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“FRO’s Favorite Five” Frankie’s Favorite Fantasy Picks Week 6

“FRO’s Favorite Five”
Frankie’s Favorite Fantasy Picks
Week 6
By Frankie Underwood, Senior Fantasy Writer at Email questions and comments to

While it may seem like an over reaction to his sensational game last weekend, Seattle Seahawks Matt Hasselbeck should be up for another good game. Hasselbeck plays at home against an Arizona Cardinals defense that has stopped the run well but given up high yardage numbers to QBs. This fits perfectly into a Seattle offense that can not find a running game but has really good receivers. Other than the first game, Arizona has given up nearly 300 yards to each opposing passer either in garbage time or just throughout the course of a competitive game. So as long as Hasselbeck’s ribs hold up he should be a nice fill in play this weekend. This could also be one of your few opportunities to start Carolina QB Jake Delhomme.

Let’s pick on Oakland, everybody else seems to. The Philadelphia Eagles face the Oakland Raiders this weekend and since it should be a blowout back up running back LeSean McCoy could be a nice play this weekend. The Oakland Raiders held up fairly well against bruising Giants RB Brandon Jacobs. Then the speedy back up Ahmad Bradshaw racked up 110 rush yards and two touchdowns. Both McCoy and starter Brian Westbrook are in a more similar vein to Bradshaw, so at least split that production between these two. Oakland has a lot of problems on their hands and facing the Eagles may be the least of them. If you need a last resort, one of the Tampa Bay running backs could also play well this weekend against Carolina.

Remember the week everyone expected from Mike Sims-Walker last week? I say we just carry that over. Oakland isn’t the only team we enjoy picking on, how bout those St. Louis Rams! I really have no stats to back this up, only gut feelings. St. Louis has been beaten by TEs and RBs, but still I feel that Sims-Walker will attempt to redeem himself after last weeks embarrassing deactivation. If you want to go more with the stats Rams receiver Donnie Avery and the Original Steve Smith (Carolina) are both poised for break out performances.

The Green Bay Packer’s TE Jermichael Finley has a great match up this weekend. Fresh of their bye week, the Packers get to face the lowly Detroit Lions. The Lions have given up a touchdown to a TE every week except for their win against the Redskins, and multiple TE TDs twice. Even the Lions have to notice this trend, but I’m sure they’d rather be beaten by the TE than on a deep Bomb by the WRs. While Packers left tackle Chad Clifton should be back this weekend, starting TE Donald Lee should be kept in a lot to pass protect. This will leave Finley to go out in pass routes. As I said above the Rams are consistently beaten by TEs so look at Mercedes Lewis of the Jaguars.

The New England Patriots started out as a top 5 fantasy defense, but have fallen off recently. This weekend against a reeling Tennessee Titans team they should be able to regain their start worthy status. Everyone blames the Titans problems on their defense but Sunday night against the Colts that defense held early. Unfortunately the Titans offense could not take advantages of the turnovers and field position the defense produced, only managing three field goals. That offense also could not manage to sustain a drive but did manage to turn the ball over, leaving the defense on the field way too often. Vince Young could see significant action in this game, hopefully the Patriots don’t make him cry, (or quit). Since I’ve recommended most of their other positions, why not start the Jaguar’s defense against the Rams also.

Last Weeks Favorite Five

David Garrard – 188 yards and 2 lost fumbles, sorry (but the MSW deactivation, so not my fault? Kidding).

Ahmad Bradshaw – 110 yards and 2 TDs, 1 reception 55 yards, you’re welcome.

Dwayne Bowe – 74 yards and a TD, that will have to work.

Brandon Pettigrew – 3 for 27 yards, sorry.

Dallas Cowboys – 4 sacks, still no turnovers sorry.

So Far, Henne Making The Most Of His Opportunity

So Far, Henne Making The Most Of His Opportunity
By Jon Wagner Sr. Writer at Large-Football Reporters Online
(Photo: Chad Henne by Chris J. Nelson)
A starting quarterback, a former first-round draft pick of an AFC East team, goes down with an early-season injury, and a young kid from The University of Michigan steps in and unexpectedly starts winning big games.

Sound familiar?

Certainly, after a mere two NFL starts, no in his or her right football mind would equate Chad Henne and his potential ceiling as an NFL starting quarterback with the accomplishments of New England Patriots’ legend Tom Brady.

However, there are already some similarities between the backgrounds of Brady and Henne, how each got their chances to shine, and how Henne, like Brady early on, has already made the most of that opportunity.

And, Henne’s also accomplished something that the two-time Super Bowl MVP Brady couldn’t do so far: play well enough to beat the New York Jets and their Rex Ryan-led defense this season.

There are some differences in how each quarterback got to the NFL. Brady had to prove himself, not getting a real shot at Michigan until his junior season, and not being drafted until the sixth round, as the 199th overall pick in the 2000 NFL draft. Henne meanwhile, guided the Wolverines from the time he was a freshman and was taken a lot higher (in the second round) by the Miami Dolphins in the 2008 draft.

But, both quarterbacks set passing records by the time they graduated from Michigan, and both took over an AFC East team surprisingly well after being thrust into a starting role by necessity, with very little expected of them.

Brady got his shot after first-round draft pick Drew Bledsoe was injured. He of course, turned used that opportunity into three Super Bowl victories, a league MVP, and four Pro Bowls on the way to what will someday conclude as a Hall of Fame career.

