Wednesday, May 05, 2010

'Los Suns' Cinco de Mayo protest a great idea

The NBA's Phoenix Suns, as sick to death of Arizona's racist illegal immigration law as the rest of us are (and anyone can make a rigged poll), have elected to take matters into their own hands and where a special jersey for tonights NBA Playoff Game against The San Antonio Spurs on Cinco de Mayo.

The jersey reads 'Los Suns' and is an obvious hat-tip to the plight of Phoenix Latino Community, which has to suffer with being singled out as a whole for the actions of a few, not to mention America's obvious love for Hot Irish Waitresses and Swedish Au-Pair Girls with expired VISAs.

Phoenix is a majority-minority city, with 41 percent of its population playing host to the same ethnic minority Arizona's racist illegal immigration law was really designed to target. It's not just a socially responsible act, but good business for the Phoenix Suns to take a stand against a racist law that hurts the people of its community.

Racist. A term that's thrown around a lot, and because some people use it in a weird attempt to stop others from pointing out racism. For example, the idea that a person's racist for recognizing a racist act or action. That's purely stupid, but it's the latest trick used by people who don't want to be forced to be introspective and realize that, even if it wasn't intentional, the act served to reject or cause a person to feel rejected because of the color of their skin, white, black or anything in between. That's racism.

Arizona' immigration law makes brown-skinned people feel rejected.

The Phoenix Suns are taking a grand stand to let Latino's know that they're not being rejected. Bravo. It's a move that shows what private business can do to turn this country in the right direction.

Oakland Local Gentrifying the web is the silliest idea

This isn't something that calls for the amount of time that Oakland Local's given to it, but there's someone in Oakland who has this silly idea that Oakland Local's going to "gentrify" the web. The idea is that Oakland Local will take traffic away from his website.

Well, there's one answer: make a better site.

The web is a wide open space. Not that there's room for everyone, but there's a lot of room. If the person who's concerned about losing traffic wants to have more of it, all they have to do is learn Search Engine Optimization.

And if they're concerned about Oakland Local, study how the site is designed and go from there.

But calling Oakland Local a name or saying that it's going to "gentrify" the World Wide Web is just plain silly.

Not something to Rock The Casbah about.

Faisal Shahzad: Times Square bomb suspect just an upset American

Faisal Shahzad: pissed off
It's funny how race-based thinking can cloud the view of people. In the case of Faisal Shahzad, the Times Square Bomb Suspect, his Pakistani origin and rumored but not confirmed story of going to Pakistan to learn bomb-making are perfect smoke-screens to cause any racist to go hunting for accomplices from Pakistan.

Who Faisal Shahzad really is can be summed up in one sentence: Faisal Shahzad is an unemployed, pissed off husband and father of two kids who's over $200,000 in debt and lost his home.

I realized this while watching CNN's complete account of Faisal Shahzad and feeling sorry for the other Faisal Shahzads who are on Facebook and who's photos were probably used by some overzealous media type looking to identify Faisal "ASAP." This whole thing was summed up when Anderson Cooper reported that Faisal Shahzad was laid off from his job and lost his house. Shahzad owned $200,000 on the home; so he and his family were kicked out of it.

That's the story, folks. It's not some Islamic terrorist group. It's not Osama Bin Laden. It's not even Shake-Your-Money, though Faisal Shahzad wished he had some money to shake. Shahzad wanted to just blow something up because his life was being blown up.

Somewhere along the way the stress of not being able to provide for his family just plain got to him. So, like Joseph Stack, who flew his plane into the Austin, Texas IRS Building after a pattern of economic failures, job losses, and perceived overtaxation, Faisal Shazad just got fed up. He said he expected to be caught. He left a lot of clues. He's not a terrorist. He's a disgruntled American citizen.

So those of you who are frankly getting off on the idea that Faisal Shahzad is a terrorist who "abandoned his house" and is connected to some group are behaving in as psychotic a way as Faisal was before he realized he screwed up. The FBI needs to take off the racist blinders, stop trying to make connections that don't exist, and see the problem that's right in its face.

If Faisal Shazad had a job and was able to maintain his home and provide for his family, there would have been no Times Square bomb to talk about. Eventually, the FBI, you, and the rest of America will wake up and realize that I'm right about this guy.

Stay tuned.

Times Square Bomber sings post by Suzannah B. Troy

The Time Square bomber Faisal Shahzad is being cooperative with investigators and is a treasure trove of information as was the trail he left.  

There are many questions that of course leave New Yorkers wondering for instance how did he buy a one way ticket in cash and even get on an airplane to Dubai let alone anywhere else.  Remember Sept. 11, the 2nd terrorist attack at the World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan?  Apparently the person who took his money did not remember Sept. 11 or to check the no fly list which supposedly his name had been entered on that morning.  When someone purchases a one way ticket  to Dubai no less it is certainly a red light...yes? It was also reported he had a gun in his car parked in the lot of the airport.  How did he purchase that gun?

I am an artist and I consider my life performance art.  I am an emotional nudist.  I let it all hang out and usually like a stand up comic.  Example: When mayor Mike Bloomberg says "progress" he means get the moving van!  When I read The New York Times front page article on the trail Faisal Shahzad left, I could not help feeling alarmed as in "TMI"...TOO MUCH INFORMATION!!!!  I am glad the powers that be held back just a little but does the press really need access to almost all inside information to share with us and the terrorists reading these articles?

In the meantime New York City apparently is the hot spot for terror attacks and wannabe terrorists eager to make a name for themselves like a serial killers on a bigger scale but we, NYC,  can't seem to get the support of The White House for the Federal funding that we have more than proven with how many thousands of people mass murdered, destruction of Lower Manhattan yet to be rebuilt  and I will leave out the economy because here in NYC, I blame that collapse of our economy on the greed, stupidity and arrogance of Wall Street and the mayor's reckless equally arrogant, greedy, reckless tsunami of community crushing development along with some of the greediest, arrogant self serving politicians that are suppose to be representing the people of New York rather than their self serving agendas and egos.

One example currently in play is the fact Albany has still not balanced the budget which was suppose to be done April 1.  The accusations that Pedro Espada has stolen $14 million dollars of tax payer money, and the successfully prosecution of one city council member Miguel Martinez, Larry Seabrook's senior staff and Kendall Stewar's  for stealing tax payer and on going investigation in to some city council members that I am praying will bring high profile arrests at City Hall.  I can't blame the terrorist for the bad economy -- that is self-inflicted.

The Time Square bomber is singing and that is good but The White House has to wake up and give NYC, the number one hot spot, the support we need.