Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Checking in at DNC Convention Media Walkthrough

This is but one of many images I have from the DNC Convention Media
Walkthrough in Denver. This one directly from my iPhone. It is at Pepsi Center, which is where the
convention will be held August 23 - 28.

The big news was the move of Senator Obama's acceptance speech to
Invesco Field next door.

More in our video series.

Obama's Comprehensive Energy Plan

Barack Obama's energy plan will provide meaningful short-term relief for our families and make a historic investment in alternative energy development that will create millions of new jobs, keep the cost of energy affordable and secure our energy independence once and for all. This is the sort of leadership the current generation of Americans needs - and demands - from our elected officials.

Learn more about Obama's comprehensive energy plan at: http://www.NewEnergyForAmerica.com

The Columbus Dispatch Ad Watch said the RNC was "Stretching the Truth":

While Obama is offering real solutions for America's energy future, the Republican National Committee recently released a false, negative ad attacking Barack Obama on energy.
"The commercial accurately points out that McCain favors temporarily lifting the federal gasoline tax, which Obama opposes. Nearly every reputable economist says lifting the gas tax would save motorists nickels and dimes and not produce one new gallon of gasoline."

"The commercial also accurately points out that McCain favors drilling off the coasts of California and Florida, while Obama does not. But many economists are not convinced that oil exploration off the coasts would dramatically reduce gasoline prices any time soon. Instead, oil prices have risen because demand has outpaced production worldwide. The commercial does not mention that McCain once opposed offshore exploration. And it probably is no accident that the commercial is being aired in Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin rather than Florida and California."

"VERDICT: 'Stretching The Truth'" [Columbus Dispatch 7/7]
It's all part of Obama's unified view of the way energy affects our economy, our environment and climate, and our national security interests. He's advocating a much more pro-active leadership approach to science than the Republican party has prioritized in recent memory. At a glance, Obama wants to:
Barack Obama introduced a bold new plan that brought Republicans and Democrats, CAFE supporters and long-time opponents together in support of legislation that will gradually increase fuel economy standards and offer what the New York Times editorial page called "real as opposed to hypothetical results." That's the sort of change that works for America and the world.

Obama's Blueprint for Change.

A BACKSTAGE PASS to see OBAMA accept the nomination in Denver?

Donate right here!All you have to do is donate at least $5 this month via special links provided at the Obamesque blog and you're in the running to meet Senator Barack Obama BACKSTAGE and see him accept the Democratic nomination in front of 75,000 people. Can you imagine seeing the convention from this perspective, and meeting the man who will probably be the next President of the United States?

If you're one of the ones selected you also get to bring a guest. Let's spend a few nights in Denver, shall we?

History in the making, and you can be there with the crew from Zennie's Zeitgeist (we're covering the whole convention.)

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Zennie In Denver for DNC Convention Media Walkthrough

Zennie In Denver for DNC Convention Media Walkthrough

...and I'm off to sleep, having just got in at 1 AM after a massively delayed flight. It's a one-day trip. The meeting's at 8 AM at The Pepsi Center.

Stay tuned. Video camera's with me as well.