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Megan Avalon on Tough Love on VH1

Tough Love is a reality TV show that this blogger never heard of, but Megan Avalon, who a friend, personal trainer, and model of the Zennie62 blog brand wants to be a host or at least be on the VH1 reality TV show.

That set in motion some research on Tough Love and a video talk about the show. According to Megan Avalon, Tough Love is a kind of relationship boot camp on television. The host Steven Ward shows women how to get over their flaws and have better relationships with men.

But is Steve Ford the best idea of a host for such a show?

Megan says she should be the host of Tough Love because she knows what men want and she knows how to have a successful relationship, which she does have with her current boyfriend. "Men want to be in a relationship with a woman who's confident, not clingy," she says. "I know what men want and I know what women need."


 Megan wants to show women how to feel better about themselves and believes she can bring that to the show Tough Love. Let's take a look at a scene from Tough Love:

Megan Avalon would be better to stomach as a host than Steve Ford. The image of a woman talking tough to other women is better than the image of a man doing it. It just seems like Steve's living the verbally abusive man's fantasy of telling off a bunch of lovely women.

That's this blogger's read of Tough Love. Steve says some real hard stuff to the women on the show ("You're a gold-digger!") and just rolls in it like a pig in mud.

Better a woman like Megan Avalon.

America should not have to turn to a reality TV show rather than have real friends to talk to.     Megan says the reason shows like this thrive and that people don't talk to their friends is fear of intimacy.


What do you think of Tough Love? Take the poll below and chime in. What do you think of VH1's Tough Love?

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Cal ASUC passes bill urging University of California divestment in Israel

Cal ASUC - from 2008 meeting on fight
The Cal ASUC Senate (or The Associated Students of The University of California) passed a very controversial bill last Wednesday night, that called for the University of California campus system to divest from Israel.

The reason for the bill's creation was concern that the University of California was investing in companies that supplied Israel with materials used in alleged war crimes.

According to the Daily Californian, ASUC Senators voted 16 to 4 to pass the bill, following a hearing that drew 80 speakers and four hours of discussion.

According to the blog Desert Peace, Student Senator Rahul Patel said "In the 1980s the Berkeley Student Government was a central actor in demanding that the university divest from South African apartheid. Twenty-five years later, it is a key figure in shaping a nationwide movement against occupation and war crimes around the world."

He's right. This blogger remembers the riot that happened on campus surrounding South Africa. The difference was there was a more united front against South African apartheid and it was clear the UC system was standing in the way. But in this case, the matter of Israel is more complicated and comes with a divided audience at Berkeley. The same audience that saw a fight between Pro-Israel and Pro-Palestine Advocates in 2008.

But it's also clear that Israel's bombing and invasion of Gaza was horrible and criminal. Many American Jews have expressed outraged at the action, even though there's a tendency for the media to focus on American Palestinian views. It's also an action that has put many American Jews in a terrible spot, especially at Cal.

The problem is the bill comes at a time when there has been a bit of anti-Israel bashing at C Berkeley. It's not that tensions are so high that campus life is threatened, but it's also clear that they are impacted by the bill's vote.

Hopefully, the central debate does not escalate into a campus problem. Right now, what's clear is that the ASUC has made what it wants to be seen as an anti-war vote, and not an anti-Israel vote.

It's not clear as of this writing if ASUC President Will Smelko will veto the bill.   If anyone has an update and tips, please send an email here:

Stay tuned.   (and GO BEARS!)

Sandra Bullock update: Jesse James Nazi Salute Photo to TMZ?

This is a sad update in the Sandra Bullock and Jesse James split and Jesse James cheating affair story.  Jesse James allegedly had a stemy affair with Michelle "Bombshell" McGee (pictured).

Later it was reported that  Michelle "Bombshell" McGee was modeling a Nazi bikini and modeled for a site called "Angry White Boy."   While a friend said McGee's not a White Supremacist, Michelle herself has not spoken out to confirm that she's not.  

TMZ has just posted a blog entry reporting that it will display a Jesse James Nazi Salute Photo on its site.

 TMZ apparently purchased the photo (hopefully not photoshopped) from a woman who knows a so-called "friend" who worked with Jesse and the friend does not know the woman's selling the picture. Messy.

If the photo checks out to be Jesse James when it's posted it will spell curtains for many of Jesse James relationships. Indeed, would Donald Trump want to be associated with a Nazi follower or a person who appeared to be? That impacts potential television sponsors, not to mention the current ones.

And was Sandra Bullock aware of this? Difficult to not to get too far ahead of the photo, given the gravity of the image and who it would impact: Jesse James. For Jesse James' sake, let's hope TMZ bought a doctored photo. (Remember the JFK TMZ boat photo fiasco?)

Stay tuned.

Bart Stupak gets deal with White House; "yes" on Health Care Reform

Bart Stupak
Politico reports that The Obama White House and anti-abortion Democrats led by Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich) have reached a deal on preventing the use of tax dollars for health care abortions. This closes a process that lasted late into Saturday night and into Sunday. Politico's sources report that President Obama will sign an executive order that no federal funds will be used to help pay for abortions in the Obama Health Care Reform Bill.

