Friday, September 21, 2007

Delaware State Lockdown After Campus Shootings


The campus of Delaware State University is under tight lockdown Friday after gunshots fired through the air Thursday night. A manhunt is currently underway. Two students were wounded as a result of the shootings, and one remains in critical condition.

A Delaware State spokesman, Carlos Homes, said one of the female victims has sustained very serious injuries, potentially life threatening.
Thursday night, University officials say students and staff were warned of the shooting from a message on the campus website. Officials also made phone calls and notifications to residents and all housing buildings.

As of now, according to authorities, students have been instructed to stay in their dormitory rooms and commuters were instructed to stay home while police in Dover scour the campus and examine surveillance video.

It appears as though University administrators have responded in a timely and appropriate fashion, saying last years Virginia Tech massacres taught them the ultimate lessons. Virginia Tech administrators were severely criticized for not quickly alerting students about a shooter who killed 32 people in Blacksburg.

“We have learned from Virginia Tech. We need to act on the side of caution and do the best we can to protect our student population,” stated Mr. Homes.

All this comes just a month after the Delaware State community mourned the tragic loss of 3 students shot execution style during a robbery in New Jersey.

Delaware officials believe the shooter left campus, but they don t know that for certain.

Few details of this latest incident have been released. There's no word whether the shooter knew the victims or whether they just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Stayed tuned to CBS 2 HD and for the latest from Dover.