Saturday, December 15, 2007

Clinton Library Gets 10 Percent of $165 Million Cost From Mid East

Wow. It seems The Clintons got funding help from the Mid East regarding the $165 Million William Jefferson Clinton Library. According to the Washington Post,

"Bill Clinton's presidential library raised more than 10 percent of the cost of its $165 million facility from foreign sources, with the most generous overseas donation coming from Saudi Arabia, according to interviews yesterday.

The royal family of Saudi Arabia gave the Clinton facility in Little Rock about $10 million, roughly the same amount it gave toward the presidential library of George H.W. Bush, according to people directly familiar with the contributions.

The presidential campaign of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) has for months faced questions about the source of the money for her husband's presidential library. During a September debate, moderator Tim Russert asked the senator whether her husband would release a donor list. Clinton said she was sure her husband would "be happy to consider that," though the former president later declined to provide a list of donors."

It's one thing for Bush I to raise money from the Saudis, but in Clinton's case, he's on the campaign trail again, this time for Senator Clinton. It calls into question to what degree the Clinton's White House policies will be effected by who gave money to them.

Des Moines Register's Endorsement Of Clinton Is Criminal and They Forgot About The Iraq War!

DMR CHOICE - BIG MISTAKE. But the seeds in the DMR selection of Clinton over Obama, sadly, are summed up in the second paragraph of the editorial: "No fewer than three candidates would, by their very identity, usher the nation to the doorstep of history. Should the party offer the nation the chance to choose its first woman president? Or its first black president? Or its first Latino president?"

In other words gender and ethnicity -- not talent or experience -- played a major role in the selection of Clinton. Three women -- all White -- selected a White Woman who's running for President, then had the wrong-headed action of referring to the choice of picking a Woman over someone Black or Latino. Wow!

The editorial never mentioned the need to get out of Iraq and bring our troups home. In fact, it doesn't even mention Iraq at all!

Senator Barack Obama has been focused on this from day one -- Senator Clinton says she'll do it just to get a vote. The DMR editorial board gave a most criminal endorsement.

Criminal, because according to the New York TImes, the DMR Editorial Board allowed itself to be wined and dined by The Clintons. Normally, journalists don't accept dinner, gifts, and favors at all as it taints their ability to make a reasoned decision about news coverage.

Not this time!

Look at this excerpt from the NY Times:

Only nine days earlier, the Clintons had played host to a few top editors for drinks and appetizers at one of Des Moines’s fashionable new restaurants. But on this visit, Mr. Clinton was the closer in the exhaustive campaign of persuasion. Even after an hour he had not made his full case to Laura Hollingsworth, the new publisher, so he called back later in the day.

“Hi, it’s Bill Clinton,” he said, speaking slowly after reaching only voice mail. “I’m just calling to thank Laura for the meeting today. There was one more point I wanted to make, but I’ll keep trying to find her. Anyway, I enjoyed it, and I appreciate the time. Thanks.”

Two days after the former president dropped by, Ms. Hollingsworth smiled as she played the recorded message for a reporter during an interview in her office.

“It was humbling and I was honored to meet with him, but I wouldn’t say it sways me at all,” she said. “In this whole process, star-struck is the least of it.”

What is this? TMZ? Nuts!

Jodie Foster Thanks Her Female Partner In Public, Thus Highlighting a 14-Year Lesbian Relationship

Jodie Foster received the Sherry Lansing Leadership Award and in giving her speech matter-of-factly thanked her partner of 14 years Cydney. In doing so Foster said indirectly what I thought many knew anyway, so I'm suprised it's news.

I've always thought Ms. Foster was not just a terrific actress, but a true lady. I actually met her in 1993 when she walked into a crowded and sunny Pier 23 in San Francisco unknown to the throng, then there was me. Foster walked by and through the crush of people, then stopped; as she did, I took notice.

So I whispered "Ms. Foster. May I have the honor of buying you a cocktail?" Her response was very nice: "Thanks so much. But we're not staying long at all; I'm just looking for a friend. Thanks." And with that, they left -- her and another woman -- after just 7 minutes of time.