Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Super Bowl XXXIX - Vlog Of My First Day In Detroit

This is a video of my first day in Detroit for the Super Bowl. It started at 5 AM with a flight out of Oakland, through Chicago with my friend Colleen, and to the Motor City. Then I got a rental car and drove from the airport to my hotel in Warren, Michigan. There, I changed clothes and went into the city and to the parties. I finally wound up at the EA Sports party, then on the way back to the hotel, stopped to look at a neighborhood of what appeared to be show homes in the backdrop of Ford Field, where the game was played that Sunday.

Jets OL Jones Arrested for DWI near Team HQ

This is Priceless see my commentary at the end!

From the AP sportswire.....
Police charge Jets offensive lineman Jones with DWI
By FRANK ELTMAN, Associated Press Writer
November 28, 2006

GARDEN CITY, N.Y. (AP) -- New York Jets offensive lineman Adrian Jones apologized to the team and his family Tuesday, three days after being charged with driving while intoxicated.

Jones, 25, was fined $20,000 by the team and will be monitored by the NFL as a result of being a first-time offender of the league's substance abuse policy.

Jones was arrested at about 4:45 a.m. Saturday after he was stopped by police on on Merrick Avenue near Hempstead Turnpike -- about a mile from the team's training facility -- for allegedly driving slowly and making an unsafe lane change, said Eric Phillips, a spokesman for Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice.

He was charged with driving while intoxicated and had his license suspended after refusing to take a blood-alcohol test at central testing, Phillips said. A preliminary field sobriety test when Jones was arrested revealed a blood-alcohol reading of 0.22, police said. After being released by a judge on Saturday morning, Jones was ordered to return to court on Dec. 15.

In a police complaint, Jones told officers he had been in an accident about 20 minutes earlier; the front end of his Chrysler 300 was damaged and smoke was emanating from under the hood. Nassau County police didn't immediately have information about the traffic accident, although a spokesman noted that if both parties agreed to settle the issue privately, police might not have been called.

Jones, in his third season with the Jets, was on the inactive list and didn't play in Sunday's 26-11 victory over the Houston Texans. Coach Eric Mangini said Monday it was a "just a coaching decision."

"I apologized to my family, my teammates and my coaches for my behavior," Jones said in a statement issued Tuesday. "I used poor judgment and will be held accountable for it."

An attorney for Jones did not immediately return a telephone call Tuesday seeking further comment.

The Jets said in a statement the team was "extremely disappointed Adrian would put himself in this situation, and we take these allegations very seriously. ... Adrian has apologized to his teammates, the organization and the fans, accepting full responsibility for his actions and the consequences that follow."

Jones, a 6-5, 296-pound lineman from the University of Kansas, was drafted by the Jets in 2004. He has played both left and right tackle positions.

On Thanksgiving weekend 1999, Jones suffered a serious head injury when his car blew a tire and rolled. He spent three days in the intensive care unit at Wichita's Wesley Medical Center. Alcohol was not a factor in that accident, officials said.

Jones was returning to Lawrence, Kan., from his home in Dallas with his brother Christopher and Jayhawks teammate Derick Miller. Jones, who had just removed his seat belt to take off his sweater at the time of the accident, was thrown from the car and landed headfirst.

Jones' brother and teammate had only minor injuries.

Now you know i have something to say about this right?? It just so happens that that intersection is one of the busiest on all of long Island. Besides being close to the Jets HQ and Hofstra university, the Nassau Colusiem, the County Community college, County Medical Center, County Jail, and 2 major shopping centers are all in the vicinity, as well as a Police station and a Firehouse. Smart move to be driving erratically there at close to 5 am on any day. I know the area well....it's all of 7 mins from where i live, and i'm there at least 2 times a week because that's where my mother in law lives. So now we know why Mangini Benched Jones Sunday!

Raiders OC Tom Walsh Replaced By John Shoop - Who Is Target Of FireJohnShoop.com

The Oakland Raiders just fired their offensive coordinator Tom Walsh, but replaced him with John Shoop, currently the Raiders' tight end's coach, but formerly the offensive coordinator for the Chicago Bears.

Shoop was the target of a campaign and website called "Fire John Shoop" at http://www.firejohnshoop.com/ According to the website, Shoop was quoted as saying "I don't care if we had gotten shut out. I don't care if we wouldn't have gained a yard, I promise you … there's going to be the same plays in the future."


The site continues...

