Thursday, April 07, 2011

Masters Leaderboard: Rory Mcilroy Leads; Tiger Woods Six Back

The 2011 Master's Leaderboard reports that the man once said to be "better than Tiger Woods," in 2009 is in the lead as of this writing. Rory Mcilroy, who hails from Hollywood, Ireland, finished at 7-under par, where Woods, who's feeling reportedly upbeat, is six-shots back at 1-under par.

 If Woods can come back and make a run, and win The 2011 Masters, he would score his fifth green jacket, first since 2005, and first major championship win since 2008.

But right now, Woods "would rather be where Rory (McIlroy) is at," he told reporters today. "But, hey, it's a long way to go. We have a long grind ahead of us. The temperature's supposed to warm up, and I'm sure they will start making the pins a little more difficult as the week goes on."

The good news is Woods feels comfortable with his game, but then so does 21-year-old Mcilroy. He put up a no-bogey 65 today, and no one matched it for a time until Alvaro Quiros finished for the day at 7-under par.

Thomas Bonk On The Scene

Long time Golf Writer Thomas Bonk, now blogger at, and who you can follow on Twitter @ThomasBonk is on the scene working for The Masters. Earlier, Thomas and I talked about The 2011 Masters, and Tiger Woods:

Check out his tweets for updates.

Will Donald Trump Please Shut Up About Being President?

This blogger has long admired Donald Trump. The man who smartly figured out how to use the media to help cultivate and elevate his building developer brand, and New York City in the process, is the picture of a person who has a blueprint for marketing success, and implements it.

Even if he started out with his father's money.

But none of that, the skyscrapers, the wives, the TV show series The Apprentice, the table at 21 Club New York, or his hair, translates into being President Of The United States. Donald Trump does not have the judgement or experience to be a good president, even if he were elected, and would certainly do something to sully the brand that is The President Of The United States.

Trump would do something ridiculous like have the Miss Universe contest on the White House grounds, or use the Oval Office as one of the sets for his show The Apprentice. Trump would be more interested in hoarding wealth in the Mid East for himself than actually improving the quality of life for people in that region. And that's the point: Donald Trump is interested in one person: Donald Trump.

Never did this blogger think that this kind of blog would appear in this space, but Trump's constant blathering about President Obama's birth certificate was the last straw. It's not necessary to address an issue that any reasonable person knows isn't worth talking about, because President Obams is an American Citizen.

But what's worth talking about is the fact that many people, especially those who are black, think Trump's being very racist and that Donald would never think of this had Obama been obviously white (Obama is half white).

African Americans are so used to some silly action designed to prove they don't "belong" in America that actions like Trumps amount to dog-whistle racism. And this guy wants to be president?

Donald Trump needs to do America, and himself, a favor, and shut up about being President. It's not going to happen, and Trump's not the right man for it.

Oh, and an official copy of President Obama's birth certificate has been posted online for three years, and has been looked at by experts again and again, and again. While Trump's adviser Roger Stone listed the "positive" reasons for Trumps' strategy, he forgot to list the one big negative of it: it makes him look like a racist, stupid, idiot.