Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Megan Fox's thumb in Motorola Super Bowl Commercial causes buzz

Megan Fox is an even bigger star after starring in her first Super Bowl commercial, this one for Motorola. If you haven't seen it, the Super Bowl commercial has Megan Fox playing herself in an outdoor tub filled with bubble water. She uses her thumb to work a Motorola phone, and wonders what would happen if she sent out a picture of herself using the phone's "Motoblur" feature. The result is funny (and you can vote on it too)

But some contend the thumb in the video does not belong to Megan Fox. This blog Pinay Chicken has the explanation:

It seems that Fox has a condition known as brachydactyly, the condition of having too short fingers and toes. Now, Megan Fox's thumb is again in the news because of the Motorola commercial she did, apparently there was a thumb switch that happened, what i mean is that someone else's hand was used in the close up shot of the Motorola phone as it is being used. Watch the video below and see the commercial, see if you notice the "thumb switch". There are also still pictures below (the video) which shows clearly a sexy thumb, which do not look like Megan Fox's thumb.

Is it her thumb? Or was it planned that way to gain more Internet buzz? After the whole Emma Watson hidden leg deal, only time and tide will tell.

American Idol has Ellen DeGeneres debut

American Idol has Ellen DeGeneres tonight and from the looks of things, she's just what the doctor ordered to replace Former Judge Paula Abdul. 66 percent of those surveyed at the blog Idol Chatter said they are excited to see Ellen DeGeneres.

How did she do?

The Chicago Tribune describes Ellen's debut as "low key":

DeGeneres did provide a little humor when she was informing one group of nervous contestants whether they had made it through to the next round. She had been telling hopefuls to "step forward" or "step back," and those who were either in the front or the back of the stage were told they'd made the cut. DeGeneres told one group to move from side to side and back and forth -- then told the entire group that they'd made it through.

Ellen's debut was not without notice on Twitter, and with Ellen herself getting the Twitterverse going with a new hashtag #EllenOnIdol and this tweet:

Tonight I start my job on Idol. Please watch! (On Fox!) #EllenOnIdol
about 6 hours ago from web

Here's a video clip of American Idol with Ellen DeGeneres:

With her eyeglasses and long-sleave blouses, Ellen will be more of a clinical judge than an emotional one because she's learning. What's changing about American Idol is looking at judges who don't sing or aren't in the music business. I don't think that's a good idea because it ruins the quality of the evaluation.

Stay tuned.

Chevron: Ecuador economist will be paid by Ecuador from judgement

The latest twist in the ongoing Chevron Ecuador case finds Chevron claiming that Ecuador's court-appointed economist Richard Cabrera will be paid by Ecuador from a judgement against Chevron, should the American oil company lose its case. According to CBS Marketwatch:

Recently uncovered records, from 2003 through 2008, show from 2003 through 2008, show Cabrera is co-founder, general manager, majority stockholder, and legal representative of an oilfield remediation company, Compania Ambiental Minera-Petrolera S.A. ("CAMPET"), which is registered to perform oilfield remediation and other services for Petroecuador.

In a press release, Chevron Vice President and General Counsel Hewitt Pate said, "For three years, Mr. Cabrera has concealed clear financial conflicts of interest that disqualify him from acting as an independent and objective evaluator of the evidence in the case. While Mr. Cabrera's financial interests alone are sufficient grounds for his report to be rejected, his intentional concealment of those interests further demonstrates that the entirety of his work lacks honesty, integrity, or credibility."

Ecuador is suing Chevron for $27 billion and for claims that between 1968 and 1992 Chevron / Texaco failed to clean up the Amazon Delta during and after its period of oil production, which stopped in 1992. Chevron asserts that it did clean up the area it was within and that since 1992, the state-run Petroecuador Company, which took over production from Chevron, has been responsible for the oil damage.

But the real, untold story is a messy and complex one, and has U.S. nonprofit organizations working as the "rabble rousers" for trail lawyers who claim to be concerned about the people of the Amazon, but have not sued the Government of Ecuador on that basis. An Ecuadorian judge, Judge Juan Nunez (who has since stepped down) and the government itself angling to make money from the Chevron lawsuit. And charges that the line of graft extends all the way to President Rafael Correa himself.

The real story is of a country that is just trying to nationalize its oil production. Ecuador has no real interest in cleaning up the Amazon, otherwise it would have changed the zoning to prohibit oil production long ago. The Ecuadorian Amazon has seen over 118 oil spills since Chevron left the region, yet Ecuador focuses on not just Chevron, but American Oil because it believes they have the resources and the cash such that they can be sued. The objective is simply to trap petrodollars for Ecuador's rich.