What he does with his own opportunity from here remains to be seen, but Henne similarly got his chance after Miami was reeling at 0-3. The Dolphins were looking like a bad team headed nowhere in 2009, after coming off the biggest turnaround in NFL history, from 1-15 in 2007, to 11-5 and an AFC East title last season under the direction of former firs-round draft pick Chad Pennington –- whose season ended in Week 3 this year, with a shoulder injury, opening the door for Henne. And, at least so far, the other former Michigan star has busted through.

Sure, it’s only been two starts, but Henne has helped saved the Dolphins season while going 2-0 as a starter.

Henne wasn’t great, but efficient, going 14-22 for 115 yards, throwing his first career touchdown pass and no interceptions in his first start two weeks ago, a 38-10 Dolphins’ victory over Buffalo.

But, on Monday night, Henne was brilliant, carving up a Jets’ defense that Brady had a lot of trouble with, in a 16-9 loss, earlier this season.

There are two ways to look at that: a skeptic would say that Henne had the advantage of a very effective wildcat running game to help set up his throws, a benefit which Brady lacked against the Jets.

Conversely, a pro-Henne advocate would declare that much to his credit, Henne, in only his second start, in a big divisional game before a Monday Night Football national television audience, was able to stay remarkably poised and in rhythm despite being shuffled in and out of the lineup on an inconsistent basis due to the wildcat’s unconventional offensive sets which often don’t employ the use of a quarterback on the field.

Either way, Henne was terrific, going 20 of 26 for 241 yards, two touchdowns, and no interceptions for a 130.4 passer rating. And, Henne’s performance went far beyond those statistics. The truly impressive part was leading three fourth quarter drives, each with his team down, and each time, getting the Dolphins in the end zone, and coming away with his second win in as many starts in the NFL. Still, it wasn’t even THAT.

No, it was the throws that Henne made and the tools he displayed at the most crucial moments: Henne sold a play-action fake perfectly on a beautifully thrown 53-yard touchdown bomb to wide receiver Ted Ginn, who beat the Jets’ entire secondary, for a 24-20 fourth-quarter lead. Including that score, Henne, who was used to running some play action at Michigan, was a perfect 7-for-7 for 140 yards and two touchdowns when faking a handoff against the Jets on Monday.

Later, leading the game-winning drive, Henne, with the coolness of a seasoned veteran like Brady, converted consecutive third downs in the final two minutes. First, with an all-out blitz and defenders in his face, Henne lofted a great pass over the shoulder of Greg Camarillo for a 14-yard gain and a huge first down to keep the drive going. Then, faced with a 3rd-and-10 with 1:06 left in the game, Henne, again facing a Jets’ blitz, rolled right and fired an absolute bullet low and straight, again to Camarillo, who went to his knees to coral the ball for another big first down at the Jets’ 4-yard line. That play set up the eventual game-winning touchdown by running back Ronnie Brown.

Suddenly, the Dolphins season isn’t in shambles after losing their original starting quarterback.

During the post-game press conference, Ryan (maybe overdoing it), compared Henne’s performance to that of many turned in by former Dolphin and all-time NFL great Dan Marino.

Was that one game a coming of age for Henne the way Brady’s first season as a starter was?

Well, Henne will have to have a lot more games, even seasons, like he did against the Jets before he can remain the starting quarterback throughout the rest of this season, and into 2010 and beyond, let alone even contemplate approaching some of the many things which Brady has accomplished in the NFL.

But, after just two starts, Dolphin fans are already hoping Henne is the quarterback to lead their team into a successful future.

