemwinding speech on the meaning of Patriotism from Independence, Missouri, which includes this line: "Mark Twain said that Patriotism was being proud of your country all the time and your government, when it deserves it."

My feelings, exactly. I think Republicans and fans of the current war and American aggression at home and abroad forget that. I don't have to support my government's decisions because it's part of America. I can question what my government does and still be a patriot. In fact, that's the real ideal of America.

"True Patriotism," Obama said, "can not be forced or legislated."