Now, Stupak and his gang of six will vote "yes" to support the Obama Health Care Reform Bill. While Politico's sources now report that Stupak's a yes, Bart Stupak himself has not said this. Stupak's on record as saying that he's a no vote until the agreement is done; now that it's finished, Stupak can be counted as a "yes" vote.

It's now apparent the White House has the 216 votes - perhaps more - to pass the bill and at the same time save some politically vulnerable Democrats from harm back home. Indeed, it was not clear how many "anti-abortion" Democrats Stupak was able to hang on to; the ranks were shrinking. One person who's still a "no" vote according to CNN is Rep. John Tanner (D- Tenn) who's retiring after this term.

Stay tuned.

Bart Stupak close to deal with White House on Health Care

Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich) says he and his small group of colleagues in the Democratic Party are close to a deal with the Obama White House on Health Care Reform. According to The, the agreement would make sure that taxpayer dollars are not used to finance health care abortions.

Stupak claims to have six holdouts in the path to getting a "yes" vote for the Obama Health Care Bill, but it's hard to tell if his group is solidly behind him. There are conflicting reports on the size of the group. At first it was a 12, then eight, now 6. Whatever the case, it seems to be shrinking as the moment to vote draws near.

Stay tuned.

Sandra Bullock and Jesse James poll: 50 percent say Bullock should get divorce

The Sandra Bullock and Jesse James poll ran Saturday is still open but the results thus far are interesting: 55 percent say Oscar-winner Bullock should get a divorce from her husband Jesse James. Recall that Jesse James had an alleged affair with Michelle "Bombshell" McGee, as the mistress told In Touch Magazine.

Then photos surfaced that featured Michelle "Bombshell" McGee in a Nazi bikini, and there are supporting allegations that McGee may be a White Supremacist. As of this writing, McGee has not rejected those claims. Heres' the latest video on the scandal:

The poll results will be more reflective of what the American Public thinks once it reaches over 1,500 votes; 60 votes is not significant to this blogger's view. But a pattern's emerging where over 50 percent say Sandra Bullock should divorce Jesse James, while 23 percent (like me) voted for Sandra giving Jesse another chance.

It should be noted that 13 percent think Sandra Bullock should hit Jesse James with a golf club.

Take the poll:

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Obama health care bill votes secured; Tea Party racism unites Democrats

The new news is that according to CNN the 216 Democratic votes to pass the Obama health care bill have been secured and that's in no small measure to this impassioned speech The President gave to the House Democrats Saturday:

Obama's health care reform speech was a great one because it was from the heart, emotive, unscripted, and timely. President Obama's candidacy was a reminder of what it meant to be a Democrat.

 And while some may feel President Obama lost his Democratic way, no one who's listened to his speech can argue that he's found his path. Heath Care Reform is an idea who's time came long ago. Today, something can be done about it.

What's sad are those I call "Couch Potato Conservatives who have resulted to racist name calling and insults. Over on Twitter there's a really angry guy named Stan Solomon @stansolomon who has to toss insults at anyone who backs Heath Care Reform.

Or take this guy with the Texas shirt who's so hateful he has to attack blacks, but obviously can't spell.  The perfect representative for Couch Potato Conservatives.

And of course yesterday we had news of Tea Party members tossing the N-word and spitting at members of Congress like Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.) and Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.).

 It's that action as well that unified Democrats. Here's Representative Tim Ryan expressing his outrage over the incident:

And here's a video of the scene that Rep. Ryan's talking about, or at least part of it. What can be seen from this are people blocking and booing at the members of The Congressional Black Congress who are on the way to The Capital. It's events like this one, and the behavior of Tea Party People, that have united Democrats:

The Health Care Bill will pass and it will not result in higher taxes or jail time for those who don't get care. But it will work to lower premiums and produce greater access for all who wish to get health care. That's what's needed most.

Stay tuned.

Oakland News - new portal [Aimee Allison | OaklandSeen]

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Chevrolet talks to Perez Hilton about his 2010 SXSW Party

Chevrolet talks to Perez Hilton about his 2010 SXSW Party in this video found by this blogger. The party was held Saturday at The Whitley and he says that it was not a secret.

 The headliner is Snoop Dogg and from Perez Hilton's tweets, the event is going well. Sort of. Well, here's Perez Hilton talking to someone from Chevrolet about the party:

Perez Hilton just wrote this tweet:

This party just went to a whole other level!!! Snoop!!! #SXSW
9 minutes ago via UberTwitter

And this tweet from someone at the party:

outwithme RT @anasays: Snoop dogg is covering house of pain jump around right now and its blowing my mind @perezhilton @sxsw #sxsw #perezhilton insane
6 minutes ago from TinyTwitter

Still, not everyone's happy because they could not get it. Here's a tweet of apology:

Rubytea77 RT @perezhilton: Thank you all for the overwhelming support in Austin!!! Wow! I wish everyone outside could fit! Promise a bigger venue next year! #SXSW
6 minutes ago from UberTwitter

And reportedly some party goers waited for up to three hours in the cold and never got in. But that happens.

Whatever's happening Perez stopped tweeting and that may mean he's too filled with whatever to concentrate on tweeting.

Stay tuned.