The Fall of Johnny Smiles

The Fall of Johnny Smiles
By Michael – Louis Ingram, Associate Editor, Director of Scouting
“White Men Can’t Jump? They don’t have to…they own the team!”
-          Humorist Paul Mooney  
PHILADELPHIA (FRO/BASN): On the long running comedy series, “The Jeffersons,” main protagonist George Jefferson would always love to brag that he made “enough green to cover his Black.”
To a similar extent, that seemed to be the case with right – wing talk show wonk Rush Limbaugh, a smiling assassin in the minds of his legions of followers.
While the putrid, proselytizing purging from this pusillanimous, penile pig has contributed to the current calamitous climate in which “one lone nut” can act without fear of repercussions (because Limbaugh and others are “entertainers” and therefore, not responsible for others’ actions), Limbaugh began to really believe his trash was others’ treasure.
And then came the big payoff; the chance to be the “Voice of the Fan,” as a talking head at The Mouse on their flagship National Football League pre-game show, “NFL Countdown.”
Looked as if the little Nimrod was movin’ on up to the East Siiidde…
But then came the Donovan McNabb incident; as in “the media wants a Black quarterback to succeed.”
You know, the only part of that asinine statement that was never sufficiently gleaned was…all of it.
If our bellicose butterball had done his homework, he would’ve known there has never been any concerted effort on the part of mainstream media to promote the success of any Black quarterback.
The ‘Wizard of Oohs & Ahs,’ Mr. Chuck Ealey goes undefeated his entire collegiate career - 35-0 – at the University of Toledo at quarterback – and his reward? Some NFL asshole telling him to try out at defensive back…
Jimmy Raye leads Michigan State to a national championship at quarterback; but no sniff at playing his best position in the NFL;
Eldridge Dickey, “The Lawd’s Prayer” gets drafted in the first round to play quarterback – and he still can’t play it because the big bad Oakland Raiders were too chicken shit to follow through after he proved he was better than the others in camp (including Ken Stabler);
Joe Gilliam goes 4-1-1 after winning the starting QB spot for Pittsburgh, but has the job taken from him because they couldn’t think of a palatable enough lie;
Warren Moon wins the Rose Bowl at quarterback, but in spite of a stellar career, he’s told to move to another position if he wants to make it in the NFL (and all Moon did was become a Hall of Fame quarterback in two leagues! No thanks to the NFL!)
And let’s not forget the brothers who went north to Canada to rock the house: Condredge Holloway, Roy DeWalt, the fantastic Damon Allen, Tracy Ham, Marcus Crandall, Gilbert Renfroe, J.C. Watts, Danny Barrett, Casey Printers; all champions, all quarterbacks. I don’t remember the American mainstream media singing their praises…
Doug Williams takes the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from ‘worst to first’ at quarterback, but he’s treated like a Nigger because he dared to want to be paid on a par with his peers, many of whom with pro credentials far less than but paychecks far greater than his?
And last (but not least for now) Kerry Joseph wins an NFL Europe Championship at quarterback, but unlike Kurt Warner or Brad Johnson, is told to play safety, plays out of position for four full seasons in Seattle, and finally, given the opportunity to play the position he was supposed to play in the first damn place, wins a Grey Cup Championship for the Saskatchewan Roughriders – at quarterback.
Now that didn’t happen in 1957; that was 2007.  
Nobody said it then, so I’ll say it now – where the fuck have you been, Peaches?       
And that woeful unpreparedness, the disdain for real football fans – on top of the other bullshit you spewed on that panel, is why you had no business being there in the first fucking place!
So The Mouse shows you the door (‘either he goes, or I go’ – you figure out among that bunch who said it!)  but like Chuck Taine, he rocks, skates, rolls and bounces along with his career, becoming a money making misanthrope, merrily mixing a maelstrom of madness,  motivating millions of mindless myrmidons into believing he’s not only one of them – he is their conduit to the corridors of power.  
He dogs out the newly – elected President of the United States, and is then offered a shot to buy into the Ultimate Boys’ Club – and snag a piece of the Saint Louis Rams, who have fallen on hard times…
Hard times, my Black ass! The team is only worth about $950 million; in an economy that has been in recession mode for at least eight years.   
But, there’s a problem; seems some of his words have come back to bite him in the ass; making analogies about NFL games being like the Bloods & Crips goin’ at it (not the smartest thing to say in an organization with 65% Black players as members).
Someone far wiser than I once said a long time ago that “quiet money always speaks the loudest.” Admittedly, that took a day or two to sink in; but the point was made to say real money usually has a little taint on it – and the last thing anyone wants is – attention…
(“I’m Johnny Smiles” lyrics by Skar, arranged by K. Lynch; from” Mob Story – A Hip Hopera”)
Well I’m Johnny Smiles
New kid on the scene…
And when I get done shinin’
Bet those shoes are clean…
I pour the coffee and even park the cars
I get to drive the Fat Bastards straight home from the bars…
And all of these jobs I do ‘em with pride
I gain their trust and soon I’ll live large and start to thrive
See in This Thing of Ours, this is the only way
A kid from the street can climb the ladder and make crime pay.
Growing up where I did you get to see a lot of things
The guys in this club were like a local Kings
They had the finest broads all willing and able in any restaurant
They got the best damn table!
Pinky rings and rockin’ Cuban cigars
They had Chinese suits by the dozen in the trunks of their cars
To a kid like me to get this far
Andrea Doria Social Club just ain’t some local bar…
I had dreamed of this life since I was ten
Finally made it straight to the center of the lion’s den…
So to make my bones, see, I’ll do what they say
Cause I’m looking to a future, to a brighter day.
When I’m a full Goumba
A made Gummie Gump
Runnin’ scams for friends or for some straight-laced chump
All of these petty tasks; it ain’t just for nothin’
It’ll all be worthwhile when I get my button…
Gotta get my button ‘cause I gotta get paid (big shot)
When you’re made you’re the man; when you’re not
You’re just nothin’ (big shot)
Gotta get my button ‘cause I gotta get made (big shot)
When you’re made you’re the man; when you’re not you’re just nothing…
So enough about me let’s break it down to the crew
I’ll tell ya who the hell they are
And what the fuck they do;
I’ll start at the bottom and then I’ll move up the line no matter what I say
They’re all friends of mine….
So even though I know this guy’s a little bit slow
Every operation needs some muscle to make it go
Bobby Bats
The guy’s a soldier like iron…
Made his bones 20 years ago stuck a guy with an eye jamb…
Quick with the club so when push comes to shove
If the shit hits the fan he’s the man you gotta love 
Tony Fingers
Another cat in the crew
Just hijacked an armored truck; the driver turned up blue;
Tight with the Don and a stand up guy
He’ll hit the trigger on his gun before you blink your eye
The guy knows the biz; at the track he’s a whiz
So good with the ladies you hear
The pussy fizz…
And speaking of chicks, the Don’s consiglieri Vic
With whose foot fetish is enough to make everybody sick  
He may be a Queen, but buddy keeps the record clean
Money filtered through Geneva
Important guy on the scene (big shot);
Gotta get my button cause I gotta get paid (big shot)
When you’re made you’re the man; when you’re not
You’re just nothin’ (big shot)
Gotta get my button ‘cause I gotta get made (big shot)
When you’re made you’re the man; when you’re not you’re just nothing.
Now Don DeVito’s a large man and a legend with us all
Coming up as a soldier they used to call him Brass Balls (swing low!)
Prince on the street the man with the master plan
Took me in at 15 so I’m his biggest fan
But he’s not without critics even in our own crew
That would entertain Paulie ga-ga if he ever knew…
To me he’s the best to that I will attest
Came up from the streets and I know he wears the crest
The Don is the Don
Regardless of what it is he does
So De Vito’s the Boss
‘Cause because just because
Then there’s this girl I’ve known all my life
I wouldn’t call her a slut, but still she’s far from a wife (she gets around…)
When I was a kid on Delancey Street I knew
She’d be goumba to bringin’ drama to somebody’s crew…
Sexy and smart her name is
With a whiff of her perfume you’ll be under her spell (I’m just playin’…)
The girl’s got it all but still she’s well adjusted
Word has it she‘s the only one the Don’s trusted
She’s not just a moll
Like us she’s on call
With all Gabrielle is, even the Don might fall…
Gotta get my button ‘cause I gotta get paid (big shot)
When you’re made you’re the man; when you’re not
You’re just nothin’ (big shot)
Gotta get my button ‘cause I gotta get made (big shot)
When you’re made you’re the man; when you’re not you’re just nothing;
Gotta get my button ‘cause I gotta get paid (big shot)
When you’re made you’re the man; when you’re not
You’re just nothin’ (big shot)
Gotta get my button ‘cause I gotta get made (big shot)
When you’re made you’re the man; when you’re not you’re just nothing.
As I complete this column, word has come out that Dave Checketts, point man for the group wanting to snag the Rams, has stated Rush Limbaugh is now out of the group.
While I may feel some mild elation over this, I say it never should have come to this – so fuck you too, Checketts – first for including his drug addict ass, second for thinking you could skate on it, and third for having the same mindset as this cum stain!
Ultimately, cash condones crass, but can’t consume class.
Sorry, Sweet Cheeks – you’ve been shut out.
Editor’s Note: Although I know BASN will never get the credit, the information regarding Limbaugh was constantly served “Straight, No Chaser” by our colleague Desi Cortez months before it was a ripple on Mouse Pond. ‘Way to go, brother man.


