Monday, April 09, 2007

My Email To Mike Silver On LSU's JaMarcus Russell - He's A Mobile Pure Passer

My friend Mike Silver wrote an article where he stated that JaMarcus Russell's arm does not guarantee pro day success. I responded with this email.

To Mike Silver From Zennie Abraham

Hey Sil,

Nice article, but I have to disagree with you about Ja Marcus Russell. First, I think there's a bit of home-eroticism in NFL scouting "analysis" of his ability to throw on his butt, as that's not something any offensive coordinator has based play design around. But if you take a look at the videos of him playing, you'll find a pure passer that has a unique ability to spot his target and hit it.

What I mean is that many quarterbacks throw on anticipation -- JaMarcus throws when he sees and opening. Now, to be frank, he's got to be coached to make a pass via anticipation, but his current habit is the sole reason why he's able to make spectacular plays as the rush is breaking down. Now a smart team will have him throw from three-step drops, where he will be unstoppable, but he's also capable of litterally throwing out of trouble.

I see him as -- read this -- a more mobile Dan Marino, with a live arm like Brett Favre. Anyone who compares JaMarcus to Vince Young doen't know what they're doing. The only things they have in common is that they're Black, big, and played in Division 1 schools -- that's it.

Russell's more advanced in the pro passing game than Young was at this stage of his career -- way ahead of him. I'm quite excited to see what he can do at the NFL level. I'd love to be the offensive coordinator.

As to his mobility, to quote the great Gary Coleman "What you talkin 'bout?!" This guy can move! Again, see the videos. I'm telling you, this guy is dangerous. I was never sold on Jim Drunkenmiller, feeling that Mooch should have picked his Cal guy Pat Barnes and worked with him. But to compare JaMarcus to Drunkenmiller is just not right, man. I think you just cost yourself a good dinner -- well wait. You're supposed to buy, right?


Senator John McCain Has Lost His Mind - Will Tell America Iraq War Is Winnable

Just a few short days after being challenged by a CNN reporter, when he stated that Irag was essentially safe to be in, Senator John McCain R-Arizona is going on a campaign to tell Americans we can win the Iraq War.


Fox News' Britt Hume called this "courageous" but I call it foolish. It's obvious McCain has given up any idea of winning the Presidency of the United States -- not that this bothers me -- and elected to commit political suicide. McCain just appeared on 60 Minutes, and according to Marc Cooper , gave a good example of how much heavy artlery Americans really need to walk around. In other words, he looked foolish. But that's not enough for him, he's so busy trying to win a conservative base that's not even worth the bother, he's about to make his foot the best meal's he's had in weeks.

Does he really think people are going to be swayed by this video?

I guess he likes bad press, because he's getting some on the blogs, and with this new "sic" initiative, I can't see how he's going to be able to crawl out of the doghouse he's made for himself. Just check Technorati to see where people stand on ths matter.

At the end of this process, he'll shoule have wrecked his Presidential bid and the Republican Party, too. How is anyone supposed to believe him when he just came off a massive political blunder as the one regarding the safeft of Iraq?