Friday, December 07, 2007

Barack Obama Wins Kansas Straw Poll - Obama Rising

Barack Obama seems to be peaking right at the time an eventual front-runner in Presidential races does.

From LJ

Topeka — U.S. Sen. Barack Obama won the Kansas Democratic Party email straw poll, party officials announced today.

Obama tallied 692 votes out of 1,904 votes cast for 36.3 percent. The poll was held this week and ended last night.

Second place went to U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton with 504 votes, or 26.5 percent. Former senator John Edwards had 355 votes or 18.6 percent.

After Edwards came U.S. Sen. Joe Biden, 6.8 percent; U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich, 6 percent; New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, 4.7 percent; U.S. Sen. Christopher Dodd, 0.7 percent and former U.S. Sen. Mike Gravel, 0.3 percent.

The state Democratic Party plans to have its party caucuses on Feb. 5.

Iowan Garry Thomas Switches From Clinton To Obama, Then Tells The World

Going public and getting picked up by The Wash Post hurts Clinton's campaign, for sure.

Garry Thomas counted himself a Hillary Clinton supporter -- even signing up to be one of her 25 co-chairs in Iowa alongside with former Iowa First Lady Christie Vilsack.

But Thomas now says he felt obliged to switch sides in recent weeks. "I think the Clinton campaign went negative," Thomas said in a telephone interview on Thursday. He attributed his defection to the new tone Clinton took last weekend, describing it as divisive. Obama officials said Thomas committed to them this week.

Clinton officials said they lost touch with Thomas in October, and are skeptical of his claim that he left them because of her tone (she did not launch her offensive until this past Sunday).

But either way, Thomas is now with Sen. Barack Obama, putting him on a growing list of Iowans who have switched from one candidate to another heading toward the caucuses. ... More.

Microsoft's Santa Has A Dirty Mouth!

This is too funny!

Turns out Santa himself is naughty and nice.

An artificial-intelligence Santa bot operated by Microsoft to talk to children wavered off topic saying: “It’s fun to talk about oral sex, but I want to chat about something else....”

Microsoft Tuesday confirmed the bot’s potty mouth and snipped Santa’s Web connection.

Read the rest, here.

Shootin Lucy | Punk Rock Band | Stork Club Oakland

This is a music video shot impromptu at a place called The Stork Club on 2330 Telegraph Ave. I just happened to have my camera and they were cool with it. Here's the result!

Keith Olbermann Picks Lou Dobbs "Worst Person In The World" For Immigration Rants - Video

This is simply one of the most "spot-on" monologues I've ever seen MSNBC's Keith Olbermann do. He gets after CNN's Lou Dobbs for Dobbs' really terrible and just plain racist rants about immigration. Check this out:

Donald Trump Leaves $10,000 Tip!

Yep. That's right! According to Derober, A Santa Monica-based Buffalo Club waiter who had a "tough month" got a nice gift from Donald Trump, a $10,000 tip!