Saturday, September 09, 2006

YouTube - Lonelygirl15's A Team, Not A Girl, With Connections To CAA

It's all over the Blogsphere. Bloggers are complaining about the revalation that "Lonelygirl15" is not in fact a lonely 15 year old girl named "Bree," but a team of people supposedly with connections to the mighty Hollywood ad agency Creative Artists Agency. "Hell's Handmaiden, a blog on conspiracies , gave the story a light. Flak Monkey blog reports on the betrayal some YouTuber's are expressing. Bravesgirl5 -- undoubtely an Atlanta Braves Fan -- posted this video reponse reporting the news about Lonelygirl15:


Here's a link to the Lonelygirl15 Forum that Bravesgirl5 referred to. You can see the ire expressed over the message left by the show's creators.

Also, others on YouTube have responded to Bravegirl15's video. Here's one of the videos, by ThespianImprov:

But this video by Renetto is funny because he's really upset about it:

I can report that our video blog show, Kate On Sports, is real in that we explain that it's produced by Kate Troecher and myself. I can't say that I'm surprised that Lonelygirl15's a fake because I always thought there was more to the production than this person. I didn't care. It was a great -- oh, is a cool -- entertainment tool.

But I do think a real person would have more popularity. CAA missed the boat.