by TJ Rosenthal

The NY Jets were humbled Monday night at Landshark stadium in Miami. Unable to stop the vicious Wildcat run formation that the Dolphins introduced to the NFL back in 2008, the Jets lost a heartbreaking key divisional game to the Miami Dolphins 31-27 on Monday night football. Ronnie Brown scored his third TD on a third and two with under ten seconds left, on a play where a stop would've forced OT. The Braylon Edwards (5-64yds TD) coming out party was spoiled by a defense that could not find a way  to stop Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams. Now at 3-2 the AFC East leading Jets remain tied with the Pats while the Dolphins at 2-3, inch closer.

The 1st drive for Miami was a sign of things to come. Seven minutes, led by an assortment of runs off of direct snaps to RB Ronnie Brown led the Fish up the field. A Brown TD capped the drive and a 7-0 Dolphin lead. The Jets answered back. QB Mark Sanchez, looking to rebound from his 3 int performance in New Orleans, led the Jets downfield and finished it with a 3 yard TD pass to the newest Jet, WR Braylon Edwards to tie it up 7-7.

Edwards  who only logged three days of practice time with the Green and White since coming over from the Browns last week, could become the first true tall deep ball and red zone threat the Jets have had at WR in a long time.  Keyshawn Johnson  and 1980's Jet star WR Al Toon  come to mind though Edwards possesses a special athleticism that allows him to grab the tough throws. Catching consistently will be the key for Edwards success  as a Jet. He leads the league in targeted drops over the past season.

In the second quarter, a fake punt snap to all purpose player Brad Smith , the Jets 2nd successful fake punt of the game, led to a Jay Feely FG and a 10-10 tie. Feely added another at the end of the half after Sanchez administered a solid two minute drill. The drill coming on a drive capped by a heady tough run out of bounds by the "San-chize", stopping the clock to allow time for the kick. The Jets led 13-10 at the half and considering how things started, had to feel good on the road in a divisional game having regained the lead.

The Dolphins however continued to stuff the Wildcat down the Jets throat. A Chad Henne to TE Anthony Fasano TD made it 17-13 Fish. Henne, making his 2nd NFL start threw for 241 yards and two TDs , shocking the Jet coaches with his efficiency in the passing game all night. The Jets had no sacks in the game "We made that guy look like Dan Marino," Ryan said begrudgingly during the post game press conference. 

Down 17-13, offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer then unleashed the "Manchez". The rookie's bomb to speedy WR David Clowney put the Jets in the Miami red zone in a flash. The Jets have lacked a quick strike ability for years.  Santana Moss maybe? With slot WR Chansi Stuckey now with Eric Mangini in Cleveland as part of the Edwards deal, Clowney (4 catches 72 yds) will find time in the slot and give the Jets more chances to score fast.. After the Clowney catch, on 3rd and long, Sanchez threw a great ball down the sidelines that Edwards, heavily covered made a terrific play on before diving for the marker. The catch was ruled a TD but a Miami challenge took the TD away from Edwards. It left the ball on the one where Thomas Jones punched it in for a 20-17 Jet lead. Another Jet Miami classic was brewing. 