"John Shoop is a fantastic Offensive Coordinator. By fantastic, I mean horrible. He couldn't move the football against a high school team.

John Shoop has wanted to coach football since he was in 7th grade. Like all boys his age he imagined his team losing game after game because his offense was about as daring as The Cowardly Lion. Just think of the comedy potential if John Shoop was the Detroit Lions Offensive Coordinator. And just think of how much better the Bears would be if that were the case. Depressing, isn't it?

John graduated from the University of the South (Sewanee) in 1991, where he played quarterback for 4 seasons. Sewanee athletic records are hard to come by, but I'd be surprised if Shoop ever completed a pass longer than 20 yards. Do you want to be the Bears next offensive coordinator? Become an athletic prospect at Sewanee or whatever they call themselves. Make sure to tell them that you know John Shoop.

Shoop learned a lot at Sewanee, saying, "Those are the lessons I learned at Sewanee. Work and care are the only two things you can control.” I'm not sure what that means, but it's clear that John is wrong. If the Bears care more than the other team, and work harder, then maybe Shoop is calling bad plays. It's also Shoop's fault if they don't care more than the other team and don't work hard.

After leaving Sewanee, Shoop spent 4 seasons working as a volunteer and graduate assistant for bad college teams (Dartmouth and Vanderbilt) before becoming the offensive quality control coach and later quarterbacks coach for a bad NFL team. Since January 22, 2001, Shoop has been the Offensive Coordinator of the Chicago Bears. I think the question here is, where is the Bears offensive quality control coach on this one? In fact, the quality control coach is Charlie Coiner, who is much more qualified than John Shoop, but this is firejohnshoop.com, not firejohnshoophirecharliecoiner.com. Sorry, Charlie."

The website also has a message board, which has a thread entitled "The Raiders must want to suck."

Also I found this quote on the website: "John Shoop is the worst Offensive Coordinator in the history of the NFL."
~ ~ Michael Wilbon, Washington Post. I can't find the actual quote, but it may be contained in a post article that was not web archived at the time.

Basically, the "crit" against Shoop is that he calls "run after the catch" pass plays but such that the catch may be for 3 yards on 3rd and 16 yards for a first down. To me, that's a much milder issue that the entire set of problems brought on by Tom Walsh. But still, the one person who really understands the modern passing game -- Cinncinati Bengals Offensive Coordinator Hue Jackson -- works for the Cinncinati Bengals as receivers coach, his prize student Chad Johnson breakiing club yardage records and putting in a Jerry-Rice-like performance.

San Diego Charger Cornerback Cletis Gordon Suspected of DUI - A Lot Of California DUI Arrests.

Wow, a lot of DUI stops in California. Antonio Bryant, Mel Gibson, the list goes on. I wonder if this guy's claim about the California police and DUI's is true? To see the post, click on the title of this post.

Police stop cornerback Cletis Gordon on DUI suspicion

1:21 p.m. November 27, 2006

SAN DIEGO – San Diego Charger cornerback Cletis Gordon was arrested by San Diego police early Monday morning in the city's Gaslamp Quarter on suspicion of drunk driving.
An officer on patrol pulled Gordon over at 6th and J Streets at 1:59 a.m. after witnessing what he considered to be erratic driving, police said.

Gordon, 23, was taken to downtown police headquarters where he was processed and then to jail. He was released after posting bail.

Gordon, who was undrafted out of Jackson State, has not played this season because of a wrist injury.

He is the fifth Charger to have a run-in with the law this year.

“We are all disappointed,” general manager A.J. Smith said. “We'll let the legal system run its course. It will be discussed and handled internally.”

Coach Marty Schottenheimer said, “I think we need to wait until all the facts are brought out. He was brought in. y understanding is he did the test and it was below the number. I don't know. We'll have to wait and see.”

Linebacker Shaun Phillips was arrested last April on suspicion of obstructing or resisting an officer after an altercation downtown.

The same month, linebacker Steve Foley was arrested after involvement in a fight with three officers in University City. The District Attorney's office declined to file charges.

Foley was shot by an off-duty Coronado police officer in Poway Sept. 3after the officer stopped him on suspicion of erratic driving.
Cornerback Markus Curry was arrested in October on Interstate 805 in National City in connection with a domestic violence case.

Safety Terrence Kiel was arrested in September on charges involving the trafficking of prescription drugs.

Meanwhile, linebacker Shawne Merriman just finished serving a four-game suspension for violation of the National Football League rule regarding steroid use.