Monday, January 21, 2008

Barack Obama Triumphs Over Hillary Clinton In Tonight's Debate

Tonight's contentious and combative debate between a cold and calculated Hillary Clinton and a confident and genuine Barack Obama, will serve as a true indicator of where South Carolinian's and voters nationwide stand on candidate preference.

Clinton regularly harps on the concentrated point that she has been their for ''16 years'' and has the distinct ability to perform on day one in the White House. Reality check, the leadership in Washington has failed miserably and as an individual immersed in that rampant failure, her assertion will resonate negatively with voters across America.

The longer she speaks in partisan terms, the longer she'll witness her poll numbers fall drastically.

Unfortunately, both Clinton and former North Carolina Senator John Edwards ruthlessly attacked Obama on several substantive issues to no avail. As the debate persisted, it became blatantly obvious that Obama's message strongly resonated with South Carolina primary voters. Do you think this can catapult him to victory Saturday? I do.

Hillary Clinton Gets BOOED! Clinton Is Nasty In Behavior

I'm watching the CNN Debate in South Carolina with Senator Obama, Senator Edwards and Senator Clinton. I place Hillary Clinton last because in this debate she came off as a mean and calculating person who does not deserve to be President. She was so nasty toward Senator Obama, that the crowd just booed her.

Hillary Clinton was terrible, and it looked like her entire approach was to bring out any dirt she could think of, but it made her look like the worst person in the World.

For his part, Senator Obama looked presidential, but also really focused on showing the "real Hillary" and he did; she played right along.

U.S. Economy Headed For Depression? Record Consumer Debt Level Points The Way

I've said this for years: the United States Credit System is the shock-absorber to economic fluxuations and when healthy guarantees constant growth in the economy and guards against a long-term recession or worse, a Depression.

But that party's coming to an end, rapidly. Take a look at these indicators presented by US Recession in 2007 - Third Leg of the Bear Market Likely

In 2004 I told Gary Hart, who was considering a presidential run, about this. All he could talk about was changing the tax system. Geez!