The Dolphins then went on another time consuming drive to end the third and on the 1st play of the 4th regained the lead on a Ronnie Brown TD dive. 24-20 Miami. Brown was impossible to stop all night out of the Wildcat faking reverses to Ricky Williams, running off tackle , running sweeps. The Jets defense never got comfortable,  and were unable to throw the Dolphin backs for any big drive ending losses on first or second down. Instead the Fish were grinding 4 yards, 5 yards at a clip all night.

The Jets and Sanchez answered the bell again midway through the 4th. A bomb to Edwards well covered by former Giant Will Allen was called pass interference on the Miami 1 yard line. The Replay showed good coverage, but the Jets capitalized on the call with a Thomas Jones TD plunge and a 27-24 lead. The problem  for the Jets was that there was over 5 minutes left: too much time left for a tired confused Gang Green defense that to that point had allowed over 320 total yards (Miami finished with 413 total yards). Unable to get to Henne, and lacking the ability to slow down the Wildcat, the Jets needed to induce a Dolphin mistake.

Instead , the Fish mixed up their play calling on the final drive to perfection. Henne 1st hit WR Greg Camarillo for a 9 yard gain. Short three step drops sprinkled around a devastating run attack allowed Henne the time that no other QB has had against the Rex Ryan Jet defense all season. Speedy rookie QB Pat White was even brought in with 3 minutes left, to run the Wildcat and gained a big first down on a quarterback draw as the Dolphins marched toward the red zone. A key third and long was converted with 1:20 left as Henne hit Camarillo with a bullet, setting up a 1st and goal inside the Jet 10 yard line. Refusing to expend timeouts, sure his defense wouldn't give up 6, Rex Ryan left it up to his defense.  A big Kerry Rhodes tackle of Brown, shedding a fullback block on a sweep,  left Miami with a third down; one time out and ten seconds left. A stop would've forced Miami to tie it  on 4th down, with a FG forcing OT. Instead Brown powered through the wilting Jet interior and it's exhausted run killer NG Kris Jenkins, for the 31-27 win. Five lead changes took place in the fourth, the final one leaving NY no time on the clock to respond.

Next up for the Jets is a home date with a  Buffalo Bills team  that is 1-4 and in disarray. The pitiful Oakland Raiders then follow the Bills. 5-2 is within the Jets grasp. A rematch with Miami follows these two extremely winnable games. Before the Jets get their chance for payback with the Fish in week 8, they'll have to take care of business by doing what all good teams do. They have to smother struggling teams and lesser teams from the get go. After losses to the high powered Saints and the top running team in the NFL in the Dolphins, it's time to regroup and regain that confidence and swagger that at 3-0, had many including the Jets as one of the top teams in football.

Miley Cyrus "Party in The USA" a pretty good song

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Ok, I broke down and bought Miley Cirus "Party in The USA" on iTunes an hour ago and as I'm listening to it now I've got to admit it's a good, catchy song. I can see why it's number three on the iTunes chart. It's a simple celebration of Los Angeles, Hollywood, and Miley's first time in "Tinsel Town."

Frankly, the connection between the racy marketing and the fact that the song was in my head before I bought it is no accident. She and her dad Billy Ray Cyrus knew what they were doing during the Teen Choice Awards:

Party In The USA. Cool tune. Too bad Miley Cyrus took her Twitter page down, otherwise I could tweet her about it. Come to think of it she could have retweeted my tweet. All good for her.

With this, I can't help but think of that talented street singer out there just waiting to be discovered.

Meghan McCain sexy photo? So? But Tila Tequila?

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The Internet's a buzz with chatter about the photo Meghan McCain - you know, Senator John McCain's daughter who says she's got a "juicy booty"? - put up on Twitter. Now I've seen the photo and you can too in my video. What's the fuss all about?

Poor Meghan McCain was shocked at the reaction she got over it. She waxed on apologetically on her Twitter account:

# I do want to apologize to anyone that was offended by my twitpic, I have clearly made a huge mistake and am sorry 2 those that are offended.about 17 hours ago from web

# ok I am getting the fuck off twitter, promise not to delete my account until I sleep on it, thank you for the nice words supportersabout 17 hours ago from web

# when I am alone in my apartment, I wear tank tops and sweat pants, I had no idea this makes me a "slut", I can't even tell you how hurt I amabout 17 hours ago from web

# I am going to take some more time to think about it but seriously I was just trying to be funny with the book and that I'm a dork staying inabout 18 hours ago from web

# why I have been considering deleting my twitter account, what once was fun now just seems like a vessel for harassment about 18 hours ago from web

# so I took a fun picture not thinking anything about what I was wearing but apparently anything other than a pantsuit I am a slut, this is about 18 hours ago from web

My thought is, who cares?! My message to Meghan McCain is this: be happy with who you are if that's who you are. Once you're happy with you, what people do or say will matter far less. Love yourself.

Right now maybe not dating and being alone has something to do with the photo posting, but whatever. Your a celebrity and its business. You draw a lot of attention - make money from it. Make sure your website and as much "real estate" as you have online is monetized. And if you don't understand what that means, contact me. I'll advise you over lunch at Lake Chalet here in Oakland; you'll love it!

My only issue is your friendship with Tila Tequila. It's not long ago that she was the focus of the assault issue with San Diego Chargers Linebacker Sean Merriman, where everyone who was there says she made up the story. We also learned a lot about her that wasn't pretty. I will only say that I hope and pray that Tila's emerged a better person from that episode and a great business woman, ok?

