Saturday, October 30, 2010

Rally to Restore Sanity/Fear: Stewart & Colbert Rock in DC

The Rally to Restore Sanity/Fear, hosted today by comics Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert in the Washington Mall, was a star studded success. Attended by performing greats such as Tony Bennett, Kid Rock, Cat Stevens, Ozzy Osbourne, the O’Jays’ and Sheryl Crow, the hundreds of thousands of people who were there in person, surely were not disappointed.

Stewart jokingly remarked that the crowd was “over ten million people” during the 3 hour event aimed at bringing civility and tolerance back to the American dialog.

The entire rally was streamed over the internet and carried live on both CSPAN 1 and Comedy Central. Complete with an awards ceremony, Myth Busters experiments, walk ons from celebrities like wrestler Mick Foley, Sam Waterston, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, R2D2 and a benediction by Father Guido Sarducci, the rally far surpassed any I have watched in Washington in quite some time.

Among the medals bestowed by Stewart and Colbert, a few excellent ones stood out: One, a Medal of Reasonableness to Velma Hart, who respectfully disagreed with the President recently, one of Colbert’s Fear Awards (the “Feary,” he called it) to Anderson Cooper’s “tight black t-shirt,” a symbol of cable-news fear-mongering and another “Feary” that was awarded to a 7 year old girl who, according to Colbert, showed more courage for attending than those Media outlets who banned their employees from going to the event. (CBS, ABC and especially NPR)

Stewart’s closing remarks: “So. Here we are.” He said he wanted to conclude with “some sincerity” that might breach the “boundaries for a comedian/talker/pundit-guy.” His message ended with media criticism: “We live in hard times, not end-times. We can have animus and not be enemies. One of our main tools is broken.” Referring to the 24-hour news media, which in his view is the real stoker of fear. “If we amplify everything, we hear nothing,” he said. “Americans don’t live on cable tv… most Americans don’t live their lives as Democrats or Republicans or liberals or conservatives. Most live their lives as people a little bit late for something they have to do…making little, reasonable compromises we all make…we have to work together to get from the darkness to the light.”

“The press is our immune system: If it over-reacts to everything, we get sicker, and maybe eczema.”

The show concluded with Tony Bennett singing “America the Beautiful” and Mavis Staples singing “I’ll Take You There.”

Some of my favorite rally monemts (besides Ozzy) was the great poem written by Colbert and read by Sam Waterston (video was not available) and Colbert's arrival on stage via a replica of the FENIX which was used recently to rescue the miners in Chile.

Kid Rock debuted an original song “The Least That I Can Do Is Care” (from his upcoming album) in a live duet with Sheryl Crow, singing lyrics that seemed quite appropriate for the message Stewart hoped to convey. (See video below)

Rally To Restore Sanity: CNN's Anderson Cooper's T-Shirt Gets Award

The Rally To Restore Sanity And / Or Fear, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert's effort to restore a sane political discourse and drawing 1 million to The National Mall in Washington DC, featured CNN's Anderson Cooper.

Well, his tight t-shirt that is.

Anderson Cooper's tight t-shirt, seen at seemingly every disaster in the World, was given an "Award of Fear" at The Rally To Restore Sanity today. And that's why the t-shirt gets an award. It's everywhere. And something CNN started with Anderson two years ago, it an effort to get both the female and gay viewing population - I guess.

While the t-shirt, or a reasonable representation of it, was brought out to loud cheers at The Rally, Anderson Cooper himself was not present.

C-SPAN Polling Viewers

C-SPAN is running a phone poll of viewers asking if The Rally To Restore Sanity was politics or entertainment? This blogger says it's right down the middle. It's both.

Stay tuned.

Seattle Rally To Restore Sanity Draws Thousands

The Rally To Restore Sanity may be in Washington DC, but it has spawned events in other parts of America, like Seattle.

According to The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, the Seattle version of The Rally To Restore Sanity has drawn "thousands" of people who could not make it to Washington DC today.

The Rally To Restore Sanity: Seattle is part of a larger set of rallies in Boston and Los Angeles, and other cities. Over 5,000 people registered to attend the The Rally To Restore Sanity: Seattle .

