Tuesday, June 24, 2008

U.S. Sen G. Smith (R-OR) cites work w/ Obama in campaign ad

I think you have to call this endorsing Obama, myself. Republican U.S. Senator Gordon Smith of Oregon has a campaign ad out that touts his success workingU.S. Senator Gordon Smith "across the aisle" with Senator Barack Obama.

Talk about the new wave of bi-partisanship... this guy is making a bold statement. Senator Smith wants to be seen as a Republican who can bridge the bi-partisan gridlock in Washington, and one with a track record of working with the Democrat's presumptive nominee - what's that suggest about Smith's estimates of McCain's odds in November?

What's that say about his desire not to be seen as too closely aligned with President George W. Bush?

Go watch his ad, but here's some more on Gordon Smith from late 2006 on CNN. He's a maverick west coast Republican Senator who is defying "traditional wisdom" about labels. He's letting it all hang out, and it makes you realize that he thinks there's more power in this stand than in towing the RNC line to get their financial support for his re-election.

Chevron Attacker Larry Bowoto Avoids Human Rights Violation Claim - SF Sentinel

The SF Sentinel now reports a story we first broke over at this blog where Larry Bowoto, the Nigerian man who claims he was shot by persons employed by Chevron, and whom Chevron points to as the person who held their employees hostage for several days, has dropped his lawsuit claim of human rights violations.

The Sentinel observes:

It is looking more and more likely that Bowoto and 150 of his compatriots took over the Chevron oil platform off Nigeria in a hostage takeover — which is far different from their claims of human rights abuse.

The trial is in September.

Obambi.com Whining About DNC Convention Not Having Hillary Vote

The blog Obambi,com, which seeks to make fun of Senator Barack Obama but steps on its toe each time, is now whining over the fact that the DNC is going to have a vote for Obama as the nominee to make Barack Obama's nomination official.

Look, Obama.com, you've to to realize that the war is over. Senator Clinton declared her support for Barack Obama. You should do the same.

Iraq War: If The Surge Is Working, Bring The Troops Home!

I just ran over this Washington Post article which reports that the "surge" is working, but the Bush Administration does not have a plan for the period after the surge.

It's as if they were expecting to just keep the troops there, lending credence to Senator John McCain's view that we're going to be i n Iraq for 100 years.

I can only hope we get Senator Obama into the White House as President. While Iraq forces may not be able to act independently of American forces, perhaps they would be left with no choice if we took the lion's share of the troops out.

Cal, Talk To The Damn Tree Protesters So We Can Move On!

Look, now Cal's being down right silly and arrogant. On Sunday, I understand that there was another rally -- I was resting from a busy week -- and that even Berkeley Councilmember Donna Sprng got involved. Now, UC Spokesperson Dan Mogulof seems to imply that the University doesn't want to talk to anyone.

Dan Mogulof, just do it. Let's stop this silly game, find something clever and political to say to get them to go home. Why not offer the protesters a chance to be part of the action of planning?

It's called a Citizen's Review Commitee.

Look, I know Cal can do better. The way Cal's behaving is not what I learned at the Department of City and Regional Planning, where I got my Master's Degree...at Cal.

Cal needs to grow up.