Tila Tequila (foreground); Meghan McCain (background)


Maybe Tila's learning something from you.

Whatever the case, pay attention to those who like you, and none to those who don't. There are a lot of nuts out there; you just have to learn to avoid them. I have. For example, the only comments I read are on my blog network, Facebook page, and YouTube channel, and those in my emails. That's it. Nothing else.

I've found that my life is better, I'm much happier, and I'm (almost) free of the sickos that post on some of the sites where I have no control of the content. I tell my fans to just send an email; that's better. But the people who care contact me and that's enough for me. That written I've found YouTube brings a better class of Internet commenter over the last year for some reason.

But I digress. Megan. Be happy with you.

Black Eyed Peas v Perez Hilton assault case off to November

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Oh. On the matter of Perez Hilton, remember the argument Perez had with Will-I-Am of the Black Eyed Peas? The one that led to Perez Hilton's assault and this meltdown:

Well that case has been delayed to November 4th. CBC News reports...

The assault case involving the manager of the Black Eyed Peas and American celebrity blogger Perez Hilton has been put over until next month.

Liborio (Polo) Molina faces an assault charge for allegedly striking Hilton outside a Toronto nightclub on June 22.

Molina didn't appear in court Wednesday as the case was adjourned until Nov. 4.

Molina was charged after Hilton — whose real name is Mario Lavandeira — was allegedly punched following a heated argument between the blogger and Black Eyed Peas leader at a party after the MuchMusic Video Awards.

In the ensuing days, Hilton and insulted each other in videos online and Hilton also filed a civil lawsuit against Molina.

The celebrity blogger sued for alleged battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress, and is seeking more than $25,000.

Perez Hilton on Lady GaGa tour dates; Ga Ga wrong on Obama

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Lady GaGa

Perez Hilton uses his million Twitter follower base to help Lady GaGa annouce her tour dates for her upcoming galavanting she was going to do with Kanye West.

Lady GaGa announces new tour! Check out the dates and locations HERE about 6 hours ago from web

Lady GaGa, meanwhile was in Washington DC as part of the Human Rights Campaign Dinner last Saturday and President Obama was her "opening act".

There Lady GaGa yelled for President Obama - who's now in San Francisco or at least on his way as of this writing - to take rapid action in changing the laws to extend full civil rights for Gays and Lesbians. She yelled the President's name - almost screaming.

But I think her effort was misplaced. She should be yelling at the Senators and Congresspeople who stand in the way of progress. Yelling at Obama only helps them and hurts him.

But I do like that she's involved. Now, if we only had some real grass roots fundraisers. In fact, I talk about that here...


By The Gambler [J.Gamble] For Football Reporters Online
When did American’s become so damn judgmental?  Land of the free. Home of the brave. Remember that? Freedom of speech. Freedom of the press. Does any of this exist anymore?
Now, I’m no Rush Limbaugh fan. I don’t dislike him either. He is an American with his own ideas, friends, beliefs and opinions. No different than the rest of us. What makes him stand out is the fact that he has had a radio show for many years. And on his show he is staunchly dedicated to furthering the beliefs, core values and lifestyle of the right-wing, conservative, rich, white society he is immersed in. He has a unique and advantageous professional platform, and he uses it. It is an opinion show. There are no right or wrong answers. But his opinion is the overriding one on his show.
All things being said, Limbaugh should have been allowed to continue as part of a group seeking to buy the Rams. Limbaugh was to be a limited partner in a bid led by St. Louis Blues chairman Dave Checketts, but Checketts said in a statement Wednesday that Limbaugh's participation had complicated the effort. The group would move forward without him. The group succumbed to a wicked media backlash and a vocal protest by the head of the NFL Players Union. Colts owner Jim Irsay said he would vote against the bid as well. Commissioner Roger Goodell even threw his two cents in, saying Limbaugh’s “divisive” comments would not be tolerated.
Limbaugh’s reputation as a “hate monger” -- as FOX Sports columnist Jason Whitlock called him in a recent column – hit a pentacle when he was ousted as part of The MNF team back in 2003, after making racially charged comments about Philadelphia Eagles QB Donovan McNabb. He was also caught in a pill-popping illegal prescription drug dependency, which made him look like a hypocrite.  Still, he continued to express his deeply conservative and often offensive views on his radio show. And that made him too hot. It seems his boys had to back out on him in order to get this done. Either way, I’m sure he’ll still remain as a “silent partner” of sorts. A lot of people see this as a victory for the left and racial sensitivity in sports. Al Sharpton was vocally ecstatic. Limbaugh has said this is a direct attack by Democrats and liberals to destroy prominent conservatives.  I don’t particularly agree with either of those assertions.
I do however agree with Limbaugh when he says “this is about the future of The United States of America and what kind of country we’re going to have. “ 
I don’t think he should have been dropped. I think his team should have stood behind him and fought this issue to the fullest extent of the law. NFL owners shouldn’t be able to deny a bid based on anything but financial health.  If Limbaugh is stopped because of some touchy views he had about McNabb, then anyone can be stopped from purchasing a team just because they have different views than the other owners.
No wonder there aren’t any black NFL owners yet. Reggie Fowler attempted to buy the Vikings in 2005 for $625 million dollars. Fowler was to become the first African-American principal of an NFL team, and he seemed to have all his ducks in a row. But the owners didn’t approve his purchase. He couldn’t get into the old boys club. The basis of this denial, however, was discrepancies and a lack of confidence and in Fowler’s financial portfolio.
Everyone is so touchy these days. Noone can say what they really feel any more in fear of being persecuted and cast aside as a bigot. America is a country where every man has an opportunity to pursue the many offerings of life.  A person’s beliefs should never deny them that opportunity. If Rush has the doe. Let him buy the team. There are rules, systems and bodies put in place to police bigotry and biased practices in the work place.
This opens up a can of worms that can affect all ethnicities and beliefs. The NFL is openly stating that if you don’t share the values and morals of the majority, then you are subject to being cast aside and labeled a “hate monger”. That is a dangerous direction for our country. Nets owner Jay-Z has admittedly sold drugs and continues to glorify it in his songs, but he is still considered fit to own a pro franchise. Why is Limbaugh attacked with such fervor?
Diversity has been the fabric of our uniqueness and success as a nation. People with different opinions and believes having to co-exist for the good of society. We can’t pretend people grew up the same. We are not robots. We all disagree with people who don’t share our core values. That’s what makes us strong people. Debate.
Limbaugh deserves the opportunity to mess up, before he is shown the door. His dream was taken because he was man enough to speak his mind. Right or wrong, my granddad told me America was built on the backs of people with strong beliefs and foundations. These days, I guess as long as you are spewing nonsense on a reality show, you are safe. If you discuss real issues, that spur emotion and conflict, you don’t fit in anymore. The image-conscious NFL doesn’t need right-wing radio hosts drawing attention away from the product on the field. We understand that. But I think down the line, we will see the negative effects of NFL owner decisions that are based on no real criteria other than a difference of opinion.      