One of those who was allegedly working to gain a part of a $27 billion award was the man who came up with the number, Richard Cabrera. Chevron has been after Cabrera for over two years and with good reason. They simply feel he's not competent and attacked the methodology behind his initial findings of a $16 billion damage award, then went ape when he upped it to $27 billion without solid justification, accusing him of "Voodoo Economics."

The one fact that has long made Cabrera's estimates something from a cartoon is that Chevron has not operated in the region for 18 years, and the soil that Cabrera has looked at is not part of embargoed property; it's still used for oil production by Petroecuador and by Brazil, to name some of the organizations that have been active.

That economist Richard Cabrera has financial ties to Petroecuador explains how he could write an economic report that skips over almost 20 years of oil operations by Petroecuador, non-American oil firms and Brazil, and somehow point the finger at Chevron. Again, Ecuador believes America's companies are rich.

Ecuador has spent the better part of the Correa regime trying to scheme or outright take the means of oil production away from American companies. The greatest example of this being the ouster of Occidental Petroleum, and Ecuadorian workers getting into fist-fights over the left over luxury cars.

What would Richard Cabrera's ouster from the Chevron case mean? That the $27 billion damage claim was invalid. This news brought out Ecuador's lawyer Pablo Fajardo, who, according to the "It's getting hot in here" blog, said the following:

Cabrera disclosed to the court that he owned a clean-up company beforehis appointment as Special Master. This fact was properly cited by the court as one of the reasons he was qualified to do the damages assessment.

Chevron thought so highly of Cabrera’s qualifications that it accepted him as a court-appointed expert in an earlier part of the case and paid his fees as required by court rules.

The fact Cabrera’s company is qualified to bid on clean-up contracts offered by Ecuador’s state-owned oil company is irrelevant. That company, Petroecuador, is not a party to the case against Chevron and would have no role in any eventual cleanup.

Cabrera by virtue of his role in the case would be barred from having a role in a future clean-up.

Here, Pablo Fajardo is not telling the right tale and he's got paid bloggers helping him advance a mistruth. Ecuador is party to the case by its attorney general's own admission, and since Petroecuador is owned by Ecuador and is an oil company that too makes it a party to the case. That was settled long ago and by this blogger in this space. The best move for Cabrera is to step out of the matter.

If the organizations and bloggers attacking American oil companies really care about the poor of Ecuador, why don't they sue Ecuador? Hello? Answer?

Still don't have one.

Stay tuned.

Gmail buzz or Google Buzz is up, but for corporate accounts?

Gmail buzz or Google Buzz is up and active today, but the news and information put out by Google doesn't include anything regarding corporate accounts. When one such as this blogger clicks on Google Buzz to try it, he's taken to his personal Gmail account, which is seldom used.

Meanwhile, Gmail buzz or Google Buzz or GBuzz is a novell idea. Perhaps it came as a serendipity, but making email, which is already a kind of social networking device, into a real social networking system does transform Google from a potential buyer of Twitter to a competitor of Twitter and Facebook.

One can share videos and photos, and update their activity with friends. But Google Buzz isn't going to be a replacement for Twitter or Facebook, but another social network to be on,that many already are on. For internet marketers the best addition would be the ability to transfer, well, what do we call them..can't call them tweets...geets...to Twitter and then to Facebook as updates.

But the bottom line is when will corporate accounts be able to use the feature. That's the unanswered question.

For a comprehensive review of Google Buzz right from the presentation at Google Headquarters, read this TechCrunch post: Google Buzz.

Brooklyn Decker's sexy photos in S.I; Decker on David Letterman

Brooklyn Decker, who's claim to fame is being married to tennis star Andy Roddick, is coming into her own celeb space today, with sexy photos in S.I. (that's Sports Illustrated) where she's the 2010 Sports Illustrated Cover Girl. And with that, Brooklyn Decker's on David Letterman tonight.

Brooklyn (who needs a little more muscle, but that's my taste) tweeted that she's in the makeup room (as this is being written) getting ready for the 5 PM tapped show (that comes on at 11:30 PM). In fact, here's a photo from Twtpic:

Where Brooklyn tweets:With Vicki Steckle, Peter butler and chris getting ready in the letterman dressing room!"

Hey, I know Brooklyn's cool because she's hanging with my friend Darren Rovell!

NYC and DC Public Schools closed due to snow

The massive winter snow storm pummeling the Eastern Seaboard is causing NYC and DC Public School closures.

New York City Department of Education Chancellor Joel Klein said this in an e-mailed statement reported by Bloomberg: "While travel conditions to school in the morning may not be difficult, the weather is expected to worsen as the day progresses, complicating dismissal. We are making this decision today to give parents as much time as possible to make alternative plans for tomorrow."

Meanwhile, Washington DC is "snowed under" according to CNN. For the second day, businesses and schools were closed and the National Weather Service predicted another 10 to 20 inches of snow to be dumped on the Nation's Capital Wednesday.