The Rally To Restore Sanity is a dramatic effort to bring America back to the center and toward the reasoned discourse of the recent past. Now, it seems extremists on both sides of the political fence, aided by a ratings and traffic hungry media, are working to dominate politics.

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert's message is that this has to stop. Especially the extremism of the Tea Party movement and what this blogger calls "Couch Potato Conservatives."

Rally To Restore Sanity Draws 1 Million People; CNN Screws Up

The Rally To Restore Sanity And / Or Fear, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert's answer to Glenn Beck's insulting rally on the National Mall before MLK Day, has drawn 1 million people.

(UPDATE - Seattle Rally To Restore Sanity draws 5,000.)

This count comes from this blogger's experience attending the Presidential Inauguration, January 20, 2009. On that day, there were an estimated 2 million people, extending from the Capital down past the Washington Monument.

On today's Rally To Restore Sanity, the entire part of The National Mall is covered with people as far as the eye can see, and the Comedy Central camera's aren't covering up a thing. It's huge. So large it scared off CNN.

CNN showed one clip with Ozzy Osborne while, for some stupid reason, explaining they were going to West Virginia to show Sarah Palin and an all-white group of performer at some rally you don't care about. Meanwhile, CNN rightfully shows that the Rally To Restore Sanity And / Or Fear is on Comedy Central, then turns to the West Virginia rally. This blogger turned to Comedy Central, where The Rally has a multi-racial group of performers. So much for Jon Stewart as a bigot.

Wish I Was There

Running a business means having to give up certain things, and one of them was the trip to Washington DC for The Rally To Restore Sanity. But I'm catching it on TV, as CNN's Anderson Cooper's tight black t-shirt is getting an Award Of Fear from Jon and Stewart. Too funny.

If CNN Were Ran Well

If CNN were ran well, it would have hourly coverage of The Rally To Restore Sanity from the ground level perspective. Who's there? What do they think?  If CNN were ran well, the higher-ups would have sent the iReport team would be there in full.

CNN can do so much better.

Charlie Sheen: Did He Scream N-Word On Cocaine? Call Michael Jordan

Did CBS' Two And A Half Men star Charlie Sheen scream the N-word while on a drunken coke rant as part of his partying at the New York hotel The Plaza and at the restaurant Daniel, as reported by

 If so, what would NBA Legend Michael Jordan, who made those Hanes Commercials with Sheen, have said if he discovered that Sheen was a racist? And what's the deal with Charlie screaming the N-word, anyway? If that's the case, was Sheen thinking of Jordan?

Here's one of the commercials below  (As a note, Hanes has disassociated itself from Charlie Sheen after his January arrest for domestic violence.)

Charlie Can't Find $12,000

According to, Sheen was with Carpi Anderson, a porn star and escort he hired for the trip, as well as two of Sheen's assistants, and two friends, and all went to Daniel, Daniel Boulud's hip eatery located at 60 E. 65th St. in Manhattan's Upper East Side.

There, in a bathroom next to the private room for Sheen's party, Charlie reportedly snorted cocaine and pulled his pants down to have sex with Carpi Anderson. But Anderson wanted to be paid the $12,000 he reportedly agreed to pay her to have sex with him. Charlie didn't have the money on him, so no sexual intercourse took place in the bathroom. Later, they returned to The Plaza Hotel, the luxury hotel located at Central Park South, just a short distance from Daniel Retaurant.

It was at The Plaza that Charlie Sheen lost it when he couldn't find his money to pay Carpi Anderson. He reportedly became violent and started throwing furniture around, yelling the N-word over and over again. Why? No one knows, except that the dude must have some racist thoughts to say the N-word, over the various other things he could have done or said.

RadarOnline's source said "He just kept screaming it but he was so far gone from drinking and snorting coke and smoking coke that he had no idea what he was doing.When the cops arrive Charlie was naked. They threw a sheet on him and then tackled him."

What Would Jordan Think?

What would Michael Jordan have said if he knew Charlie Sheen had such thoughts? Would Jordan have done the famous series of Hanes Commercials with Sheen? This corner doubts it.

Maybe Sheen was upset that, in his mind, a black guy doesn't have to pay for sex with Carpi Anderson, but he does? Just a guess.

Stay tuned.