NFC South Wrap Up Week 5

                       NFC South Wrap Up Week 5
By Rafael Garcia
Sr. Contributing Writer Football Reporters Online
Southeast Region
Carolina 20 Washington 17
For the Panthers it was just a matter of a win any way they could get it. Well they had to sweat it out but got the win when Jonathan Stewart ran in from eight yards with just over nine minutes left in the game. Jake Delhomme came in needing to exercise the demons that have been haunting him since last year’s playoff debacle. He threw his eight interception of the season but that would mean nothing to him later and now the Panthers are in the win column thanks in part to 18 unanswered points. Delhomme was 16-25 for 181 yards and one touchdown pass. He still has plenty of work to do as he has only three touchdown passes this year and is still trying to get in his rhythm. The running game was also stagnant too as Stewart and DeAngelo Williams combined for 79 yards on 28 carries. One thing for sure is the Redskins and their coach are in some trouble now as the Skins continue their slide and it is only a matter of time before fans start to call for the head of coach Jim Zorn. Carolina is still having problems holding onto the football as they had four more fumbles and lost one. Next week they get a chance at two in a row when they go to Tampa Bay.
Philadelphia 33 Tampa Bay 14
Well so much for Tampa getting their first win against a Philly team that had their number one quarterback in the lineup again. Donovan McNabb returned and simply lit up the Bucs for 264 yards on 16-21 with three touchdown passes and no picks. Two of those were to Jeremy Maclin who continues to impress in his rookie year. Maclin finished with 142 yards on 6 catches as the Tampa defense offered very little resistance. The Tampa Bay offense was led by young QB Josh Johnson’s 26-50 for 240 yards and two touchdowns. He also threw three picks and fumbled twice losing one. Tampa is now on a nine game losing streak dating back to last December when they stumbled their way out of the playoffs. First year head coach Raheem Morris is still searching for his first NFL win.
Atlanta 45 San Francisco 10
This was one of those games where one team got outmatched, out muscled and outplayed. The 49ers started the season strong under head coach Mike Singletary. If not for one play they could have started 4-0. Players like TE Vernon Davis went from the dog house to a go to receiver. Then came game time where the Falcons would rip any confidence they had. I mean it was a whipping of the worst kind. Falcons wide receiver Roddy White had 185 yards by halftime and finished with 210 on eight catches with two touchdowns. one was a 90-yard beauty to put Atlanta up 14-0. At halftime it was 35-10 and basically the Niners were done. Matt Ryan was 22-32 for 329 yards and two scores. Michael Turner chipped in with three touchdowns rushing and 97 yards. So Atlanta moves to 3-1 and look to keep pace with the Saints who face the Giants next week.

