Thursday, November 22, 2007

Angry Man In A Box In San Francisco

This is a slice of a few seconds of life. I was walking along toward the Web 2.0 Expo conference earlier this year, when this voice from the box was basically scaring people. So I got my camcorder and went back to film him in action

SCARY MARY - Video Recasts Mary Poppins As A Horror Flick

I don't know if you've seen this, but check it out.

According to the description:

This recut of the Disney classic 'Mary Poppins' was made by myself (Chris Rule), with assistance by Nick Eckert. This is TOP-QUALITY for YouTube and TAG-FREE.

This contains the musical piece "A Violent Attack" composed by Caine Davidson for the film 'An American Haunting,' "Stay Awake" written by Richard and Robert Sherman for Disney's 'Mary Poppins,' and stock sounds from iMovie.

Incompetence At The Highest Level- Part 1

In a business environment, it is imperative for managers and executives to foster
teamwork,facilitate group problem solving and focus the group’s attention and
enthusiasm on continuous improvement. Naturally, it is a forgone conclusion to expectthat the federal government is well equipped and prepared to protect the American people,guide them through destructive and tumultuous times and provide hope and optimism,instead of negativity and despair. It has become increasingly evident over the past seven years that through dishonesty, amateur style leadership and unskilled and unprofessional men and women, the American taxpayers have lived through destructive and abominable events that will forever persist. Moreover, incompetence has reigned supreme in Washington.

When the war in Iraq was first sanctioned by the 109th Congress back in 2003, our commander and chiefs approval rating skyrocketed to its highest mark ever and democrats and republicans were in agreement about the goal at hand. What has precipitated over the past four disheartening years has been wasteful spending to the tune of over $800 billion, more than 3,800 lost lives and continuous lies and mishaps by our leaders in charge.

Of the $18.4 billion allocated by Congress last year for the reconstruction of Iraq,
only $1.1 billion has been spent because of increased tension, and a mere 110,000 out of the 800,000 intended jobs for Iraqis have been established. It’s evident that somewhere someone has floundered miserably. Additionally, this dictates that President Bush’s stern words of ‘’stay the course’’ was nothing more than an unrelenting lie to deceive the American people into thinking progress was being made in the Middle East and that our brave troops would one day be able to return to home. According to Nebraska senator Chuck Hagel, the performance of our administration is ‘’beyond pitiful and embarrassing’’.

General after general in Iraq has failed to bring any level of sustainability to the region and above all has failed to securely protect the interests and safety of
Americans by permitting insurgents to regain charge. In the workplace, when an employee does not adequately master the mission statement of the company they are handed their walking papers. Conversely, the American people have been forced to pay theconsequences of their governments wrong doings as they face the calculated risk of another terrorist attack, see their taxes escalate as President Bush is handed a blank check, fall victim to increased security checks at the airport and watch their way of life reform drastically before their very eyes.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

Hey everyone! Just a note to say "Happy Thanksgiving" and be thankful for all that you have, regardless of if it's a lot or a little and cherish the people around you!

Priest Holmes ends short comeback, retires from NFL

By DOUG TUCKER, AP Sports Writer
November 21, 2007

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) -- What drove Priest Holmes out of the NFL is something most football players try to drive out of their thoughts.

They know it's a dangerous, violent endeavor that can leave them unable to walk. Holmes, after making one of the most improbable comebacks in NFL history, decided that as much as he loves the game, it wasn't worth the risk of a paralysis.

So the former Pro Bowl running back retired on Wednesday, thanking the Kansas City Chiefs and the NFL for all they had done.

"I had to look at the situation for what it is," he said, flanked by Kansas City Chiefs president Carl Peterson on one side and his three young sons on the other.

He had been out of the game for 22 months after sustaining head and neck injuries in a game in 2005. Then he called Peterson in June and told him he wanted to try a comeback.
He made it, too, after working so hard he earned the admiration of everyone who was watching. He made two starts in place of injured Larry Johnson the past two weeks. But last Sunday during a game at Indianapolis, he began to feel certain symptoms that doctors had warned him to watch for.

He refused to be specific, but during an often rambling series of answers said paralysis had been a possibility if he kept playing.

"Much of that is, I guess you could say, in the past," he said. "Just to know the symptoms were similar to the ones before. But to be technical, to go into medical terms, I wouldn't feel comfortable."

His teammates seemed unanimous in their respect for the man who holds team career records for yards rushing.

"It's probably the best decision that he could make for himself, for the rest of his life and for his family," said wide receiver Eddie Kennison.

"I try not to think about the dangers of the game. I understand what they are. I know they're there. And no man really wants to go out of the game with an injury. But we chose this job to take those risks. That's just part of it."

Tight end Tony Gonzalez had teamed with Holmes a few years ago when they were part of one of the NFL's most explosive offenses.

"I told him my thoughts are with him and what an unbelievable career he's had," Gonzalez said. "But you've got to be smart about this thing. Football is not the end-all, be-all. There's definitely life after football. Priest is a guy who's prepared himself for it."

Although he's down to third-team running back Kolby Smith with Johnson out again this week, Herm Edwards felt like thanking Holmes when the running back told him he was calling it quits.
"I thanked him for what he's done for this football team," Edwards said. "He's done something most players would not even attempt to do. He didn't have to do this. He came back knowing that first of all, he had to make the team. What he went through for three months trying to come back, that set a precedent for a lot of young players, to witness a guy like this who had accomplished everything he had accomplished in his career."

Peterson said Holmes had an agreement with the club that he would alert the Chiefs the moment he felt any danger of recurring injury to the head or neck.

"That was our agreement," he said, "that if that ever happens, to whatever degree, we needed to know about it. And he adhered to that and was great about it."

Holmes is the Chiefs' all-time rushing leader with 6,070 yards. He accumulated 8,172 yards rushing in 11 seasons with Baltimore and Kansas City.

"I have truly been blessed with the opportunity to play in the National Football League," he said. "I will be forever grateful to the Hunt family and the Chiefs organization for the opportunity to come to Kansas City, where the community embraced me from Day 1."

Holmes was the 2002 Offensive Player of the Year after rushing for 1,615 yards in just 14 games in 2002. In one season, he set a then-NFL record with 27 touchdowns. The mark has since been broken twice.

After taking himself out of the game last Sunday against the Colts in the third quarter, Holmes went back in for a few plays.

"As much as we try to do everything we could to prepare me, there's just one thing that seems like we couldn't technically prepare for," Holmes said.

"Now that we've seen that, now that I've had some symptoms, there's nothing really the helmet can do to provide that protection and to allow me to do my job effectively. And we all know this is a business of performance."

Regrets? Not a single one, he said.

"There's nothing I'll look back and say, `Maybe there's something I could have done different.' There's no other shoes I'd like to fill and I'm pretty sure there's no one who would like to fill my shoes."

J.C. Watts, Mitt Romney, Diversity - CNN / YouTube Question

This is my latest CNN / YouTube Republican Debate Question. and it was inspired by today's "The Situation Room":

Hi I'm Zennie Abraham in Oakland, CA.

On November 21st, Former Oklahoma Congressman and CNN "The Situation Room" Contributor J.C. Watts asserted and complained that your campaign Governor Romney didn't have a single African American staffer.

This question is for all of the candidates: do you have more than one African American employee on your campaign, and if you're going to ask for votes of African Americans, can you realistically do so without having someone who works for you who looks like they do?