Friday, June 06, 2008

Darren McFadden Signed By Raiders; Ian Greengross Keeps Promise

At the NFL Draft, Arkansas Running Back Darren McFadden's agent Ian Greengross told me that there would not be a hold out of his client should he be drafted by the Oakland Raiders. Well, he kept his promise as the Raiders signed Darren McFadden today.

Microsoft's Steve Balmer: Newspapers Will Be Dead In 10 Years

Microsoft's Steve Balmer met with the Washington Post on Thursday and talked about why Microsoft worked to join with Yahoo! and the future of hardware, software, newspapers, advertising, and the Internet. In my view much of what Steve's talking about is already with us today, and many frequent bloggers see their blogs as a combination of advertising and content and ads as content and vice-versa. The world's catching up with us.

Here's the video set:

Balmer on Microsoft's Mission:

Balmer on Hardware and Software Changes:

Balmer on The Newspaper and Advertising:

Balmer on User Privacy:

Oil Hits Record High; Get Ready For $5 Per Gallon In Calfornia

Oil Prices hit another record today as the price for a barrel of crude oil hit $139.12 just one day after a record of $135.09 was reached. I can't even find a gas station with a price for gas less than $4 a gallon and generally the cost is between $4.30 and $4.50 per gallon. I drive around to find the cheapest price I can, but maybe it's better not to drive at all!

Zennie Abraham Loved By White Supremacists - No Film At 11

It's funny what one finds about themselves. In this case, I happened to see a post from some White Supremacist guy named Chris, who has a page on something called "Podblanc", which describes itself as:

About Podblanc
Podblanc was founded in April 2007 as a media outlet specifically tailored to White Interests, White Culture, and White Politics around the globe. Podblanc is the leader in online video, and a premier destination to watch original videos worldwide.
Everyone can watch videos on Podblanc. People can see first-hand accounts of current events, find videos about their hobbies and interests, and discover what it means to be White. As more people capture special moments on video, Podblanc is empowering them to become tomorrow’s media.
Podblanc is 100% viewer and member supported. Our mission is to enlighten, educate and entertain our people. Craig Cobb, as one of the founding members, has taken the lead as Chief Content Officer.


His title is:

Negro Zennie Abraham & Jews Team Up To Offer Money-Dreaming Sports Management Gaming To Kwa Universities At Only $12.50 Per Head

Okay! He spelled my name correctly!

But it's really an ad promoting our sim games. Really it is. I mean he didn't really insult me. I am Negro. My name is Zennie Abraham. Chris says that Dan Rascher -- my business partner -- is Jewish, but ignores my last name. Interesting.

And who the fuck cares. Ah, racism. The mental illness of our time.

Thanks for the pub!