Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What can we expect from the next Presidential debate?

So far we've learned about leadership style more than plans, policies, and specific substance of any initiatives because the moderators of the Presidential debates thus far haven't used their position(s) either to employ follow-up questions effectively -- or to correct misinformation before a participant has to waste their own alloted response time to correct an opponent while they SHOULD be addressing the original topic/question.

Can Schieffer out-perform Brokaw, or Ifill, and rise to at least the level of Katie Couric's follow-ups with Palin? All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.

Will they give Obama long enough to actually go into detail, or will everybody have to go check his website if they want substance?

Would we learn just as much - or more - watching them play Scrabble or Syzygy and listening to real conversation, or will we get beyond talking points to hear them actually discuss why deregulation which McCain favored for Wall Street is just as dangerous for health care?

Will McCain show leadership, or be peevish, pouty, and petty?

Obama gaining among rural voters in Ohio

Barack Obama is gaining support in the rural, conservative town of McArthur, Ohio, reflecting nationwide trends in which the Illinois senator has been consolidating support among independents and in some traditional Republican strongholds.

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An Phillipines Man Looks At The Election And Makes This iReport

I don't agree with his view on the troops, or outsourcing entirely, but I like the way he expresses his ideas.  Still, he does have a point about labor cost but that's where government subsidies in key industries can help.    

Is Sarah Palin Stabbing John McCain In The Back?

After much study, I've come to the conclusion, which I present in this video:

..that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is stabbing Senator John McCain in the back. Often, Palin has approved of views that were taken by Senator Barack Obama, causing McCain to rein her in with a press statement that makes the campaign look like a keystone cops routine. 

 Consider how Palin has went against McCain in these following examples.  

1) Pakistan - Palin favored the Obama-Biden assertion of going into that country to "get" a known terrorist even if that government would not cooperate. 

2) Bankruptcy - Palin favors the Obama-Biden approach of allowing the homeowner to be protected against losing their dwelling after filing for Bankruptcy.  

3) Korea - Palin agrees with the current action of the U.S. dropping Korea from the state terrorist list, even as McCain opposes this.  Obama also backs the Bush Administration action.

4) Palin Administration - Governor Palin has referred to the McCain - Palin ticket as the Palin - McCain Administration.    

The evidence for my assertion rests in Palin's past.  In the way she treated Alaska GOP boss Randy Ruedrich when both were on the powerful Alaska Oil and Gas Commission.  While both Palin and Ruedrich received campaign assistance and in Palin's case had ties with Evergreen Resources, which was seeking a drilling contract and needed the commission's approval, Palin implicated Ruedrich, causing him to resign from the commission.  But the act elevated her status and some contend that it powered her successful run for Alaska Governor.   

Rezko Letter To Court Clears Obama - P.U.M.A Up To It's Old Lies

I happened upon a blog post by some member of "Party Unity My Ass" (P.U.M.A), the small group of sickos who couldn't get over Senator Barack Obama beating Senator Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Primary.  For some of these folks it's like someone forgot to tell the Vietnam P.O.W. that the war was over.  

Now, this P.U.M.A guy is way out on left field trying, hoping, begging to make a connection between Obama and Real Estate Developer Tony Rezko that's not there.  In fact, he goes so far as to make a link asserting a connection because of a letter that it's apparent the author thinks people aren't going to read!  

I read the letter itself and the it's obvious that the P.U.M.A writer was fashioning a lie... 

It reads "Your honor the prosecutors have been overzealous in pursuing a crime that never happened.  They are pressuring me to tell them the "wrong" things that I supposedly know about Governor Blagojevich and Senator Obama.  I will never fabricate lies about anyone else for selfish purposes..."

For prosecutors to take on such an activity in itself is criminal and if it's not -- I think it may be -- it should be.  That's using an investigation with the taxpayers money to take on a political agenda, in effect having taxpayers pay for a set of lies established to achieve a political objective.  In this case, blaming Senator Obama for something that did not happen.  

Watch these PUMA nutcases -- that's what I think they are.  That's why I put this out, to head off P.U.M.A action.