Thursday, June 28, 2007

Joe Montana - Brady Quinn Needs To Work On Touch

In an interview with a Kirk Bolh , former SF 49ers, Chiefs, and Notre Dame QB Joe Montana said “He throws the ball vertically very well, but the touch things, he’s got some work to do. He tries to knock a few guys over.”

Brady would do well to listen to Joe, considered the greatest QB of our time. Montana also offered this about the Raiders JaMarcus Russell: "“He’s obviously got a tremendous arm, but I don’t know what he’s got happening in Oakland. That’s an uphill battle.”

But Bohl's didn't ask Joe why he believed this, making for an imcomplete conversation.

Paris Hilton Talks To Larry King on CNN

I'm watching Paris Hilton talking to Larry King on CNN. I think she did a good job and presented herself well. I actually feel sorry for her because she's both the product of and the victim of our stupidity over beautiful blonde - White - women. She's just living her life, but she's actually gotten used to the ills of people presented to her every day: the photogs, the tabloids, the ill-will from those who have no confidence in themselves.


Well, I'm rooting for her.

Debate Question: "Brownie" and Your Presidential Cabinet - This is a question for the CNN / YouTube Debates and it's regarding the presidential candidates. Remember Michael Brown? "Brownie?" The man President Bush picked to head FEMA and became the poster child for government failure during the Katrina Disaster, and who had no qualifications for the job other than his loyalty to President Bush?

Will you hire your friends to run key government positions, or the best and the brightest? Or are you prepared to tell me that your friends are the best and the brightest?