Seven & Out – Week V

Seven & Out – Week V
By Michael – Louis Ingram Associate Editor/Director of Scouting=Football Reporters Online
PHILADELPHIA (FRO/BASN): The word from On High is out about Week 5 in the NFL; so we come bearing gifts - (or is it gifting Bears?) Either way, here’s seven bowls of porridge for you…
Dallas wide receiver MILES AUSTIN had 10 catches for a team-record 250 yards and two touchdowns in the Cowboys’ 26-20 overtime victory at Kansas City.  Austin, who had a 60-yard game-winning TD reception in OT, is the 10th player in NFL history to record at least 10 catches, 250 yards and two touchdowns in a game.  He is the only one of those 10 to record the game-winning score in overtime.
(Oh, yeah – and Dallas needed every damn yard in order to avoid a major upset by the Chiefs {nee Dallas Texans!} What I find really interesting is how the accounts of the heroic comeback of the quarterback pales in comparison to that of who actually did the heavy lifting; in this case, Austin – who, like Patrick Crayton & Sam Hurd, spoke glowingly as to how a former teammate helped them become professionals. Some guy named Terrell Owens…)
In addition to Austin, Atlanta wide receiver RODDY WHITE had eight catches for a team-record 210 yards and two touchdowns in the Falcons’ 45-10 win at San Francisco.  This marks the second time in NFL history that two receivers each recorded at least 200 receiving yards and two TD catches on the same day (Kansas City’s STEPHONE PAIGE and Houston’s DREW HILL, December 22, 1985). 
(I am wondering when the Devil plans to come and knock on Roddy White’s door to either ask for the hands he had grafted on him, or for his soul. While I now say this facetiously, White has come a long way as a receiver.  He still has a lot further to go, however, before being given consideration as one of the league’s elite. For arguments’ sake, let’s say, ohh, Randy Moss, Andre “Soundwave” Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, Calvin “Megatron” Johnson, Owens, Brandon Marshall, Reggie Wayne, Vincent Jackson, Steve Smith, Steve Smith {no I didn’t stutter; the Giants ‘ Smith is just as good} Anquan Boldin, Chad Ocho Cinco, Hines Ward, Santonio Holmes, Santana Moss, Torry Holt, Isaac Bruce, Antonio Bryant, Desmond Mason, Donald Driver, Chris Chambers, Dwayne Bowe, Wes Welker, Jericho Cotchery, Lavernaues Coles, T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Greg Jennings, Lee Evans and maybe two or three I can’t think of off the top of my head – then we’ll talk!)      
Arizona quarterback KURT WARNER passed for 302 yards in the Cardinals’ 28-21 victory over Houston.  It marked the 50th career 300-yard passing performance of his career, the fifth-most in NFL history.  Warner, who has now passed for 300 yards in 50 of 113 games (44.2 percent), is the fastest quarterback to reach 50 300-yard games, surpassing Pro Football Hall of Famer DAN MARINO (176 games).
(Again we have our “so what?” statistic for the week. How many of those damn games did Warner win?)
Warner has now passed for 13,255 yards as a Cardinal.  He threw for 14,447 yards with the St. Louis Rams and joins Pro Football Hall of Famer FRAN TARKENTON as the only players to pass for at least 13,000 yards with two different teams.
(It’s safe to say those yards with the Rams were mostly wins; just as most of those Cardinal/N.Y. Giants yards were mostly losses. In this bastardized fantasy universe of stat masturbation, it only means Warner, a decent player and man by all accounts, has had a lengthy career filled with some worthy accomplishments.)
Baltimore safety ED REED had a 52-yard interception-return touchdown against Cincinnati, the 12th return TD of his career.  Reed is now tied with RONDE BARBER, DEVIN HESTER and DARREN SHARPER for the most return touchdowns among active players.
(Ed Reed is not just a safety; he is the best safety in football. Although fans in Pittsburgh {Troy Polamalu} may disagree, no one player I’ve seen {including my man ex- Eagle Brian “Wolverine” Dawkins} plays every aspect of the position with as much skill as Reed.
Reed also has wide receiver hands, rarely drops the ball when in his neighborhood, and has only been in the game nine seasons, with just about every one of them at Pro Bowl level or better. If he walked away right now, Reed is about as slam-dunk a first vote Hall of Fame selection as any to come down the pike in years.)
Dallas tight end JASON WITTEN played in his 100th career game and had five catches for 47 yards.  Witten has 457 career receptions, the second-most all-time by a tight end in his first 100 games.  Pro Football Hall of Famer KELLEN WINSLOW had 497 catches in the first 100 games of his career.
(An actual testament to both tight ends, given the caliber of receivers they have had as teammates.)
Denver wide receiver EDDIE ROYAL had 10 catches for 90 yards in the Broncos’ 20-17 overtime victory over New England.  Royal, who now has 109 receptions in 20 career games, is the third wide receiver in NFL history to reach 100 catches in 20 or fewer games, joining Arizona’s ANQUAN BOLDIN (16 games) and former New England wide receiver TERRY GLENN (20). 
(Nice selection by Denver in drafting Royal - a nifty, shifty receiver who runs all the patterns by the numbers, and is an excellent complement to Marshall in attacking opposing defenses.)
Philadelphia rookie wide receiver JEREMY MACLIN had six catches for 142 yards and two touchdowns in the Eagles’ 33-14 win over Tampa Bay.  Maclin recorded the first two TDs of his career on receptions of 51 and 40 yards.  He is the fifth rookie since 1970 to have his first two career receiving touchdowns go for at least 40 yards and occur in the same game.
(Now if only Philadelphia had put this kind of effort in finding comparable talent when McNabb was at his peak; I still believe Giants got the best receiver in the draft in Hakeem Nicks, but Maclin’s not bad…)
Cincinnati running back CEDRIC BENSON rushed for 120 yards in the Bengals’ 17-14 win over Baltimore.  Benson is the first running back since Kansas City’s LARRY JOHNSON (120 yards on December 10, 2006) to rush for 100 yards against the Ravens, ending the NFL’s longest current streak (39 games) without allowing a 100-yard rusher.
(Cast off by Chicago, Benson has made the most of his opportunity with Cincinnati, running the rock hard, displacing incumbent Rudi Johnson, and making an early statement for Comeback Player of the Year!)
And, as always, once the point has been established - if you throw a seven – you crap out!