Sunday, January 16, 2011

Golden Globes 2011: Twitter Live Stream

The Golden Globes 2011 is going on, with some good speeches and a lot of speeches where it's obvious the award winner had something to drink.   Overall, this show is totally funny.  Seriously.

And when that wasn't the case, Halle Berry's body was driving many to drink.  Wow.

(Did you catch Robert DeNiro?  What about Natalie Portman?)

 At any rate, here's the Twitter Stream for the Golden Globes 2011:

Golden Globes 2011: Robert DeNiro Goes Off On Foreign Press

As I blog this I'm sitting in one of the rooms of the Balboa Theater watching The Golden Globes. It's a great turnout of people who are obviously fans of film.

The great actor Robert DeNiro is accepting a special Golden Globe Cecil B. DeMille Award for a lifetime of amazing work in film. He told Matt Damon that he loved him in The Fighter, a playful jab at Damon's intensional mistaking of characters he played in films.

DeNiro thanked the Hollywood Foreign Press and then went off on a weird rant that wasn't taken so well by the audience. DeNiro said many of the members of The Hollywood Foreign Press, saying that many of them should be deported, along with the waiters serving the actors and actresses at the event.

I'm not making this up.

I'm waiting for the YouTube of this whole train wreck of a speech.


Play offs

Right now the New England Patriots are playing the New York Jets. The score is three nothing Patriots, but it's only the second quarter. Blog post done via windows mobile.

Green Bay Packers Favored To Beat Chicago Bears In NFC Championship

Yep. As of now, the Green Bay Packers are favored to beat the Chicago Bears in next Sunday's NFC Championship. That, even though the game's played in snowy Chicago.

Odds makers have the Packers giving 3 to the Chicago Bears, which means some think the Pack will win by more than that much. Personally, I can't see that.

The Chicago Bears just beat the Seattle Seahawks 35 to 24 in a game which saw the Bears ahead by as much as 27 points and for more most of the game. But a furious Seahawks rally made the final score closer than the game really was.

While the Packers blew out the Falcons, it was in perfect indoor conditions for a track meet. I don't think the Packers are going to have the same fortune in the cold at Soldiers Field against a team that knows them, playing for all the marbles.

Take the Bears.

Plus, you know the Bears are going to be fired up to learn they're the underdog in the game!

Stay tuned.

Pork Loin at Plum in Oakland Good, Overpriced

Pork Loin at Plum in Oakland, originally uploaded by zennie62.

Last night, I paid a visit to the new Plum Restaurant on Franklin near Broadway. It's a new addition to the Uptown Oakland food scene, joining Luka's, Osumo, Pican, Vo's, and Bakesale Beattie's, as well as Farley's Cafe and forming a nexus of food places at Broadway and Grand.

Now, I'm not a restaurant reviewer. In fact, I was spurred to try Plum because of Michael Bauer's review at Plus, living in Oakland, I think its important to support Oakland business whenever I can.

Now, I've got to put this in perspective. The Pan-Roasted Half Chicken at The Wood Tavern is the best in the SF Bay Area. It's a 23 dollar meal that will more than fill you up; you'll have to take some of it home.

I asked what the most filling dish at Plum would be and the patron next to me recommended the Pork. So I ordered it. I inhaled it. It's $18 and yet is the size of a small salad. For the money, not far from the Wood Tavern's Chicken, it was too small a dish.

Good, yes. Awesome. But too small a dish, and that impacts its overall value. Sorry to say.

But here's the weird thing: the meals that have the best price / quantify relationship at Plum are in its late night menu. The Plum version of a Reuben Sandwich is one example, and at $12 is reasonably priced and will fill you up.

Plum's a lovely place, but it seems like the menu's upside down. Hopefully, they'll correct that, soon.

Oh, That Service Charge Thing

Also, Plum has a 16.5 percent service charge that the waiter said "is shared with the kitchen staff," which is fine. I have no problem with that, but it would seem to discourage tipping. I also wondered why they imposed it. Were they afraid that certain Oaklanders wouldn't tip? I commonly leave double the tax as the tip. It was interesting that the waiter pointed directly to the service charge, even though I didn't ask about it.

I gave him an additional $5 because the service charge was less than what the tip would have been. My entire meal, for just me, was $50 with the service charge, which I spent the night before for two people at Miss Saigon Restaurant on Grand next to The Alley.

Plum needs to work that out, and the price / quantity thing, before I can say it's really perfect.

Aaron Rodgers poses for pictures during playoff win, so what?

Yahoo Sports Chris Chase is making a big deal about Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers posing for pictures "like he was at a high school dance" while backup QB Matt Flynn was at the helm as his team was hammering the Atlanta Falcons 48 to 21 in Saturday's NFC Divisional Playoff Game at The Georgia Dome.

So what?

You know, this whole deal of beat reporters getting after players for doing everything from laughing during a loss, to crying, or taking pictures is a bit much. They're human. Just because communications technology lets us see what they do almost all the time during a game doesn't mean we become judge and jury of what they do.

Heck, I'd like to see more players send tweets during the game, it would heighten the experience of watching it.

After all, sports is entertainment today. But I digress.

One thing about Rodgers is he thinks about winning more than the game. I realized this while listening to him after the contest yesterday, when he remarked that "We're just one more game away from Dallas."

That's the wrong way to think.

Rather than thinking about winning, Aaron should be thinking about football.

Oh, GO BEARS (Aaron went to Cal).

Aaron Rodgers Puts On Clinic: Atlanta Falcons Lose To Green Bay Packers

The Atlanta Falcons loss to the Green Bay Packers revealed a lot about the Falcons, but this blogger would prefer (for this post) to briefly focus on one fact: Aaron Rodgers put on "a clinic." In fact, that word was used so much by Fox Sports announcer Joe Buck, he pissed off the Twitterverse so much his name became a Twitter Trend.

(As an aside, it was far different than the regular season game.)

But Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers was brilliant, and so was the Packers game plan.

Let's get this out of the way: Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy is light years ahead of the person who was the terrible offensive coordinator for The San Francisco 49ers in 2005, Alex Smith's first year in the NFL. (And in 2006, McCarthy was selected as the Packers coach in yet another obvious flaunting of The Rooney Rule)  And consider that had the 49ers drafted Aaron Rodgers number one rather than Alex Smith, Mike McCarthy would have coached Rodgers and not Smith, but he's now coaching Rodgers anyway.

And what McCarthy and his staff is doing are developing plays that don't have Rodgers holding the ball very long, throwing into windows to his receivers, rather than waiting for them to break open on long routes.  In many ways, the Packers are the classic Bill Walsh Offense team, an approach the San Francisco 49ers should take note of.

Rodgers was not only 31 of 36 for 366 yards and 3 touchdowns (a lot of 3s) but continued a pattern of passing brillance that this space took note of during the NFL Preseason.

Now, they wait the winner of the Chicago Bears vs. Seattle Seahawks NFC Divisional Playoff game, and as of this writing, Chicago's ahead 21 to zip, and with the snow it may stay that way.

Stay tuned.