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Saints Parade in New Orleans starts at 5 PM Tuesday

Saints Parade in New Orleans starts at 5 PM Tuesday. The parade for the Super Bowl XLIV Champion New Orleans Saints, with general admission tickets at $25 for the viewing stands and VIP tickets at $100, promises to be "over the top" as one parade organizer said to WDSU.com in New Orleans.

Businesses will close and schools will be shut down for the giant event.

The parade was planned regardless of the Super Bowl XLIV outcome, meaning New Orleans will create any reason to party, but with the Saints victory over the Indianapolis Colts, it takes on more importance.


Also, CNN and the NFL Network have announced they will cover the parade live, and CBS News on USTREAM is going to have a live feed from the parade, which you can see here in this embed:

Video streaming by Ustream

Stay tuned.

Miley Cyrus charity auction for Haiti at Ebay.com/Miley

Miley Cyrus takes on a serious cause: providing relief for Haiti after the horror of the 7.0 Haiti Earthquake.

Miley Cyrus has joined with Nicole Richie, Britney Spears, Hugh Jackman, Demi Lovato, Ellen DeGeneres, Julianne Moore, and Whoopi Goldberg for the online event that runs through February 18th at www.auctioncause.com. Here's Miley Cyrus on the charity auction:

You can go to Ebay.com/Miley to bid on the Herve Leger dress Miley wore at the Grammy Awards as well as win two tickets to the premiere of her next movie, The Last Song.

Miley Cyrus has also teamed up with Leona Lewis, Mariah Carey, Susan Boyle, Alexandra Burke from The X-Factor, Rod Stewart, and Michael Buble, for a remake of REM's "Everybody Hurts" which will also benefit Haiti.

This should answer one emailers concern that I had "something against" Miley Cyrus. I don't. I'm glad to see she's out there helping.

Stay tuned.

Superbowl commercials 2010 - YouTube AdBlitz ends Valentines Day

Super Bowl XLIV is history, but the conversation about 2010 Superbowl commercials is ongoing, it seems. Especially with YouTube AdBlitz.

YouTube has ran a voting contest called YouTube AdBlitz, where you can vote for your favorite commercials from the most watched Super Bowl and most watched television program in history.

YouTube AdBlitz is still going, and runs through Valentines Day.

Check out YouTube AdBlitz here: YouTube.com/AdBlitz and cast your vote for commercials like this one for The Wolfman:

Or this one for "Stranded": a BudLight Super Bowl commercial (one of my favorites):

Craig Ferguson joins Twitter as @CraigyFerg

Late night talk show host Craig Ferguson of The Craig Ferguson Show has discovered Twitter. His name is called @CraigyFerg and his first set of tweets are a doozy. Craig Ferguson let go with a bunch of sentences that mirror his monologues in their go-for-broke style. Here's a sample:

I follow no one. Except Dave I suppose. Or the local news. Or the smell of ham
about 6 hours ago from mobile web

Twitter has better lighting than my show.
about 6 hours ago from mobile web

Oh this is too awesome. Fuckity fuckity heck. (don't want to go too far)
about 6 hours ago from mobile web

Can I say fuck on this thing?
about 6 hours ago from mobile web

Join me followers. Join my robot skeleton army hargggggharggetc.
about 6 hours ago from mobile web

I'm concerned I watch too much Mythbusters. I may need geek rehab
about 7 hours ago from mobile web

More rain comin to LA.it's starting to look like Scotland with teeth
about 7 hours ago from mobile web

The fact that i am on twitter probably means its on the way out.
about 14 hours ago from web

Watching the who @ the superbowl made me sad. Like watching my grampa play the spoons
about 15 hours ago from mobile web

I have 3 dogs. I like 2 of them The one I dont like takes a shite on the kitchen floor every morning. It's French. The dog, not the shite.
about 16 hours ago from web

Craig Ferguson says he's not going to follow a lot of people. Here's hoping he changes his tune.

Rick Perry gets Sarah Palin's help against GOPs Kay Bailey Hutchison

Sarah Palin's on the GOP campaign trail. Palin's giving Texas Governor Rick Perry help by showing up at his event held in Cypress, Texas (a Houston suburb) on Super Bowl Sunday. According to the Austin American Statesman, Palin is supporting a man - Perry - against the legendary Kay Bailey Hutchison in the March GOP Primary.

That should be a wake-up call to women in politics: Sarah Palin does not support a woman, even if she's in the GOP and unless she's a Couch Potato Conservative. But even then, there's no evidence that Sarah Palin will go the extra mile for a woman conservative candidate.

Sarah Palin's backing of Governor Rick Perry will be a sign of her pattern for the future: Republican men get her help; Republican women gain her wrath.

No word on Palin's use of her hand; she's wasn't getting paid this time: