Thursday, January 14, 2010

Haiti Earthquake benefit at Oakland's Conga Lounge this Friday

The Haiti Earthquake is the focus of a benefit party to be held at The Conga Lounge in Oakland Friday night at 5422 College Avenue in the Rockridge District.

Conga Lounge owner Mano Gougoumis Thanos wrote this note about the event:

"I will be DJ'ing Haitian Kompa music pus Zouk , Latin music and Reggae. There is no cover for the event, but I will be accepting donations at my DJ booth.

The benefit is from 10pm to 2 am this Friday at the Conga Lounge. I have contacted Hatian friends of mine to bring someone from Hatian Relief to the event , to collect the money at the conclusion of the party. But if you know of any other organizations assisting Haiti have them call me - 510 - 867 - 1092.

This party is gonna be a lot of fun and we will be assisting Haiti too. I hope you can make it to. Haitian music is really fun, tropical and laid back. Great for dancing! Plus I think the Conga Lounge is gonna be the only bar spinning Kompa this Friday!"

So get down to the place that's the home of the Oakland MaiTai, The Conga Lounge, and help Haiti in the process.

Haiti Earthquake more important than Zennie's Ron Dellums opinion

A large number of blog posts back I wrote that Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums should not run for reelection. Within the blog post, I did, what bloggers do: give their opinion. That's what blogging is all about.

I linked to a small local publication really for the purpose of giving it some link love and used it as a springboard, not a reference point, for my own views of Mayor Dellums's job in Oakland's City Hall. (Which is separate from how I view the Mayor personally. He's a giant in politics and African-American history. Period.)

So, I wrote that post, and moved on. Today, it was brought to my attention that the author at the small, local publication wrote a large, laughable, tome of an article all devoted to me, Zennie Abraham as the "Chronicle Blogger" (uh, my website is My first response was "Cool" and my second was "This is silly" and finally I thought "Let's put them into play to teach a lesson."  Which I've done.

It's really terrible for an East Bay, California publication - on a day when Oaklanders Walter Riley and Barbara Rhine are still reported missing in Haiti - to waste time writing about their issues with my opinion and not about Riley and Rhine or Haiti.

I can almost see that author pacing the floor, ringing their hands, and talking to themselves over this whole deal, cursing my name all the time saying "That #$$ Zennie".   And didn't even bother to mention the Haiti organization aid list!


No wonder I hit the floor laughing!

Yes, I generate a lot of traffic. OK, I'm now at over 11 million video views on YouTube. So what? People over in Haiti need our help and our organization, not for people who have silly issues with video-bloggers to spend a lot of time getting out their media ya-ya's over them, let alone losing sleep over me.

Let's focus on Haiti and the big stuff around us. Please?

Ron Dellums should not run for reelection. He will lose. That's my view and I'm sticking to it. If that angers some and they can't sleep or eat, too bad.  If you want to run 20 miles and cry havoc, go right ahead. (But you'd be better off waiting until the Oakland Marathon.)  I don't want to see Dellums lose an election.  OK?

But there's one thing I do know for certain: Mayor Dellums is far more concerned about Haiti than about me.

At least I hope so.

When you can, find a place here to help Haiti, and God bless.

Rush Limbaugh Haiti comments defended by Free Republic

In a classic example of "why-did-they-do-that?" Kristinn at Free Republic tries to play Matrix with Conservative Radio Host Rush Limbaugh's terrible and insensitive Haiti comments.

Kristinn claims this:

Led by the Democratic party front group Media Matters which issued a posting headlined "We've already donated to Haiti, it's called the U.S. income tax", the media is smearing Rush Limbaugh with a despicable lie accusing Rush of telling his listeners to not donate to Haiti earthquake relief efforts.

Rush was warning listeners of being taken in by the Obama administration by going to, as Obama instructed, to make donations to Haiti earthquake relief. He was concerned the donations made there would go to the Obama administration. It was that concern that prompted his remark that has been taken out of context and used to smear Rush--and conservatives.

A caller to Rush questioned why he should go through the Obama administration to make a donation to the Red Cross and Rush expounded on that thought. Additionally, the caller said his mother was headed to Haiti to help out. Rush did not discourage that nor did he in any way discourage people making donations to non-Obama administration controlled charities.

He did make the point that throwing money at the problems in Haiti has not worked because of thievery by dictators who've run Haiti and a failure to focus on self-reliance with the charitable work.

Rush did not tell people not to help the Haitians.

Kristinn didn't listen to what Rush Limbaugh said, or did hear it but only picked out what she wanted to hear and not what Ruch Limbaugh said. Here's what Rush Limbaugh said:

In addition to "We've already donated to Haiti. It's called the U.S. income tax", Rush Limbaugh made this statement after the caller said his mother was going to go to Haiti. Note that Rush Limbaugh never encourages the effort:

There are people who do charitable work everyday in Haiti. It's not as though (Florida Democratic Representative) Debra Wasserman Schultz, 'It's our fault. Reverend Wright "It's our fault; excuse for such poverty when there' a nation as rich as we are so close (hear hand pound on desk). Uh. There are people who have been trying to save Haiti, just as we're trying to save Africa. You just can't keep throwing money at it cause the dictatorships there just take it all. They don't spread it arou...and even if they did you're not creating a permanent system where people can provide for themselves.

Translation: none needed. Rush Limbaugh is openly discouraging donations and expenditures to help Haiti after the horrifying Earthquake.  Note that's what he did because Rush Limbaugh's about to provide a lesson in how he gains ratings below.

The fact that hundreds of thousands of people may have died is apparently of no concern to Rush Limbaugh. For anyone from Free Republic to defend Rush at this point in time is to run the risk of being accused of exhibiting the same level of insensitivity as Rush Limbaugh did yesterday.   But Rush Limbaugh's playing a game that even the Free Republic doesn't get.

Rush Limbaugh cleared his comments today in a phone comment to a caller named "April". He said today he does not discourage donations to Haiti: "I did not say do not send donations to Haiti." He said he loves to "tweak" the media.

Right. He didn't say donate to Haiti and he made a long statement that anyone would interpret as "don't donate to Haitian relief."

What Rush Limbaugh likes to do is say things that he knows will upset people, then backtrack after people do get upset about them and say that what he did say was wrongly interpreted by "The Liberal Media" (he forgot Conservative Pat Buchanan).

Rush Limbaugh then called April a blockhead and a bigot (?) and said she was ill-informed. Then he says... "Your mind is totally closed. You've got tampons in your ears."

That was sexist and uncalled for. But here we go again.

In a way, Rush Limbaugh's starting to look like the Perez Hilton of radio, violating the basic decency of people to cause a fuss which then turns the attention to himself, which Clear Channel then makes sure he gets paid for.    How long that will go on for is anyone's guess.  But Clear Channel's going to have to atone for Rush Limbaugh's antics.

Stay tuned.

Pat Robertson and Rush Limbaugh show Haiti foot-in-mouth disease

The damage caused by the Haiti 7.0 Earthquake has brought out the best in the World's compassion; but that's punctuated by occasional doses of racism, hatred, and evil. 700 Club Televangelist Pat Robertson has gained the anger of many in America for his comments regarding Haiti. And Conservative Radio Talk Show Host Rush Limbaugh proved he learned nothing from his chest pains and heart attack threat during the holidays, when he made racist comments about Haiti and African Americans on Wednesday.

Rush Limbaugh's skewed view surfaces again

As people by the thousands turned up dead in Haiti, Rush Limbaugh returned to his racist "us versus them" "white versus black" white supremacist stance when he said this about President Obama's call to action to help Haiti:

“use this to burnish their, shall we say, credibility with the black community, in the… the both light-skinned and dark-skinned black community in this country. It’s made to order for them.”

But Rush Limbaugh didn't stop there. The Huffington Post and Digital Journal report Limbaugh worked to discouarge aid to Haiti, saying...

"We've already donated to Haiti. It's called the U.S. income tax."

According to Politico, Rush Limbaugh didn't score points with liberals or conservatives. MSNBC's Pat Robertson said Limbaugh's remarks were "deeply insensitive."

Pat Robertson made a "pact with the Devil" in claiming that Haiti's Earthquake was a result of a pact with the Devil. Robertson said that when Haiti was a French colony, it swore a pact with the Devil in escaping French rule. Translation: not being ruled by a white nation is not in the sprit of God, but a pact with the Devil. Robertson said:

“But ever since they have been cursed by one thing after the other. That island of Hispaniola is one island. It is cut down the middle on the one side is Haiti the other is the Dominican Republic. Dominican Republic is prosperous, healthy, full of resorts, etc. Haiti is in desperate poverty.”

Robertson has since worked to back away from his statements, claiming compassion for Haiti. Rush Limbaugh has not backed away from his statements as of this writing. There's no word on Clear Channel's support of Rush Limbaugh's opinion on Haiti. Clear Channel has a $400 Million contract with Limbaugh's radio program.

Haiti Disaster: Why You should Give To Help Yourself

[Republished with permission from DocGurley's blog]

That moment at the concert where everyone hold...
Image by Dr Stephen Dann via Flickr

Are your fingers hovering over the keys? Did you even go so far as to get out your wallet and look at your credit card? But then there were those little voices in your head, weren't there? Not the kind that succumb to Abilify, maybe, but evil, portentous voices nonetheless. The kind of voice that says, "yeah, but those people are dirt poor already. Giving a few bucks, now that it's too late, isn't going to fix a damn thing in that godforsaken country." Or, "didn't the Red Cross bungle the last disaster? They're all corrupt, these programs." Or, worse, it might be a voice that says, "hey, I remember that rude Haitian cab driver in New York. They come here, take jobs, what do I owe those people?"

Or, instead, for so many of us, it's a voice that says, "yeah, but I haven't spent twenty bucks on myself - not for a splurge - in God knows how long. Who knows when I'll get that job?"

So why, exactly, should you use your splurge on the people of Haiti? Personally, I believe hopelessness is contagious. It's a virulent disease that spreads rapidly. Despair and destruction and the voices of the lost infect us. Even from a distance. To watch and do nothing is to forfeit a bit of your own joy. If nothing else, it takes emotional energy to ignore the pain of others, and the only way to sustain that energy is by feeding and nurturing anger and frustration and contempt. We are forced to justify our own indifference when we deliberately close the door on suffering of Haiti's magnitude.

But giving, now, even a teensy bit, is a form of wellness. Giving of your time, or a bit of your money, or your voice in social media, or some volunteer hours, or a pint of blood - all those things crack the hard wall of smothering despair and anger and contempt we build around ourselves. It cracks, and light comes in, we open to the world around us.

Giving is lighting a match. It takes a bit of effort, a gritty strike to squelch those voices and then you feel the warmth. Even if your contribution is tiny, it joins with others and altogether we become a stadium filled with lighters, a veritable retina-searing billboard of micro-energy LEDs that illuminate not only our own inner goodness, but a group effort that stands as a beacon to others, no matter what their lonely individual plight. Because hope, too, is contagious.

More and more, science is discovering that it is not enough just to eradicate the bad. If you try to destroy virulent germs, doing so can leave a void, and, all too often, another pathogen just as bad, or worse, moves into that void. And grows. Instead, for better outcomes, you need to nurture the good too. Nothing makes it more difficult for badness to take hold, than a culture of beneficial organisms, growing and working and thriving together.

Studies also show that our emotional health is somewhat similar. Altruism is associated with better life satisfaction, no matter what the circumstances (and here). The benefits of altruism persist, even among those who have been victimized themselves, even the most traumatized among us. Altruism is also associated with what's called more self-efficacy - in other words, when you give to others, you are more empowered to help yourself. And altruism is even associated with not just a better life, but a longer life. Giving to others is a gift you give yourself. It is a form of personal wellth that you can invest and grow.

See, giving to Haiti is a splurge. Go ahead. Indulge yourself.

Go here to see where you can donate (confession: since I went to medical school with Paul Farmer, I'm a bit biased towards Partners in Health, as well as Doctors Without Borders). Got no money? How about spreading the word - use your social media to twitter, email, and FB awareness, and poke your representatives to do something. Or how about giving the Red Cross a boost by donating some blood, so they can free up more resources in other areas (hey, donating blood can help your heart disease risk!). What do you think? Got an "I gave and I feel better" story to share? Do you have more tips for those you want to give? Share in the comments section. And do you want to be on the inside, fast track of news and tips? Get on the Twitter bandwagon and follow Doc Gurley! Also check out Doc Gurley's joyhabit and iwellth twitter feeds - so you can get topic-specific fun, effective, affordable tips on how to nurture your joy and grow your wellth this coming year.

Haiti Earthquake update: Red Cross family finder website up

A Haiti Earthquake update. The American and Haitian Red Cross, and the International Committee of the Red Cross has announced a new website to allow loved ones to work to find their lost family members in Haiti, in the wake of the 7.0 Earthquake.

The site is called FamilyLinks and is intended to "accelerate the process of restoring contact between separated family members", according to its front page.

While the FamilyLinks site, ran by the International Committee of the Red Cross, is well-intentioned, this ominous warning means that it could be used for horrible intentions by Internet spammers:

The ICRC has no means of verifying the information sent through the network. It cannot accept responsibility for any inaccurate information given through the services made available on this site.

The information given on this website is not confidential and can be consulted by everyone. It is the responsibility of the persons publishing information on this website to ensure that no harm can result from this publication. The ICRC cannot be held responsible for any possible consequence that might arise from the publication in this website.

Haiti Earthquake update: support and donations coming in

The Haiti earthquake update news reports that support and donations are coming in, but is it enough? Organizations that in the past would have their own fiscal resources and need donations of items like food and clothing now ask for money, first. But the donations are coming in.

According to OnlyKent, American Red Cross has committed to sending $1 million in aid to Haiti, and Australia has pledged $2 million with more funds to follow for reconstruction. In total around £20 million will be sent to Haiti from around the world as of this writing, but it's not enough.

More money is needed. How much, is anyone's guess at this point.

What follows is an updated and expanded list of organizations planning relief efforts for Haiti. The response to the Haiti Earthquake support and donations list has been tremendous. Emails from around the country and from people not only presenting organizations that should be included in the list, but from people who want to know where to go to provide their own volunteer help for Haiti.

The damage, destruction, and loss of life has been just shocking. The impact has been immediate, and immediately felt. In Oakland, the lawyer-activist couple Walter Riley and Barbara Rhine, are missing.

Power is out everywhere and people are in the dark and need help. The capital city of Port-Au-Prince has been catastrophically damaged; hundreds of thousands of people are reported injured or dead.

Fortunately, legitimate online help efforts have been established. Here are more of them as of this writing and the list will be updated again, later this evening:

Airline Ambassadors - This organization of airline employee and members donates trips, in this case, to Haiti. The website reports:

Airline Ambassadors has acquired several aircraft from various major carriers. Each aircraft will carry 80,000 lbs. of critically needed, prescribed aid. Flights will depart from Denver, Miami, and JFK. We are currently working with Catholic Relief Services, Food for the Poor, LDS Charities, and Southern Command.

American Jewish World Service - Has a special Haiti-relief effort underway. From the press release:

"We are assessing where the gaps in service are and putting a process in place to help specific communities that might not be immediately served otherwise," said AJWS's vice president for programs, Aaron Dorfman. "Because of the economic and political situation in Haiti, disasters like this have devastating consequences throughout the country. Our long-standing partnerships with grassroots organizations in Haiti allow us to reach the poorest and most remote populations with the speed necessary to save lives."

American Red Cross (Reportedly has contributed $200,000 to Haiti relief.)

AmeriCares Help For Haiti. Goes to their International Disaster Relief Fund.

American Friends Service Committee - From the email:

American Friends Service Committee is seeking donations for immediate Haiti relief. This (Nobel Peace Prize winning) organization has a strong track record for efficient delivery of aid that actually goes to those in need.

AMURT is Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team - From the website:

AMURT & AMURTEL staff and volunteers are already on the ground and support teams are flying there in the coming days to assist in the operation. We have a decade of experience with relief work in Haiti and facilitate many ongoing development projects there. We are going to respond to this calamity fast and effectively and we are committed to stay as long as it takes to alleviate the suffering this natural disaster has brought about.
CARE - Reportedly has an ongoing program that focuses on food, water, and health security in Haiti  For program info: (donation link is in the name itself.)

Catholic Relieft Services - From an email:

Please add Catholic Relief Services to the list of organizations responding in Haiti. CRS has already committed to a $5 million emergency response, and its 300 staff in Haiti are well-positioned to commence immediate relief activities. CRS works with many local partner organizations in Haiti. Website:

Caritas Internationalis - From the email and website:

Caritas Internationalis always gets primary aid and medical workers on the ground very rapidly as it has a large network of charities and sister organizations. Caritas has been unable to contact its staff in the capital, although CRS has report the CRS office is intact and the staff present there at the time of the quake are safe. Please pray for the safety of all our staff and all the people of Haiti. An international emergency response team is deploying in Haiti, including Caritas Internationalis Communications Officer Michelle Hough.

Chuck Simmins also has this blog - - of coverage of the Haiti Earthquake Disaster and where to donate, including any organizations that may not be listed here.

Compassion International - From email:

Compassion International is already established in the Haiti, with Nationals in position to distribute aid. Take a look at their web site at They are a highly rated child advocacy ministry. They would be a good addition to your list.

Direct Relief International - From email:

Direct Relief International is aiding Haiti. They have a fantastic record of supplying medical supplies and aid.  (Based in Santa Barbara.)  

Doctors without Borders - Updated web page to reflect their Haiti assistance efforts.

Faith In Action International  - Founded in 1997 by Tom Braak, Faith in Action International is a Christian, grass-roots organization whose goal is to tangibly express God's love to people living in impoverished communities.

Famine Relief Foundation - From email:

My Name is Pastor Mark Dreibelbis.

My Orphanage is in Citi Soleil, Haiti We are located down by the loading docks in Port Au Prince.

We are 7 miles from the epicenter of the quake.
We need donations badly!

Our organization is Famine Relief Foundation
The website is:

Our orphanage is called Mission Ranch Orphanage
We are 501c3 here in the states and a registered NGO in Haiti.

Please get us on the donation list we need immediate help.

In His service

Pastor Mark Dreibelbis
Famine Relief Foundation
Mission Ranch Orphanage

Habitat for Humanity - HFH has a special Haiti page. They're seeking financial support.

HaitiArise - HaitiArise has provided education and relief for the past six years. It's a registered Canadian charity and reports that 100 percent of donated funds go directly to Haiti.

Haiti Emergency Relief Fund - by Vanguard Public Foundation in San Francisco. Established for Haiti before the Earthquake.

International Medical Corps - From their website:

International Medical Corps’ Emergency Response Team is on the way to Haiti, focusing on providing lifesaving medical care and relief to survivors of this devastating earthquake.

Islamic Relief - Islamic Relief has launched an appeal for £1 million to respond to the disaster.

Life In Haiti - Founded in 2007 by R.J. (Bob) Davisson. They have a school in Chabin and report they're providing education to 400 children.

Life For The World - From an email:
My friends and my chldren at my orphanage and school are in deep trouble in Haiti. Eight years ago I built an orphanage and school in Source Matelas, Haiti called Maranatha Orphanage and School. We have 150+ children. We also feed thousands of the poor and befriend Haitians in Bon Repo and Port Au Prince. I personally know thousands of people that have been devastated by this disaster.

I am an American and you can go to our website at and click on the lower right hand side to see the 50+ videos I have posted of our work and you will see me in at least half of them doing the work of feeding the poor in Port au prince and at our orphanage. We are seeking donations on our website to help the displaced with food, shelter and other necessities in the distressed areas of Port au Prince. You can also check out our facebook by searching facebook at "lifefortheworld".

Thank you for your support of our distressed brothers and sisters in Haiti!

Lutheran World Relief - From the website:

Lutheran World Relief is responding to the affected communities through its partners on the ground in Haiti. The coming days are critical as teams dispatch to Haiti to conduct search and rescue efforts. LWR anticipates a large response. Every dollar donated to this life-saving effort is critical to providing the necessary emergency support to the people of Haiti.

Merlin-USA - From an email:

In the aftermath of a massive earthquake that hit Haiti last night, Merlin has launched an emergency appeal to bring urgent humanitarian aid and assistance to those affected. Early reports suggest many buildings have sustained massive damage, including hospitals. Port-au-Prince and the surrounding area is very densely populated and millions of people have been affected. Merlin is assembling a team to assess the damage and health needs in the disaster zone. The team will arrive in Haiti on tomorrow, January 14th. Their first task will be to assess the most urgent medical needs, likely to be water, sanitation, shelter and disease prevention...Our initial fundraising target is $500,000 which will cover one month of the emergency response.

Mercy Corps - Mercy Corps' website is devoted to the Haiti Earthquake Disaster; they're deploying a team bound for Haiti now.

Mountain Top Ministries - Based in Chicago, they're organizing a medical team to go to Haiti.

Operation Blessing International - Operation Blessing International, the 7th largest international charity, has disaster relief teams on the ground and more en route. They are currently assessing the damage and beginning relief efforts.

Oxfam-America - From an email:

Has a Haiti Earthquake Response Fund. I choose them because they already had people in Haiti working on programs and created the donation link on their website within 2 hours.

Partners in Health - You can use the drop-down menu to specify donations to Haiti.

Real Help for Haiti - From the website:

The missionaries of RHFH count it an honor and a priviledge to serve the Haitian people. We trust as you prayerfully consider how to support what God is doing among the Haitian people, you too will see the beauty of the Haitians and be challanged and changed as well.
Sirona Cares - Has a trip scheduled for next Tuesday.  Michelle Lacourciere's the Director. You can contact her at the link to the blog.  The blog itself features posts on Haiti efforts and stories before the Earthquake struck.

The Salvation Army - The Salvation Army is active and on the ground in Haiti.  A representative was just on CNN's Larry King tonight.

Three Angels Children's Relief - Reportedly has a school and medical clinic in Petionville. 

Touch Ministries Recommended but no Haiti-specific page or announcement as of this writing.  

Yele Haiti - Wyclef Jean's Haiti initiative to assist his native Haiti.

UNICEF - UNICEF has set up a special page for donations for the children of Haiti. In an email, UNICEF's Alissa Pinck reports: "UNICEF’s country office in Haiti and the regional office located in Panama is on the ground and have already deployed emergency teams to assess the situation and determine what the additional emergency needs are for the people of Haiti."

What If Foundation - From the email:

I read your entry regarding Haitian aid donations; the What If? foundation is heavily involved with a feeding and education program for children in St Clare parish. As of the last report they have not been able to reach their contacts but continue to try, and will doubtless be active in assisting the people affected by this disaster. Please view their website at and consider including them on your list.

William J. Clinton Foundation - From an email and the website:

My UN office and the rest of the UN system are monitoring the situation. While we don't yet know the full impact of this 7.0-magnitude earthquake, we do know that the survivors need immediate help. There's a way you can help Haiti recover and rebuild right now. (The link takes you to a special page for Haiti relief.)

World Vision - Has a Haiti-specific page with a range of donation levels.  The organization says they're on the ground in Haiti already.

If there are any Haiti-specific efforts not listed here, please send an email to and this entry will be updated.

Teddy Pendergrass dead at 59: the legendary prince of R&B

One of the most popular R&B singers of our time, Teddy Pendergrass is dead at 59 from colon cancer. EOnline explains that, Teddy Pendergrass - who's voice has been favorably compared to that of the late Barry White and called "Teddy Bear" - had what his son Teddy, Jr. described as a rough recovery from surgery for colon cancer eight months ago. The music legend and signpost of the Zeitgeist died Wednesday at Bryn Mawr Hospital in Philadelphia, his home town.

Teddy Pendergrass

Teddy Pendergrass got his start with the Philadelphia group Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes in 1970 when he was recruited as a drummer, then promoted to lead singer. That started a long string of 70s hits, from If You Don't Know Me By Now to The Love I Lost and Bad Luck.

Bad Luck:

Teddy became known for swooning women at his "For Women Only" concerts, and for selling over 10 million records during the amazing 80s. One of the post popular was made after he left Harold Melvin, thus taking away "the Blue note" which earned their albums platnum status; it's called Love T.K.O.

Here's Teddy singing it on Soul Train in 1980:

But it all nearly came to a fatal end in 1982. On March 18, 1982, in Philadelphia, Teddy Pendergrass' Silver Spirit Rolls- Royce reportedly ran into a guardrail and into a bank of trees, leaving the singer partially paralyzed.

He was wheelchair-bound and angry, but fought back with the help of his wife Karen and his family. He went on to make other songs, and was nominated for a Grammy for Voodoo in 1993.

Overall, Teddy Pendergrass produced 33 singles and received five Grammy nominations. He will forever been remembered and hailed as one of the pioneer success stories in black music, defining the music and culture of the 70s and 80s. Before his death Teddy Pendergrass had already achieved living legend status, and will forever hold that place in our lives. Teddy Pendergrass is the legendary prince of R&B.

More Teddy:

Go With Me (Come over to my place):

Close The Door: Apollo Hall of Fame Concert 1993

Teddy Pendergrass: RIP.